Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 204: Powerlessness as Abdication of Responsibility

Everything that is going on in the News and Italian talks show these days is about ILVA, the Infamous Steel Manufacturer.
One of the workers interviewed today, after the Plant closed down again due to the Never-seen-before-Tornado, was that 'unless we stop delegating and allow others to decide for our future things won't change'.

We can take this statement to the bigger and see that while there has been a lot of advantage in this unfair race for Money and Profit by those that were the holders of Money as Power, the responsibility cannot be only on the hands of the perpetrators of Abuse. What about the Abused?
If we had stood together for what is Best for ALL, Abuse would have Never Been Possible.
Instead we are fragmented, first within our Minds and then without, resulting in this World of separation, where My interests must come before Yours, where I live and you die.

So, the truth about admitting to be powerless, fearing to be powerless hides the desire to not take responsibility and to blame others for where we find ourselves today, making the consequences of our participation the testimony of the one way responsibility that we abdicated in blame, instead of stopping and reassessing where is our Response-Ability in the face of Abuse and how can we find solutions for All of Us, stopping this world, changing what we ask just for ourselves into designing a Change for everyone as ourselves and then we as the system, change to a system of Self responsibility, where each is responsible for self as the whole and within our self Response-Ability we can find again the Power we have abdicated happy to be abused as long as we wouldn't have to face the point that this World would have never be possible without our acceptance and allowance and as such, as we Change our acceptance and allowance into a Self Directive decision to Stand for Life and All Living beings, so does the World as our Mirror, change with us.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from power as mySelf as Self responsibility

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear standing up because I feared having to face the truth that at this moment I have no power to change the world or any impact on the system and I won't either until I hold myself in separation from the system as myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear becoming responsible, fearing the LOAD of the responsibility that I perceive is not possible to be faced by just one, instead of seeing the solution that 1 + 1 means I am not alone, even though I walk alone the process of stopping the separation of myself from the system as me

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that the Rich and Powerful will always win because I wished to not have to stand up as part of the Solution and I could if I gave up before I even started by blaming the Rich and Powerful for where we are today

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to live as friction and Conflict against this system within my Mind for so long that I came to the 'I give up' point, feeling that it's hopeless to even believe we can change something that has become so big and has taken over control, instead of seeing and realizing that as each one takes over control of themselves as One of the Whole, the system must change, because the system is nothing more than the sum of its parts

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, that this world is a collective creation and as such, collectively, united, we can change what we created in separation to reflect our change as realignment to Oneness and Equality

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that stopping to vote is taking a stand, when stopping to vote is what is one of the points that is manifesting the problems we are facing, as we don't stand up to Vote as Self responsible Human beings for something else, such as a system that works for All and considers All Living Beings as Equals

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear Equality because I yearned to be special and more than others, not wanting to be common as I defined 'common' as the flattening of all self expression, instead of seeing, realizing and understanding, that only when we will be truly Equals we will have the freedom to self express, beyond fears and judgements

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to see the rich and powerful as 'the ones at fault' because they have more 'numbers' that could in a swift move make this change happen if they only wanted, instead of accepting the fact that they don't want, for now, just as much as I didn't want to give up my 'status' for equality and as such others like me who are still stuck in the brainwashing of finding value in their position and possessions are not in a position to make this move and that furthermore the desire for 'them' to make such move is yet again another abdication of responsibility in which I wonder and keep myself pre-occupied with questions such as 'why does this change have to start with me and not with 'them', why aren't THEY asked to change, why aren't They giving the example?", failing to see that I ask myself such questions looking for ways to keep abdicating my responsibility, seeking for Good reasons why I can still postpone because the ones who are creating the most damage -apparently- are still busy doing it, when in fact we are all equally participating collectively in the Creation of this world and as such we have to collectively disengage this support that we are giving through the abdication of our responsibility for this world as ourselves

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be moved by the anger of the people manifesting against this system, as being 'moved' means I am not Here, stable in and as Breath, instead of seeing and realizing the anger as real and valid without participating in it as I see, realize and understand that the anger we are using to moan about the system is misdirected, we are all angry at ourselves for what we have accepted and allowed, then, best stop diversions, own the anger and on the wings of this self honest Anger, stand for a Change, as the Change that we want to see in this world, for ourselves and all of Existence, Equal and One.

