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Day 254: Betting Everything You Are on the AfterLife? Bad Bad Bad Choice

What is Our Fascination with the AfterLife?
We assume the existence of an AfterLife we'll love, obviously because we are either hoping to have a chance to have a better Life there or because we want out of Here and need something to believe in that shows us that even if this life sucked and was hard to endure, there's Redemption to Life, there is an AfterChance we may strike better luck AFTER.
It's not all our fault, someone planted beliefs of Great AfterLives in our Minds since we were kids, we were taught to invalidate this One Life in favour of another One, I dare to add an Imaginary One because if it was not Imaginary, we would Share the AfterLife Vision with everyone else as The AfterLife Truth, instead at best we share a "Tunnel of Light Vision", if we take away the 'Light' we are left with 'a Tunnel Vision' which is what has led us to believe in the Great AfterLife Legends made up by those who have been Capitalizing on them so far, see the Catholics and other main religious groups, who cash in Money while selling out best seats in the AfterLife shows.

For those who were not willing to pay the AfterLife ticket price of the Main religious Groups there was a further departure from Reality, they moved away from the con-sented beliefs to make up their own, FOR FREE, how clever, pity they want to then sell them to others, just as they were taught and learned to do, without any common sense questioning.

When I was stuck in Spirituality - which is just a nice way to embrace Grace-Fool Power without Money or to validate the Abusing of Common Resources and Common Good pretending to be doing it for Higher Purposes, or just pretending to deserve it {while others apparently don't}- and was searching for a believable answer to Life After Death, I tried for fit many belief systems, most were lacking the basic requirement to be long lasting: reasonable explanations for the why we would be here in the first place in a Creation that has nothing even close to show for benevolence -however hard we try to justify it.

On one instance in San Francisco I took Salvia Divinorum of which I heard nothing about and smoked it in a joint, it was a legal sale in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury hence I didn't think I should read up about it, not even when everyone in the smoke shops giggled and elbowed each other as they sold it to me. I sat on the side of the bath tab and took a puff, in about 1 minute my arms became very long, so long I could not reach the sink to flick the ash, THAT worried me, not because of the visual effect, because my arm was now about 2 metres long not just visually but as a 'feeling' meaning I could feel the whole length of it, I looked around and saw the bathroom shower curtain with stripes looking very weird, I was experiencing Wonderland and myself as Alice when a hole opened up into the bathtub and on the other side my friends in Hong Kong were shouting to get off the side of the hole or I would drop into it. That did it for me. I went on my knees and crawled out of the bathroom, dragged myself onto the bed and typed 'Salvia Divinorum on my computer and low and behold, EVERYTHING I was experiencing was written there, including when my body disappeared from my consciousness, breath included and that was just marked as the last step of the Salvia hallucination and it was mighty scary.
The coolest thing about this experience was that EVERYONE had the same experience, I had it before reading about it, so I did not make it up in my Mind. 
Can I explain it in detail? Nope, apart from the point that I was clearly vividly hallucinating. 
If when my body disappeared from my perception I would have tried to kill myself, would I have died? OF COURSE, remember the Angel Dust and the people jumping from roofs? They believed they could fly, they believed it so much they jumped from roofs, THAT is Faith, and go figure, they ultimately couldn't.

We live in a Physical Reality, it's as physical as you can get it, it's solid, you can try and cast a spell to send yourself out of it and get lost for a few hours in your Mind and then poof, you get back here, those that believe they proved the existence of All those Dimensions through LSD or other Mind altering substances either landed back Here or died and guess what, it's all in the Title "MIND Altering Substances', you are just changing background, flying off in your Mind somewhere else, because We dislike Life Here, if we didn't we would stay, funny, instead we spend half of our lives trying to get off this planet, either through alcohol , drugs, anything we can use to Mind Alter our reality, never even considering the crazy idea to Physically changing the Physically Real Reality, so that we would not need to get away from it, escape it, deny it or project ourselves into the HereAfter, the Here would be enough, given the State of the World it would be plenty to do in fact, we would not have the time to fly off anywhere else but stick to what needs to be done to Right what we have done Wrong so far and there is a Wrong that is not polarity based, it's Wrong to let half of the World suffer as the consequence of an Abusive System we designed and then supported in place just because we busy ourselves with our Imagination vs facing Reality and our Self responsibility toward it and it's Wrong to find excuses about Why reality doesn't concern Us, just because we have the privilege to eat, have a roof over our head and comparatively comfortable lives to those that are born on the wrong side of Capitalism and the Right to Live.

When I returned from my trip I asked my friends in Hong Kong if they experienced popping through a bathtub in San Francisco in any way, shape or form, including maybe within their dream, it all seemed so Real (and one can never be too sure?), they said no, they even added 'you were tripping my friend'. 
And that I was.