When and as I see fears coming up in me about how pointless it is to stand up given the extent of the problem we are facing, I stop, breathe, make a point of getting back Here through breathing as my 'thoughts' are not the solution to this world problem as they only exist of polarity that I use to find ways to be against the system as that gives me the momentary relief of the belief 'that I am doing something about it, I am opposing it!", when in fact I am just perpetuating the friction and conflict I exist as which is what is manifesting the friction and conflict that stand in the way of One Solution for the World that will benefit All Equally

When and as I see myself desiring to blame the Rich and Powerful for how we live, I stop and breathe, as I see realize and understand the Rich and Powerful are nothing else than manifestations of my own desire for moreness in fear of being less and that when I equalize myself to be stable within who I am I will be one less point of support for the Inequality of this world

When and as I see myself fearing that nothing will change, I look into the specific point I am facing to see why and what I am not willing to change about myself and why I accept the limitations of myself which reflect in the limited version of the world we live in and stand to address that point and change it

I commit myself to not give in to thoughts of assessment of the gravity of the system situation as that is already clear to me but instead to become more consistent in breathing myself back into the physical and Not participate within and as the Mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions as an excuse to tap into Powerlessness so I can abdicate my responsibility for standing for change as the change

I commit myself to, whenever I perceive myself toying with thoughts and feelings of powerlessness to STOP, breathe and bring muself back to Breath while I look at what I am trying to Not take responsibility for, so I can address it in writing and self corrective application until I stand Self responsible and no longer Powerlessness as a victim of my self created Mind.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 203: A MIRACLE took place in Italy! But then God changed his mind.....

A tragedy hit Taranto yesterday.
No this is not correct. Two tragedies hit Taranto yesterday.
One was the reopening of the Ilva plant, one of the largest Steel manufacturers in Italy, the largest in the forgotten South, in Apulia, a region at high unemployment risk; the largest in Italy for number of direct employee, 12.000, but whose closure would cause 20.000 people to becoming jobless.
Since 1997, environmental reports proved that Ilva was responsible for the pollution of the environment, fishing is forbidden around Taranto due to high levels of dioxin present in the water, in 7 years there have been 11.590 deaths caused by the activity of the Steel Implants (1650/year) e 26.399 hospitalizations (3.857/year). It is the Bhopal of the Apulia region.
It has been estimated that if we could add up the emission by air and by sea and divide them by the number of inhabitants it would come up to Two hundred and ten kilos of emissions(210 Kg) per person/year to deal with.
With a -hidden- decree specifically written for ILVA in 2011, the limits of the emissions of benzopyren were removed, it was a field day, 'get the silly environmentalist off my back', said Fabio Riva, the heir of the Ilva Empire.

He didn't just say that, the intercepted phone calls proved, he said as well that 2 cancer deaths more a year were 'fucking nothing' -we can't but agree when the deaths per year are over 1000- and it was important to bribe the media so they would spread some smoke on the whole story and people would go back to feeling safe. When they were not busy dying.

Fabio Riva is now at large, a fugitive from justice since a few days when a warrant has been issued in his name for criminal conspiracy and corruption of high officials, the imputation was not manslaughter. Those deaths happened as a collateral corporate risk.
He is now hiding somewhere and he has decided that he will first see what kind of defense he can come up with through his lawyers for his actions and then decide IF he will come back to face the music. 
He has that choice. The kind of choice ONLY MONEY can Buy.
He can even decide through his 'Intelligence' gathering, on which country he should move to, to not face extradition, meanwhile an international warrant has not been issued, the media says it's to give him an opportunity to redeem himself and just come back to face the trial. 
But the real reason is to give him time to decide where to move to, at his convenience, then the international warrant will be issued, we have to wait until he is safe and sound.

This is just the preview of the story for those that are unfamiliar with both the corruption in Italy, which is an IN YOUR FACE corruption, and the uselessness of the Public Institution, which were instituted by the Rich, supported by the Rich as a protection for their actions and not as a system of accountability where the ones who don't have a voice or a choice due to how the birth lottery of this world has placed them would be safeguarded.

The twist in the story is that, while the Court has finally issued 7 arrest warrants for the people involved, the ones that went under attach were the Courts, led by a woman magistrate, men magistrates could not pinpoint the problem for the past 15 years, weird. It is unthinkable - and unheard of- that the Justice system should question a company that feeds 20000 people (and killed 11590 in 7 years and sent 26.399  to the hospital), where is our decency, why are we not thinking about the Good of the People, the fucking job they need to survive, because without this job, they are dead anyway, and so it is that the same employees whose families and colleagues have been killed by pollution, by corruption, by a system of abuse for greed and profit were standing out of the plant that was closed by the Bench, manifesting for their right to go back to work.
Let's get this right, no one wanted to go back to a place that kills them by the thousands, they just wanted to live, and life down in the South comes at THAT Price, at the price of the Russian Roulette that you may make it, I will pull the trigger one more time, maybe I'll live.

The closure of the Plant was announced since July, they were in breech of the New European Environmental Law, they had the time to set themselves in line with the regulations, but Greed is a bitch, and they did not want to put back in the money they had taken out profiting on the lives of people -literally-, in fact they did more, they asked for assistance from the State -the citizens, the tax payers which is NOT the Riva family as those are the rich tax evaders with headquarters in Luxembourg- to put the workers on unemployment benefits. 

Two days ago a decree was signed by the government to bypass the Power of the bench of Judges (the Highest Power within the Italian republic) and Re open the Plant. SUCCESS!!

The workers started to go back yesterday, and here comes another twist.
One week ago we had regional elections, only 3 million peoples went to vote, the Media said it was an amazing turn up. There are 58 mil people in Italy, of which at least 45 mil people able to vote. Many that did not go to vote went said they went to Church instead, they said they voted for Mother Mary, because it would take a miracle to fix some of our problems such as the Ilva one with the Plant just closed.

Less than a week later the Ilva plant reopened. What a fucking Miracle!
AND they opened beyond any restriction, for now the important thing was to reopen, to guarantee a wage to those family for which the unemployment benefit has not been granted yet.

What we have to understand is that such are the choices of capitalism, if you don't work, you DIE, because we have accepted and allowed a system of Greed to take over the World, our lives and now everything else is a battle, wherever we look it's either a rock or a hard place, aren't we getting the drift yet?
And so yesterday, amid the celebration for the defeat of Democracy, the Justice system, the safeguarding of Life over Profit and the direct intervention of Mother Mary that interceded for the reopening of a toxic plant -according to prayers- Nature stood up and said NO. Nature said I will kill you with my own hands if you don't fucking Stand Up!

At just after 10 am a tornado (never seen before in Italy) not only hit Taranto, but hit the Ilva Plant specifically, causing 20 casualties there over the 38 casualty that took place all over the city, plus 1 death of a guy who was blown off a crane, and then left 15 mil euro of damages on its wake, taking away the hopes that work will be resuming anytime soon for the 'Good of All' and widening the gap of the question, Who is going to pay the wages to those workers now? How are they going to Live?

So, a miracle was deflated, and another one was born, as the link to the video of the Huffington post titles the incident "Finger of God?', what about the hand of Mother Mary? Why did God overthrew her decision to reopen the Plant, does God know better? Or is this a Con-flict of Interests in Heaven?

Well, that would be nothing more and nothing less that what we live everyday. 
A World thorn by Conflicts where on one side we have Life and on the other Profit and Money.

What will YOU choose?

Capitalism as the expression of Our Greed and self Interest must die for Life to take its place at the centre of every Equation. Life Guaranteed to All, by All.

I Vote for an Equal Money System, because it will restore Dignity to Life and because it recognizes that Each Life has Equal Value, get involved, Cast your Vote, we don't need Miracles, we need to Stand up United for Life One and Equal, to give to each other what we would like to receive, Once and for All.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 202: The 'Intelligence' Gatherer - Character

Last night I had an 'idea' about my future and what I could do.