And so is everyone else that is making up AfterLife stories, there are more than 3000 between Deities  Saints and Higher Power beings Beliefs in this world, do have a look at for a laugh, pity you'll find Your God there too, whatever the name, and no, changing the name to "Universe" doesn't make anyone Smarter, just one step more spiteful that they couldn't even share a God with billions of other beings, they had to have their own 'Creator" so they could get the AfterLife of their liking, usually those people will use pretend reasoning to explain their in-divide-ual beliefs, those include apparently commonly shared sentences such as 'As Above so below' -not equally understood though), I did when I was Spiritually-Possessed, and yet managed to never consider the context of such a sentence, because the below sucks pretty much, and the Above? "Well...I meant it in another way, I meant it My Way, was talking about my downstairs and upstairs neighbors, they are both such a**holes, and anyway I have a right to my Opinion."
Usually exchanges with Spiritual people end with 'look, I was where you are, I used to see all negative (=real), then I saw the Light and understood this is just an illusion, it's Maya, it's the Quantic soup, All is Well, really, you just need to change Your Thoughts'.
That didn't work for me, I followed positive thinking religiously for over 10 years, Reality never went away, if anything it has just gotten worse.
And this is again proof of how the world is upside down, because in fact I have been in the shoes of the Spiritual People, interestingly never able to define Spirituality in a way that made any sense not even to me, and then I had an awakening and how NOT cool it was to awaken let me share.

I woke up to the suffering of the world, to the truth of what we are doing by our participation in and as Polarity, to what it means that some get all the goodies and some all the hardship and how irrelevant and useless it was spending time on an AfterLife plan I could not share with anyone else because even if I did happen to have the White Tunnel Vision, I could trust it just as much as having my friends popping through a bathtub across the world to tell me to move over to avoid falling in the hole, it didn't happen, when I came back from hallucinating into my own imagination my arms were not 2 meters long either and my body was still there and looking back, isn't that Real Mercy in action?
That our body stands stable waiting for us to return to the driving seat after each one of our Flight into our Imagination? That it gives us a chance Breath by Breath to correct ourselves and what we made of this world through our separation and delusion that some lives are worth more than others, going all the way to attacking people who are saying 'please wake up -life is Here - rewind the program, the Good Happy Go Lucky AfterLife is a Hoax, check how and where you started believing it, you can undo it, do not trust Your Mind to tell you what is real and what is Not, isn't a good clue that You are the Only One having the experiences you talk about, unless you have imprinted yourselves with other people's experiences and then went out and believed you had them too, claiming the White Tunnel Vision as The Truth, honestly how freaking difficult is it to make up a white Light Tunnel in your Mind when you have read about it, watched it in movies joined the White Tunnel fun club through your curiosity first and then your I Magi-nation later, are you making Money through this story, can we come clean about it?"
What is it that is preventing you from seeing that those things that happen differently for everyone -bar the white tunnel- are all made up by our Minds, what is it that is making this world such a shit hole in Our Mind that we want to depart it at every chance we get and then -the obvious consequential question- wouldn't it be a sign of sanity to address this World Here to Change it into a World we want to be in, where everyone has access to a dignified Life at all times, from Birth to death, why is it so insane to propose a World that Works for All? Losing the White Tunnel for Good - no really - is the betting on the AfterLife what stands in the way of Living This Life HERE and working together to Change this World for All?

I wouldn't bet on the AfterLife, not in a million years would I bet everything I am on it, the chance of My Ideal AfterLife coming true is 1 in 7 billion, yes, that's right, those are the odds, because everyone else is wanting Their Ideal Afterlife after the White Tunnel ends and so we are having Afterlives competition, ah, this is it, As Above so Below, we didn't have enough to compete with a knife between our teeth for our Survival on Earth, we are taking the Game All the Way Up into the AfterLife, "I'll be So Cool when I am Dead, watch me, I'll be Damn-ed if I won't get What I want for Myself Alone"
And so You Shall.

Wake Up, there is One Life, Here, One Life we are sharing in Breath, stop the Afterlife Casino in Your Mind for your Chance at Life, After Life means you are Dead, yes, quite an obvious realization many seems to miss out on, Here is where you have a Life, a sure one 'til you Breathe, this is where Heaven must be created as Life for All Living Beings and it Will, your Only Choice is if You'll be part of it or apart from it.

Equal Money - Heaven on Earth for All
Desteni - Support for Landing Available for All

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 253: Miss-Education of Humanity - Separated by Words

Last night we had the teachers meeting of the school/non school (not funded or recognized by the Government) where we teach Italians to foreigners, in the specific Immigrants.

This just to say they are not tourists, they are people who came to live in Italy due to necessity, seeking a better Life, in fact in most cases, just seeking a life, as their country was unable to provide one for them -not that we are doing any better.

There were about 20 volunteers present and the questions raised were very practical

  • why the number of students has dropped dramatically since the beginning of the year?
  • how can we assess their ability to move to the next class?
  • how do we assess in which class they belong when they arrive?
  • should we have a textbook?

The questions were very easy for me because I had previous experience in teaching Italian to foreigners, I assumed that it would be enough the 1 and a half hour we set out to come to an agreement about all the main points, this was until the discussion started.

The first point was dismissed, no one wanted to look at why there has been a drop from the beginning of the school year that ranges in the 60 to 70%, meaning we have only 40 to 30% students left, looking at this point would mean admit to failure of epic proportion in delivering what the students expected, which was to learn Italian, so we just skipped this question altogether. The point is as well that addressing this question would mean we have to change something because the school is not working as it should and here comes another sticky point, changing without a motivation since everyone is 'volunteering' their time without a monetary compensation it's hard work.