Having 'ideas' it's another point in itself, they come up at the end of the dull roads of existence I travel and can only take for so long, when dullness seems to 'kill me' here pops an idea, something to keep me going, to give me a sliver of 'hope' for my future, a place I dread because I see this dullness of existence multiplied in years to come and how won't be able to take it.

When those 'Ideas' strike like lightening I then go on an information rampage to gather as many 'valuable' news as possible about whatever I set my mind to. "I" set my mind to..interesting expression...

I am able to read for 24/48 hours, until my body aches and jump from one website to another as I see connections of things I apparently need to know.

This 'I need to know it's of course manufactured by My Mind, it's to cover all my bases so to speak and never clearer than today, it's just FEAR.

It is the FEAR that if I don't know enough when I move into a new venture I will be taken advantage of, it's the 'Intelligence' side of the fear of looking stupid, yesterday I experienced the physical side of 'looking stupid' and today the mental, which is in fact just 'mental' as in mental case, the case in which I trap myself in fear of abuse.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to define existence as dull because I am lacking the frenzy of energetic movements, of excitement and depression, instead of seeing realizing and understanding, it's a process and as it took me some time to get use to my existence as an energy drug addict, it will take some time to get off the energy wheel and see that 'not feeling' doesn't define my successful engagement with existence as Life, I am the ones that defined not feeling ad dull and for this I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I evaluate a new possibility, to move into a mental frenzy through which I then believe that I NEED to gather information/intelligence because every new things I evaluate gives rise to both excitement and fear or better stated, excitement AS Fear and I have taught myself that the fear can subside if I gather enough knowledge and information as my counter-intelligence

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I need counter-intelligence against myself because I have always only feared myself and my own self judgement and I believed I needed to become 'intelligent' so I would not have to endure myself judgement of myself as stupid, instead of just stopping all and any self judgement

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I must load myself with knowledge and information to be prepared for potential abuses, when in fact the piling up of useless knowledge and information that I don't need at the moment and therefore I cannot live, is a form of self abuse

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to trust myself so little that I have come to the con-clusion that I 'better be prepared' when in fact on my way to getting myself prepared I abuse myself as my mind with useless piling up of knowledge and information that creates friction inside of myself from which I then perceive I need MORE knowledge and information to stop the friction I myself created and then accepted and allowed

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that being prepared as with plenty of knowledge and information is a sign of intelligence, which it is, it's the sign that I have successfully filled my head with useless knowledge and information in fear that I may appear stupid if I didn't, before moving myself in and as the physical world

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to imagine what will the people around me say/think if I make a decision for which I cannot prove to have done/overdone in fact my homework because I fear they may think I am a fool, instead of seeing and realizing that I fear my own judgement of myself as a fool, because I have already judged myself in the past as a fool for having made wrong moves due to the fact that I had not taken the time to inform myself which I have equated with piling up tons of information so I won't have to face my own self judgements as a fool again

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to despise people who have not collected tons of knowledge and information such as I did and for thinking they are fools and should never talk because almost everything they say it's stupid, without realizing I can only judge myself no matter how far and how well I motivate my projections of my own self despise in self judgement

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to judge myself when yesterday with my students I realized I was about to push her to study either through Fear or through Diminishing her and when I forbade myself from doing either I saw I did not know how to talk to her effectively because so far this is the only way I have taken on board about HOW I motivate myself to pile up knowledge and information and for seeing that I did not have the RIGHT information on how to talk to her in a supportive way I moved into self judgement and then shame which is why I then left at the peak of my irritation so I would not open my big mouth and then say something I would regret and for feeling ashamed of myself I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from Self so much that I have lost touch with the common sense of how to talk in a supportive manner to another human being, because even when I asked myself 'how would I want to be treated' I could not see an answer as I never saw any choice than being motivated either through fear of failure or the fear of being diminished and so an alternative to who I have been was not here because I was not Here and did not trust myself that I could express myself in self honesty in a way that would be mutually beneficial, for me as change and for her as me as support

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear myself and what I may say, do, think in my pursuing intelligence as a weapon and an armor with which I arm myself and harm myself at the same time

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel inferior to 'intelligent people' such as those who held more information and knowledge than myself and for, instead of correcting this experience of myself to stop the fear, seek to even out the play field to NOT experience that fear again, which would be impossible because in the whole world there will always be someone who knows more than me so the point to realign is not the knowledge and information but to stop defining myself through knowledge and information, taking back my value from where I have erroneously invested it, in my search to be more in fear of being less/not enough.