This point of not being rewarded means everyone secretly believes to be entitled to teach what THEY enjoy, so we have turned the school into a Teachers playground, we want to have fun and that demands that we can't subscribe to a program that we commonly share because teaching pronouns is Not Fun, and teaching reading and writing skills is Not Fun and we rather say things like 'they don't need to read and write - the important thing is that they are able to make themselves understood', and we say this with a straight face too.
Instead we keep repeating ourselves in classes due to absences and new comers, while the most common sensical thing would be to have classes that re-start every 2 month in a rotation, smaller groups and move people on, but that would mean having to repeat ourselves over and over again every 2 months as the new classes start, NOT FUN.

But here we had an extra weapon, another Word to hit each other with, "Rotation would be against the principle of Reception', WHAT?? yes, The Principle of Reception, which should stand just as meaning 'everyone is welcome regardless of their beliefs, skin color, ethnicity or original language' and not 'everyone is welcome to join any class at whatever level they prefer, not do their homework and come as they see fit regardless of the disruption that their behavior will bring to those who have started 2 months before and will have to go back to scratch' and yet just by one simple word "RECEPTION", loaded with religious double entendre of 'let the children come to me' we held each other hostages of emotions and feelings and we are fucking up a whole education system - because even if it's free it's still education and it is a system, that at the moment is not working.

Moving on on point 2, how do we assess when they are ready to move on? 
OBVIOUSLY the answer here was TESTS, but since we travel Life each one carrying their personal bullshit, memories of failures and embarrassment, we now see TESTS as a boogaboos that we don't want to 'impose on others' ad we wish to rely on our personal individual ability to judge when one is ready for the next class. I have been given the last class available, equivalent to the 4th year, they got there by consistent attendance but NOT by gaining understanding of what would be expected by the 4th year of studying a foreign language. Here too, we don't have to come up with clever solutions, there are European guidelines that we have to translate into tests. Unfortunately tests preparing and rating is time consuming and extra work for the volunteers, which is the secret hidden reason why we don't want to see the common sense in testing and desire to retain the scepter of power to grant access to one class or not, based on merit and sympathy as we hold on to 'the ones we like for ages' at level A just because they are FUN to have in the class.

So here the separating word was TESTS, which stood in the way even of an agreement even for point 3, when in fact unless I test your comprehension of the language I don't know where to assign you that would serve you, the student, best, but hei, I finally get to play teacher here, I want the same powers of discrimination my teacher had and I won't give them up.

So we basically voted against the tests (?), a big sight of relief for those that have personal issues with tests, for those that fear the extra work and for those that don't have a clue about how to go about it but don't want to say just that.

Last, let's get a book, on this we all voted YES, this was easy, only money was involved, every school has a BOOK, none of us has seen this particular book we are buying in 100 copies but as bad as it may be it will be a track to move along and very useful in a system where teachers rotate every evening and should be able to move on from what has been done the evening before.

The core issues were not addressed.

Ours was a small system play out of the big world systems play outs. We can't come to a common ground because we live inside a world where words have taken on 'personal meanings' and are no longer expressing one point we can all see for just what it is, hence we can't work together with same-meaning-words to come to Solutions.

Let's take Capitalism, booh. Scared yet?

We have scared ourselves with this one word to mean the sum of all of our separations, Capitalism now means that some get it all and some get none, Capitalism means a system where life is forgotten and people are divided in classes and instead of redefining the word 'Capital' into 'LIFE' a concept on which we could all agree on because, well, because if you are dead whatever Capital you believed you had is worth nothing and you are still dead to highlight how the Capital of this existence can in fact ONLY be Life, and since we all share One, Equally, we should tend to ours and each others one's Life as the Capital of the World.

Then we would all be Capitalist, people who own the same Capital, Life, and live for the good of the Capital of All.

So, whatever the words we are dealing with that are standing in the way to come to a common agreement for what is best for All, we should redefine them, words are not the problem, a test is a test unless I turn it into something else in my Mind, and so is a reception, and guess what, so is Capitalism.

When we said Capitalism defined the private Ownership of goods and enterprises vs the ownership of the State, we didn't mean 'of just a bunch of lucky sods that contextually gain the right to enslave the rest of the world and kick them out of Their shareholder state in both goods and enterprises' that part we added it later on and then accepted it and allowed it, as we promoted Free market as Freedom and Plutocracy as Democracy, creating a World that we screwed up one misused word after another.

But we can correct this, I will start my own correction as the small point of Education by pushing myself to redefine the words that are now standing in the way of us seeing clearly what to do that would be best for all, a tool I learned from Desteni that I highly recommend to all, and as a World we can redefine the words that are now standing in the way of our Clarity on our way to create a world that works for All.

It is Clear that a World that works best for All would be the Best World for All, so we have to change the meaning of the Words that are saying the opposite, words that promote separation and beliefs in specialness and the value of some over others, until All words will be Equally shared and a Life that Equally works for All will manifest as the natural Consequence of our realignment to Oneness and Equality for ourselves and existence as a Whole.

Educate yourself about Equal Money, it's simple to grasp once you set out to be part of The Solution, decide to no longer be part of The Separation that is preventing us from creating a World that works for All, it starts with a decision that you then walk into the Physical, one word at the time, one breath at the time, Join us.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to connect the word tests to something unpleasant that defines 'who I am' and for then not seeing the common sense of 'testing' a student just to assess 'where he is at' so we may best address him to the class where he may have the most benefit

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that since the work we are doing is on a volunteer non monetized bases, then we have the right to set up our own playground without considering that we have adult students who are coming to school to master this language as fast as they can so they can open up opportunities in the job market for themselves and support their families

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to stand as an outsider at the meeting because I have just arrived and I did not want to make too many waves and risk to not be liked, when in fact I could have supported D, who had a clear vision of what needs to be done but I hesitated because I have to 'let time pass' to be entitled to express myself without being told 'you just arrived and are already creating trouble?'

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear being told that 'I create trouble' because I see what needs to be done and in this fear of being out casted and not liked I refrain from expressing the solutions I see, as well because I am not PAID to come up with solutions and I have linked my problem-solving abilities to Money and a reward and since I would get none if I spoke out, I suppressed myself waiting for the next chance when Time -instead of Money- will give me the authority to say 'now I have seen enough and I am entitled to speak about the solutions I see'

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when I was called by D. and he commented on how brain damaged many of those teachers are, instead of telling him that we should not have this conversation because it would not address the problems but create further separation, I enjoyed the attention of having been identified as one of 'the clever ones that saw the solutions' and for indulging in this 'positive experience vs sticking to the solution that would be best for all, including the volunteers who could be supported to see what we already see, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when the words 'principle of reception' were spoken as a weapon to uphold a system that is not working as I saw I was expected to feel guilty for attempting to breach 'the principle' instead of bringing a common sense meaning to the 'princple' that everyone seems to have idealized above and beyond the interests of the students, to feel irritated as I perceived the attempt to manipulate me through emotions and feelings and yet, even seeing the point, I ended up manipulating myself with the emotional reaction of irritation and in that space I disempowered myself from speaking the common sense that I saw, just to participate in the irritation of the self righteous one who saw the manipulation coming, and for this I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to interpret 'the principle of reception' as an attempt to manipulate me, when in fact it may be possible that we are just having a misunderstanding about words, that we can overcome if we set out to redefine the words we are using to exchange our views, until we find a solution that works as best for all.

I commit myself to support myself to redefine the words that are relative to this specific point and to support others to come to a common sensical agreement that considers all parties involved and what is best for all the players, both teachers and students alike.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 252: My Near-Life Experiences

I have noticed that sometimes when I hop into my Mind it is because I don't have the patience to just be Here and Breathe. Breathing Here doesn't seem so much fun or so much of "an experience", nothing happens, I am just Here breathing, so what?

And yet this is how we were born, Here, Breathing, seemed good enough at birth to take our First Breath, we gasped for it, people around a new born get frantic when they are not breathing, no one tries to have them engaged in Mind Games, we get it, without Breath there is No Life.

So the idea of Breathing Here being Not Enough must be sold to us as we grow up to have us all participate in this system, we are sold the idea that Life is the buying of experiences for oneself, possibly the best available experiences, the most exclusive-not just any experience and we are kept 'buying' through the FEAR of the other kind of Experiences we could be having without Money, so we make sure we'll do whatever it takes to get our hands on the Money that will allow us to buy a Life of MEANingful experiences, this is what keeps the system of Consumerism going, we seek for experiences outside of ourselves to define ourselves, to give MEANing to Life, because we have made Life itself into nothing and into Not Enough and hence we have condemned ourselves to this search for Real Life into delusions of our Minds, mistaking Life for emotional experiences where we 'feel something' like we 'feel alive' because if we don't 'feel alive' we must be dead.

It's weird that we could believe such thing, because we are here, alive, breathing, but if being here breathing is Not Enough, if we made it not Enough, we then set out on an impossible search that at best leads to unhappiness and at worse to grave mental problems as we compare our Life experiences - that we mistook for life- with the ones advertised or trumpeted in Hollywood Movies or books written for the purpose to show us what life should be and why we should engage ourselves to make it one of Those ways, if we want to be successful and make it and basically, Be Alive.

So, one point I see for myself is how I seek the Mind to validate the point that I am Alive by giving myself something 'to feel' about, which is not relevant in which direction, even fear will do, all it's better than the Nothingness of Breath, when in fact it's me that defined Breath as Nothing and Life something I have to buy for myself.


I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that the Physical reality is boring and that spending time in my Mind is way more exciting than just living in and as Breath

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to buy into Ideas and Believes about Life being the sum of my experiences and as such for living seeking for the next experience, planning the next experience, remembering the last experience I enjoyed, turning the here breathing into something boring, obnoxious, too slow to be bearable, when in my mind I could be racing into many different experiences at once, while in breath I would have to walk myself breath by breath into anything I set out to do in and as the physical and I believed I didn't have the patience for it