When and as I see myself move or about to move into the Information/Intelligence Gatherer Character, I stop, breathe, assess in self honesty if I need that information in that moment, if I can live that information or if I am hoarding info just for value, and if I see that I am on an info hoarding trip I stop, I breathe and bring myself back Here to stop participating in fear and then the desire to 'do something' to stop the fear

When and as I see myself moving into Conflict with myself about a point of perceived 'required knowledge and information' that I lack I stop, breathe, see realize and understand that such point is coming from the Fear of not Knowing Enough, not having Gathered Enough Intelligence, so I breathe and bring myself back Here instead than giving in to the fear of not Knowing enough, not being 'intelligent' enough as I see, realize and understand I am not defined by my knowledge and information, nor is anyone else.

I commit myself to stop my existence as the Intelligence Gatherer and to explore this Character if and as it comes up until I no longer exist as such Character, but stable Here in and as Breath

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 201: When I feel Stupid is Your Fault

Today first day back at the GYM. The gym consultant gave me a possible schedule of classes I could join and told me that today I could start with the 'Dance Fit' Class, she said it was easy enough to restart a fitness program. Reluctantly I went it.

The teacher started by saying that the choreography of the day was difficult, at which I approached her to tell her 'it's my first time should I give up? Is it going to be too difficult?' and she said 'I don't know, TRY!'.

This comment already moved some backchat, what do you mean you don't know, why don't you check in your head if the choreography you set up is for the Bolshoi Ballet or for American Idol and then come back to me with a specific answer?

The truth is I wanted out and she did not give me a reason to walk out, to quit, her fault.

So here starts the dance routine, she said 'we'll do Jennifer Lopez today'. Panic.


The room was full of mirrors like Versailles, amazingly it didn't reflect to me the Hippo in Tutu from Fantasia that my mind makes me out to be since I am out of shape, many women were not looking like Jennifer Lopez either, so my comparison with venom did not kick in in full power, yet as I stepped on like a retard with the on time crowd during the 45 minutes routine, I could only clumsily follow, I felt Stoopid, And stoopid multiplied to infinity in the endless play of the mirrors. 45 minutes of agony reflected back one million times.

While I was at it, I watched the backchat starting, I wanted to blame the teacher, silly fool, for not telling me HOW complicated it was, for not sparing me from feelingl stoopid, not wanting to take responsibility about the fact that it is my own doing, that I am the one that defined what looks fine and what doesn't and now I am just walking into the scenery i designed for myself.

Of course A conversation was going on in my mind as I became aware of my desire to blame the teacher, 'I'm not going to do that' I said to myself firmly playing out the feedback I was supposed to give to the consultant and yet, at the end of the lesson when I met the consultant I had to say that I didn't like the class, that the choreography was too difficult and the teacher 'not so nice' and I hoped she had not highlighted for me other classes with this teacher, instead of just saying I was too out of shape to follow the steps, there was nothing wrong with the class.

So defeated on so many levels, including my commitment to NOT do that thing I do of blaming others, I left the gym, only to stop at the bakery where I met my student, the one that just tries to survive and get the grade that will allow her to pass the year, had a 20 minutes conversation during which she found a million ways to expose why the teachers are stupid and unreasonable and why since she is specifically asked to do more than the meagre exercises she is supposed to do for homework, she can't be blamed for her failures. Heat went up to my ears. I concluded by saying 'come back to me when you want to learn, I can't FORCE this language on you and just so you know, you are fighting for your own limitations'

I huffed and puffed my way back home, of course wanting to blame her now for how far I am into irritation mode. When I got home I asked myself what was so irritating about this little girl trying to survive the system and voila', my own play in front of my eyes, she is trying to blame her teachers for how she feels about herself, stoopid and with no chance at ever grasping what the hell school is all about.