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I don't have the patience to Breathe and be Here in and as Breath, as that would mean I don't have the patience to be Alive and for accepting and allowing myself to define living as the experiences of me as the Mind of memories, thoughts, emotions and feelings, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when walking and breathing think 'this is boring, this is not enough' and then give myself license to get off into my mind to just entertain myself with planning future experiences, remembering past experiences, all the while accepting and allowing myself to believe that breathing Here is Not Enough, not good enough, not exciting enough, boring and for turning Life as Breath into a boring "activity" because there is no energetic experience for me to ride, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not see realize and understand that this is a process and that if it came 'natural' to me to just breathe and stop my participation in the Mind, I wouldn't be stuck in and as the Mind as the result of a process of accumulation of beliefs about what Life is as an energetic experience, and that I will have to live the patience to keep bringing myself back to breath in the face of the perception of being 'unnatural' to be out of my Mind, because I see realize and understand that I have always and only lived as the Mind and it will take time to accumulate breathing into who I am as stable self directive principle

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel discouraged because I only last a few breaths before some thought catches my attention and off I go, only to catch myself not breathing yet again and having to push myself back to breathing and out of the Mind just because the Mind is the place I am most familiar with and I dread having to walk away from my comfort zone and learn a new way to exist

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to buy for myself the experience of Life, which is what makes me feel unable to move when I don't have money

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that Life is an experience I have to buy for myself and that if I can't buy for myself the experiences I have imagined were the ones I had to shoot for to give my life a meaning and a purpose, then I am not even alive but idle, waiting for the experiences I have defined as Life to manifest while I miss out on being here in Breath because I accepted and allowed myself to define Life as Breathing as Not Enough

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to sell myself as Breath out for the purpose of gaining energy experiences in and as the Mind, where I could be the imaginary Characters of my own play, instead of walking consistently to build myself into Life in and as the Physical as the realignment to Oneness and Equality for myself and All of Existence, Equal and One

When and as I see myself becoming fidgeting because 'I am just breathing', I stop, bring myself back into the physical, see realize and understand that this is a process and as it took me time to build myself into Characters in and as the Mind that feed off energetic charges, I will have to walk in time as Breath to be able to appreciate the simplicity of Life as Breath vs Life as Near Life experiences that were sold to me and I bought to make myself more than just Breath

When and as I see myself moving or about to move into boredom, I see realize and understand it is me as the Mind seeking for an energetic experience and that I have a choice to not participate and validate the Mind as the Superior Experience vs Life Here in and as Breath and that it is the sum of these choices in which I will choose Life over the Mind that will build my stability as I keep bringing myself back here consistently until I am One and Equal to Breath

I commit myself to identify the points I have given power to as me as The Mind to take myself back from each one through Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application until I can stand in and as the stability of Breath, for myself and All of Existence Equal and One.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 251: Malnutrition for Rich and Poor - Problem, Solution, Reward.

I am just starting a course on 'Fundamentals of Human Nutrition' of the Open University program Coursera, offered by the University of Florida.

I have just watched the first 2 modules, but I am struck by what I read so much that I want to write about it to unfold a point about Malnutrition in the Current World.
We have courses about 'Fundamentals of Human Nutrition for Disease prevention', this means we understand that Poor Nutrition is a source of disease whichever way we look at it, we have the Poor Nutrition of the Rich countries, the McDonald's lifestyles and fake processed foods, and we have the Poor Nutrition of the Poor Countries, those that can only dream of McDonald shitty food as an alternative to starvation.
When I was a kid my mum told me how when the Russians entered the concentration camps in Germany and fed the hungry, they had many die of 'indigestion' as they had not calculated that a starving body cannot just be overfed all in one go to make up for the lack, starvation is a process of accumulation of skipped meals in the case of starvation or poor nutritional meals in the case of malnourishment, and cannot be reversed by a Rich Abundant-calories loaded meal, it will have to be walked in small steps to allow the body to become able again to manage all the metabolic functions, from digestion to assimilation through conversion of nutrients into discharge.

What prompted me to write was the point that it mentioned the fact that most nations are writing 'Nutritional Guidelines for their population, something that we suggest be done within a system of support such as Equal Money and has been contested just for the heck of it, just to put our foot down on our 'imaginary right' to what? The Right to Poor Nutrition to prove our "Freedom of Choice'? We are a still a demented spiteful lot so far, it's really time to grow up.

This point of Nutritional Guidelines shows another truth, that we do know that Food is Fundamental at the moment for the well being of human beings, and yet we have no qualms about turning Food into a commodity we play with for Profit or on the stock market, which will lead to some having access to it and some not, increasing the numbers of the ones that do not because making a stock/share profitable means -its value must go up, even if this will result in some who are already struggling to access this Vital resource to no longer be able to do so.

Malnutrition problem

For the Poor
The problem is self evident, having No Access to Food as a Vital resource leads to sure death through suffering. Malnutrition is a breeding ground for diseases, we Know this, so we do know too that leaving some to not be able to access Food means making them sick first until they die of hunger or of some hunger related diseases. The ones born in Man-Made-Poor-Countries live with Hunger as their Staple State, we send Food Aids, just so we don't have to look at the Why some countries are Poor and unable to access Food -or feel guilty and bad about it and own up to our collective responsibility-, reasons that include speculations done in Third World countries for Food Exports -see Plantation of Rich Countries in the Philippines for example or South America- or for speculative land grabbing through which First world countries secure farming lands for themselves to become the ones who decide what is best to cultivate for profit vs the rights of those that should be able to make decisions for themselves and the well being of their community, and here comes the example of turning food crops into bio fuel crops, just for the sake of a Profit Motive.

For the Rich:
the Guidelines for proper nutrition according to principle of Fundamentals of Human Nutrition should 
  1. determine nutritional needs
  2. prevent malnutrition
  3. prevent disease
  4. Inform the public for
If we take each point and dissect it we will see that due to the Economics System that is actually managing the World Systems, none of these things is in fact possible for the following reasons

  1. determine nutritional needs
  2. prevent malnutrition
  3. prevent disease
  • This would mean to establish what the body really needs to function at its best, of course this would throw out 99% of our industrial processed food. Food corporations wouldn't be able to survive if we addressed these 3 points within our processed food Industry, as that is not just mal-nourishment, but much it's bad for the body, we were not designed for the chemicals added in to prolong food shelf life -for commercial purposes-,  or the artificial colorings to make the food more appealing and whatever amount of salt or sugar is required to make the food more tasteful/addictive, they are simply empty if not harmful components of nutrition and this would then lead to Corporations having to adhere to what is in fact supportive for the body and either shut down or reinvent themselves into something that considers human beings not just as the clients/cattle they are aiming to capture for profit, but as living beings that need food for an optimum life experience and not just to fill the pockets of the few who very possibly would never even consider eating what they produce for the, intentionally, kept dumb masses.
    Incidentally in a trial in China this proved to be the fatal point leading to the death penalty of some food manufacturers who had added melamine to infants milk powder but 'for-got' to feed it to their own children, proving that the malpractice was deliberate and the consequences well known.
  1. Inform the public for
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Nutrient Content of Foods

    AH, this is another sticky point at the moment concerning nutrition in 'Rich First World' Countries, the labeling as Information.
  • The Centre for Science in the Public Interest has published a report called 'Food Labeling Chaos' highlighting some of the problems we face with disinformation about Food.
    Can we trust this report? Of course Not, a report that says that the FDA is trying its best to have Corporations align and provide truthful information to allow the public to make well informed choices - and in over 20 years has not 'successfully' managed to do so, must be as fake as the FDA, or maybe not, can we trust anything in this system when the Corporations that own the Food Industries, as in all Industries so far, are the ones funding basically all 'Independent researches' on the very issues that we seek to inform ourselves on to then regulate for the Public Best Interest?
    NO, but this report gives some pointers on what is wrong that won't be corrected until we in fact, change the system to one where all count Equally and can have a real say in regulations that affect the well beings of All


For the Poor:
The solution to Malnutrition will have to be approached from 2 sides, one will be the side of the Poor countries, to address that specific problem we must no longer accept the existence of Poverty and Famine as 'the way things are'.  Things are this way because we have accepted and allowed the consequences of our abusive collective World Systems to run amok unchecked and create Poverty and Famine in ever increasing numbers.
Poverty is Not Natural, it did not grow on trees, people expropriated from their land for profit didn't 'happen to them' like a natural disaster, someone actually sat down and planned economic/financial moves without considering the outflows of the consequences on All -let's put it this way because saying someone actually sat down, saw very well the consequences, decided that some were not worth anything and were disposable and proceeded at their best speed to implement what was thought out to maximize the wealth of some that are already 'Filthy Rich', would be just too disheartening and since the point is to just seek a solution we can stick to -from where we are - let's skip the finger pointing about whose self interest was 'the biggest an therefore who should have the biggest slice of Blame" - our very same self interest would have led us to the same place had we been 'lucky' enough to be born in their shoes - we were Socially Engineered for the Abuse and Exploitation of Each Other in the Name of a game of Survival, some just did it better, the Excess Capital in their hands allowed for a seat at the exclusive table of players who are designing World Systems to benefit just a few, but they would not have been able to do it without our complacent acceptance and allowance. We are the 99% of what is wrong in the world, the 1% just stands as the pinnacle of Abuse and Exploitation on top of a Mass of Fear-Full, Spineless Humans.
We have to take self responsibility for how this World turned out and stand as a Point of Change, finger pointing has taken us nowhere, violence and revolutions many of which were started when access to Food was denied to many -and we are approaching another of such times, Beware to not stand as part of the problem through believing in what has not worked in the past but to seek solutions that Unite us All for the Common Good to no longer play the Game of the Divided Dis-Empowered.
To solve the Poverty of Man-Made-Poor countries and the resulting Malnutrition once and for All, we have to redesign a system of Resource management that will include All Equally into the Equation of Life support, we are doing that with a new way to look at Capitalism, a way where the Capital of the World becomes Life, Equally shared by All, we don't have to reinvent the wheel, we have to acknowledge the existence of the wheel as the wheel of Life vs the wheel of Fortune we are now using to distribute the bounty of the Earth to just a few.