Welcome to the land of Blame, we "the Adults" are holding that candle up for you.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear that I would not be able to keep up with the rest of the class at the GYM, because I was new there

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fel uncomfortable whenever there is something new to do, in case I don't look my best

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that there is a best and a worse to me, because I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am those characters that I have created and that I now play out and I judge myself for my performances within my role playing, instead of stopping the role playing so there is just 1 of me to deal with

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to dislike looking at myself in the mirrors in case they reflect back my own judgement of myself and when they didn't for wondering why I spend so much time in my mind when the reality I push myself to face never seems as bad as what goes on in the secrecy of my trials in my Mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, due to the fact that I felt stoopid for moving out of time, look for faults in the teacher and in the class so I could feel better about myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not have the patience to learn something new because I have developed the habit to judge myself before I even try, instead of suspending all judgements and just do whatever it is I set myself out to do and correct myself along the way as I learn a new skill

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to find solace in the fact that many women were out of shape because I did compare myself to them as a habit and then decided 'I was not so bad after all', instead of stopping comparison altogether and not using comparison as a way to feel good about myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I stopped and had a chat with S., to allow irritation to mount as she looked for endless justifications of why she had a reason to flunk her tests because the teacher used vocabulary 'she is not expected to know' when in my mind I was telling myself that after 13 years of English we should have a fairly extensive vocabulary, so within both the irritation at the system and at the product of the system as S., I wanted to blame her for blaming her teacher in this endless blame game, instead of being me starting to take responsibility for how I feel so others can see the example of what becoming self responsible is all about

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, since I gave in to the irritation that arose from the point of seeing someone else do what I had just done, as in blaming another for the way I felt, lose touch with reality and make myself useless as I was no longer Here and so I missed out on an opportunity to stand as a direction for this kid because I was too engulfed in an energy surge and I had to leave and for giving in to an energetic possession I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to think 'I hope they fail her' which would make me right about the point that she has not been applying herself as she should have done, instead of seeing and realizing we have collectively already failed her, as we taught the children that they have to compete for best marks/grades and not that they are at school to learn something and in so doing we created these little monsters as mini me/us that now play out the Blame game and the It's not my responsibility game to remind us that this is what we are still doing all the time and that we have nothing of value to say until what we say is lived and then shared as the living word and not another dead advise from the deadbeats we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become

When and as I see myself moving into a negative emotion/experience of myself, I stop, breathe, see realize and understand that if I give in then I will seek some ways to swing back into the positive feeling/experience of myself instead of standing stable in and as breath without giving in to myself as The Mind

When and as I see myself moving to blame/attempting to blame or already blaming something/somebody outside of myself for the way I have been experiencing myself, I stop, breathe, tell myself that this is not what I want to live and be one and equal to, instead I take responsibility for how I feel at any moment so I can see where my experiences originated from and release myself from them

I commit myself to stop this blaming game, to stop existing as blame and self judgement that then turns into blame and to find out consistently in self honesty where and how I am still participating in this movement, so I can stop myself and realign myself to Oneness and Equality and What is best for All for myself and all of existence, Equal and One.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 200: Humanity - Armed with Intelligence

The first time I heard the translation of CIA as, Central Intelligence Agency, I thought it was a place where a lot of Intelligent people were gathered to investigate World issues.

Another few years went by before I connected the Word 'Intelligence' to the word 'information. 
The penny finally dropped when I heard the term 'gathering Intelligence' that could not relate to people or a skill.

We are looking into Intelligence as a group, digging into it to see the value we have given to it, the characters we built around it, how we have identified 'Intelligent' people to be more than others, more valuable than the ones defined as not 'Intelligent'.

If we look at Intelligence for its dual meaning in English, for its 'system' meaning lets say, Intelligence is nothing else than the ability to gather, file and manage knowledge and information.

Not only, it is the gathering and filing of information AS an advantage, the Central Intelligence Agency was set up not as a mean to establish Equality and a life that works for All on this planet, it never had any High Ideal about its role either, it was set up to set the USA ahead of the game -whatever the Game is-, as the most efficient and ruthless collector of information, possibly of the dirt and low of the 'enemies' that could be used at a later stage to come out the winners within any dispute, as the knowledge and information of their-Story vs His-story  could/would be used as weaponry to gain the advantage of the people's support through manipulation of reality and through the manufacturing of consent.

So, intelligence as it has been used and valued so far, it's just a measure of the ability to file and process information, it's the capacity of our individual 'processors' that we have been praising and valuing and then used to exclude some who, either by birth or by their upbringing, have a different 'processing capacity', those that have not been told that the world is a freaking fearful place in which we better be ARMED with knowledge and information as 'power', we better get smart as knowledge processing units if we want to come out winners or just merely survive.

We have been taught to 'develop' the ability to gather and file information as a weapon against each other, starting within the school system and the grading of children because we have accepted and allowed the 'Idea' that the world cannot provide for us All, and we need advantages on others to secure our survival, our lives are not guaranteed, they have to be 'earned' and Intelligence is one of the way we can use to secure our livelihood and the pretense of our lives.

Let's consider that his World is the result of the most 'intelligent' among us -did you know Psychopaths have some of the highest IQ in the world?- , the ones that Con-vinced 99% of the people that they have No Rights but Duties, that They have to Earn their Right to Life, they hoarded the Earth resources by stealing from the whole and then tagged them with an Illusory Monetary value through a Make-Belief creation called Money and indebted the World at large, they studied How To Manipulate Humanity into the wimps we have become and that then made sure no one had the same abilities as 'intelligence' as gathering of knowledge and information because they hid the knowledge and made the information into what they wanted the 'public' to be informed about, such is the power of intelligence.

So, where is the value of Intelligence so far, if the pushing and pursuing of this weapon called Intelligence has given birth to 1/3 of the world not cared and provided for? What is the value of a Tool we have used against each other and where is the Equality such a precious tool should have built if this tool was for the 'betterment of mankind'?

Nowhere to be seen.
We have to face what we have done with our 'intelligence' and what we are still doing, we have to stop placing people on the Intelligence ladder as a measure of their worth, animals have shown to be way more intelligent than we are, to have way more Intelli-sense than we do, if all the world applied the Intelli-sense ladder and we found out we are at the very bottom of it, looting pillaging, raping, hurting and harming each other and other species, entertaining ourselves with the suffering of animals and of our fellow human beings, what should the animals do to us?
Boot us out of the planet?

That would be an Idea. Meanwhile, while we still enjoy their tolerance, while they are not lining up out of our homes to finish us off and rid the planet of the pests we have become, we may reconsider Intelligence into Common Sense, no longer as the gathering of useless knowledge and information as weaponry, but as the ability to live what we know would be best for all as ourselves, the living planet, the animal kingdom into reality.

We could forgive our Intelligence of the past as our Ability to have an advantage on others and recognize we have always been afraid, fearful of this world and each other and no amount of Intelligence can make that go away but we can self correct ourselves as the world into an Intelligence as Common Sense to see what is best for All and get on to it, apply what we know to transform this world into a place where fear no longer exists, nor the need to file and manage information as weapons against each other and the world at large.

Stop Intelligence for Intelli-Sense to change the World, Intelli-sense, the skill to manage knowledge and information for what is Best for All.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 199 - Malindi Kenia - the New Italian Colony - Acuna Matata

Acuna Matata, from the Lion King, means No Problem.
This is the new slogan of the Italians that have moved or are moving to Malindi.
They say that Italy is turning into a State of Fiscal Dictatorship.
Yes, because trying to have everyone, in the specific the rich tax evader, pay taxes is a Dictatorship which is not working for them and they have Choices, the ones granted by Money, so since the Public Policies seem to be misaligned with their interests at the moment, they'll just move on.

So what will be left in Italy will be those that do not have choices, the ones that have not been paid for the last 3 months by government bodies because the money has been spent on the ones on Top, not considering that the ones at the bottom are the ones running the show, cleaning the streets, having hospitals working, schools, transportation, what makes a community a place for All.

As I researched this news of Italians I found a list of famous, wealthy people who are planning to move there like Berlusconi or are already well established there such as Briatore, the famous F1 Etrepreneur.
He is building a new Billionaire Club, it will cost peanuts to build using the slavemanship available there for a pittance and the Kenyans hope it will boost their economy, because, being unaware of how the system works, they have not yet clear that foreign investments NEVER boost the economy for the locals, the money is made by the rich for the rich, the locals are there to provide cheap labor and to be given candies by the tourists and to allow their children to be embraced for snapshots that become testimonies of the compassionate nature of those photographed, who after the picture put the kids down, give them some candies to rot their teeth and move on with their lives.