For the Rich countries.
Interestingly the solution is the same, the Poor starve due to no access to Food, the Rich -by comparison but still system cattle- are malnourished due to poor access to nutritious life-supporting food resulting from manufacturing and processing that is geared for Profit and not considering the priority of supporting Life and the Equal well being of All.
You can rest assured that the 1% is not eating what they manufacture and process for the rest of the World, they are not that dumb, how many obese have you counted among the Elite so  far? They have access to the best, the freshest, the organic, the non GMO that they know in some cases is not good for living beings consumption and this is superfine, because we can take their standard and apply it to All, what they have already found out is the best, most supportive food for the body can become the future guidelines for human nutrition -minus the delicacies that are just eaten to show a status of exceptional wealth and endanger the Animal World or are a source of unnecessary cruelty and Suffering-, we can recycle the ones who never did a day of work but only leeched on the shoulders of those born into an imaginary 'lesser position' into the Food Industry as Advisers, once they'll be eating what everyone will be eating we can be sure no one will be fucking with the World's food supply anymore.
To give to All what is their share of this Planet to benefit from, starting from Food and Nutrition, we need a new system where everyone is accountable and policy making is in the hands of the public, making politicians the executioners of the will of the people within the principle of  Life as Capital vs Money and What is best for All.


Building a World where everyone is supported to have access to the best possible nutrition is the Reward we will share Equally, there will be no starving people nor malnourished ones on both sides of the Inequality divide.
We will always have access to real reliable information about nutrition to support ourselves and our health, to prevent food related diseases and addictions, because food is one of the foundation of our Health and Health Care is a Human Right that will be given to All, for free.
We won't have to worry about Food anymore, we will be able to stop our underground researches and guessing about Food and Nutrition; once the Profit Motive will be removed from the Food Industry, the Truth of what is good for the Human Body can finally emerge, and on that we can Re-align our system of support, Prevention is the Best Cure, using Food as support to prevent diseases will reward us with a healthier society where many Food related illnesses will be defeated for good and Everyone will benefit from a longer life expectancy to finally enjoy this planet for Real in Equality and Oneness as The One Body of Human -finally-Kind.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 250: Fearing Diminishment through Family Disapproval

Following on my Blog 'From MentaLot to Camelot - Humanity Schizophrenia'.

I had a few incidents lately showing me how much I still care for the approval of my family, in the specific of just my mother, not because I have overcome the other members' approval, just because they are now all dead and so no longer in a position 'to disapprove of me'.

Family Disapproval/Approval is one way in which we keep each other locked into roles, in itself telling another 'I disapprove of You' just because they are not acting out their part within the given guidelines would be hilarious if it were not a way of having everyone around basically align or re-align to one's desire for their own image/part/role playing.

In the case of parents this is mainly to show what a good parent they have been by raising the kind of child everyone would have wanted and not the kind of child for which one parent fears to get the 'pitiful look' from other parents - that look mixed with gloating for being the best parents in the secret 'parents contest', the ones who managed to subjugate their offspring best, more efficiently, having successfully locked them into their preprogrammed track and living to see and make sure that they will stay there forever. Being a parent nowadays is just being Architects of Control, designing structures and limitations for one's children through one's I'm-agination and then trying them on for a fit, when they don't fit, just squeeze the children into it, they'll either go mad or cave in, try, we have proven so far a very high "success" rate.

The first time I was told 'I disapprove of you' I don't remember having a reaction, basically I didn't understand what that implied. My mother always wanted to be a better mother than the one she had -don't they all? don't we all?-, so she made up elaborate ways to deliver the same  she got but in a more liberal way, instead of telling me I was out of line or mocking me with irony, as my grandmother did, she would 'disapprove of me'.

She had to disapprove of me a few times before I got the point that I was supposed to 'feel bad' when she did, that would mean 'I got the message' because no daughter worthy of this name can 'feel good' when she has her mother's disapproval, she could not and neither would I.

I found out lately how much I dislike writing about my mother even though I have done a lot of it, there is always a recurring feeling of betrayal when I do, and this is why as well I deliberately don't dissect some of our conversations to expose the Money point in all its glory, I don't want to see my mother that way, when I do the point of Love goes out of the window and if I question my mother's love for me I am left with no Love at all in my life, can I live love-less?

So, let's walk the self forgiveness regarding the 'Disapproval' point to see how it unfolds.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe I dislike writing about my mother to analyze my relationship to her in self honesty because I accepted and allowed myself to see myself as a 'traitor' as someone breaking a bond of trust, a circle of trust, without seeing, realizing and understanding that this is how families keep it 'all together' by having their members swearing to secrecy for all the crap that goes on inside them, so we make sure we can never face the point that our dysfunctional world starts at home and through that revert back to all we have been taught to change the origin of ourselves so we may self correct and change the outcome of ourselves to return into alignment to what is best for all

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when first hearing the 'I disapprove of you' from my mother and not being able to contextualize what it meant and hence to miss out on the prompting 'feel bad', move into dismay as I 'waited for instructions' as I was clear I was supposed to be 'doing something' but not what, and for realizing I was supposed to 'feel bad' and then obey and move into 'feeling bad' as a response to disapproval setting the stage for my 'fear of disapproval', I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, after realizing that 'I do not approve of you' was a prompting for me to feel bad, to experience fear of disapproval in the anticipation of how I was asked to respond to it, and for accepting myself to live one and equal to the fear of disapproval of my mother and the desire for her approval, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to desire to be approved by my mother hoping that I would no longer have to experience the negativity of disapproval and within this for abdicating the responsibility of how I felt about myself/ experienced myself to the prompting of others, to external triggers however declared or implicit, just because I accepted and allowed myself to do so

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, as I participate in good feelings when I am approved by my mother and as I seek the 'good feeling' as the approval of my mother, to not see realize and understand, that unless I give up 'the pleasure of being approved' I cannot let go of the negativity and negative  emotions surrounding my experience of being disapproved, because they exist within polarity and I can't have the good experience for myself without having the bad experience of myself as disapproved, and for fearing to no longer have access to the good feeling of approval as a badge of my 'right behavior', I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when telling stories to my mother, always change them to make sure they would fall under her seal of approval so I would not have to experience the disapproval and the negative feeling of diminishment of myself that I connected to 'being disapproved of'

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to suppress and deny my fear of disapproval so much that I created a personality from it, which was the "free spirit free thinker devil may care", when in fact I did care and worried constantly about my mother's approval, having used my mother as the policeman in my head against which I measured every moment of my life to see if it was acceptable/approvable, or how I could change it through storytelling to make it so, to avoid the experience of myself as diminished through my mother's disapproval of me

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to make decisions that I expected my mother would approve of, not because that was in any way relevant to me as a point of self expression, but because I feared not being approved by her, being dismissed as 'rejected/unacceptable' as I equated my behavior to who I really am and took personally her approval/disapproval of my behavior as the point that would measure the validity/ok-ness of my life experience and of myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when considering that I may move abroad again, to run through my mind 'HOW' I will tell my mother in a way she will approve of so I won't have to push against the disapproval and the negative feeling I used to experience when faced with my mother's disapproval of me/my choices for my life, instead of letting go both the desire for her approval and the fear of her disapproval for good

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when sharing about Desteni, to pick and choose what is share-able as in what will give me her approval and not create conflict, which could be common sense, but it's a common sense I have invalidated by disempowering my starting point of fear of disapproval, which stands in the way of really seeing what I can share while maintaining stable relationships in my outside world vs what I share as a way to seek approval/acceptance to validate myself and my existence

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, as a result of this fear of Disapproval and my mother's 'negative' comments about my Life and my choices and what I could have done better/differently according to her, to create a chatterbox personality that I embody just so I won't have to share anything that is relevant to myself and my life for real for the purpose of both entertaining her and keeping her off subject that I perceive as unsharable as in topics that would then expose me to her approval and disapproval for which I have accepted and allowed myself to develop a Pavlovian response for which I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, as a result of this fear of Disapproval, design a Chatterbox personality with which I can entertain my mother on subjects/topics of no importance/relevance, so that I won't have to expose topics that I care about and face the fear of her disapproval and the negative experience I have associated to it

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to resist writing about my mother into the nitty gritty of our relationship, because I fear exposing the truth of our relationship as 'the most important relationship of my life' because if I did dig into it then I would have to face how the 'family love' is nothing but manipulation through issues that are money related, and it has to be because if it were not we couldn't explain the money system outside as ruthless and unforgiving if we had not started this system within as our FamiLies, where Fear was covered with Love and Money was never mentioned if not as a reminder of 'all the good that was done for me' as an IOU, making the family the foundation of the Debt system, making sure we wouldn't break free because we are indebted, born indebted, raised indebted, and for accepting my Life as an IOU and for then issuing other UOM (You Owe me) to others as a result, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when asked about who I will vote for this Political elections and my mother said 'she disapproved of my vote' to feel bad and diminished as if my decision was not 'sound' because was Not aligned to her approval and for then moving to suppress this diminishment through backchat as in 'you don't know shit, you deserve this government, you have your head stuck up your ass' as an attempt to diminish her so I could feel better about myself by bringing her down to the level where I accepted and allowed to drag myself through 'her disapproval of me' and for accepting my backchat about others in moments when I feel diminished instead of flagging the point and breathing through it to address it in writing to self correct, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that my mother's disapproval can diminish me, instead of seeing realizing and understanding that only I can diminish myself by believing that I am the feeling/emotions and thoughts I participate in as an automated response, instead of no longer accepting my participation in emotional constructs I have played out just because I accepted and allowed myself to believe it's easier to go on autopilot than to self direct myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when in the process of making a decision to check if that decision stands within my mother's potential approval, instead of seeing realizing and understanding I was never seeking her approval per se, if not as a positive energy experience but the escape from the disapproval I connected to a negative experience of myself, and for connecting other people's disapproval of me to a negative experience and for taking it personally, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to connect the approval of others to a 'positive energy experience' in which I feel validated and OK, and for seeking this validation of myself outside of myself, externally, in separation from myself, instead of standing in and as the validation of myself in unconditional self acceptance as I walk my process of self correction, I forgive myself


When and as I see myself seeking the approval of my mother or any other by how I am wording a sentence, preparing to tell a story, I stop, breathe, see realize and understand that I will have to breathe through my fear of disapproval to correct myself until I no longer experience a reaction to other people's disapproval of me and I can stand stable in and as breath

When and as I see myself moving or about to move into fear of being disapproved as I anticipate how I will experience myself negatively, I stop, breathe, bring myself back into the physical to no longer accept fear of disapproval or desire for approval to move me instead of me directing myself

I commit myself to investigate the point of desire for approval and fear of disapproval until I no longer react or take it personally, to realign myself to what is best for me as best for all, for myself and all of existence Equal and One 

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