The reasons for such Exodus are not just to save tax Money but the gain of living in a cheap country where there is cheap Human capital to be exploited, where they get to live the life of Kings that they can't afford in Italy, the life that doesn't know Laws, because even the Laws written by Money to protect the rich had to have some decency over time and forbid what was a clear infringement of Human Rights, such as Child prostitution and trafficking.

But not in Malindi, Italians rank no. 1 in Child exploitation in Malindi and in Thailand as well, anywhere where they could buy their way to their desires with Money, Italians are there, getting the grapes put in their mouths while lying down on a recliner from the hands of children, exploiting children as young as 9 years old -and maybe younger- for 5 euro, who are sold out by hungry parents and by mothers who have an heritage of prostitution and don't see any other way to make money and support themselves.
Some argue that Italians are loved in Malindi, but the journalists that have not sold out tell a completely different story.

They tell of the hate that they inspire by their big well guarded Villas in which, beyond closed doors, anything is possible, where children are delivered and used and while the Italians think they are the best because they don't beat them or don't push for the real Kinky stuff, the truth is that they are Predators of the Poor, and within their closed gated community, proud about it.

The Hate is hidden, secret, the Italians have become powerful in Malindi, they can get you in troubles, they buy out the police for 50 euro, they were covered up even by the Consul in Malindi in 2008, who said those were just urban legends with no truth to it, noticeably The Italian embassy is the only foreign mission with a resident consul in Malindi for which Italian taxpayer pay for, the taxpayers pay as well for all the missions to fight child prostitution in Kenya, millions have been devoted to this, money of course that disappeared into the pockets of the same ones who possibly abuse children. The irony of it All, taxpayers are unknowingly supporting child prostitution in Kenya and their cover ups

A mention of an untraceable report on the UNICEF site says that Italians are Top Abusers, they rank no 1 in Kenya, they brought so much money there that the locals learned Italian hoping to have access to some of it.
All the links to the UNICEF report from Italian articles about this are broken, on the UNICEF site as well its impossible to get to it, there is big money in the business of prostituting and trafficking children -not money FOR the children- and big money moves mountains. The only working link I found was through an article published on the Atlantic about Mafia in Malindi, can be visited clicking here.

So, the problem of government raising taxes to include the rich and powerful, to even out the fields for All and guarantee that those that are not paid for their work, do get paid, any attempt to curb this curve of Inequality cannot work, because we have gone too far down the line and now All the Money is in the hands of those that no longer accept rules of any kind because they see rules as an infringement on their right to abuse, they call abuse 'opportunities' that they give to both themselves and the needy, but guess what, we made the needy needy, if we stopped our lives that don't make sense to anyone but to us, to include all equally, we would not have the needy, we would All  have a dignified Life and an end to the Abuses of all sorts in this World.

This is just 1 story of Abuse, millions of such stories are going on everywhere in the world.
We need to Change what we have accepted and allowed, we need to change the rules of this rigged game, if we can't level the fields, we have to rewrite the systems, we have to make the current Money worthless and give New Money as the pass to resources to All, this is the only thing that will stop Abuses, the rising of All for the Good of All.

And then we'll see who sells their children and those who buy them will have to face that there is a problem with their desires that needs to be addressed, this world is not the Playground of the Rich, they'll have to rethink that one out, because while they played, while we dwindled, lives were and are lost, children are abused, and Acuna Matata is just the way of the Rich and Powerful to say Fuck You All.

There is a lot of Matata to address, we have to start with a plan, we have one, it's called Equal Money, it covers the whole system change, it will stop wars, violence, famine, abuses and the exploitation of children.

Get involved, cast your vote, we can do better than this if we stand together for Change. Don't wait.

Equal Money website for a System Change

Desteni for the individual Change we need to break through our fears and support a System Change. Pedophiles can find support for self support here too. Stop the Mind as the Source of All Abuses.

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