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Day 340: The Common Law is Feudalism in Drags

Part of the problems we live in this world is that, of all the systems that surround us, we don't question nor how they came to be in existence nor their fairness, we accept that everything is just the way things are.

Many may have noticed, if they have a certain age, that 'The Law is Not Equal for everyone', and even that we seem to accept, it's 'normal' that rich people get away with murder and the ones that are not rich enough to pay for lawyers, that will deftly find the holes in the Laws, have to either pay up or go to jail.

Our Laws are full of holes, clearly holes that show how the Rich always had it sweeter, it must have been always this way since we accept a Legal system based on precedents, meaning on stuff that has already happened, that has been already ruled over where the Rich proved again and again find a way out, they will always be right in front of the Law and when they should by miss-take result wrong, they will Uplift Themselves Above It.

Have we even ever questioned the Law that governs over us and -in theory- over everybody?
Is the Law the instrument we use 'legally' to enforce Rights that were never Right, and is this why we call them Rights, so everyone in their own mind connects what are now 'enforced feudal traditions' to their own sense of righteousness thus forever preventing ourselves from questioning what we are the Subjects of?

And why is The Law written in a language that requires translators to decode it, how is everyone supposed to know what are Their Rights if they cannot even understand the Constitution of those Rights, where a Constitution exists?

The Law is never questioned by those in power, o-b-v-i-o-u-s-l-y because it protects them and what they now 'legally claim to be their own', the Law is the smokescreen which guarantees the Protection, The Protectorate of the Rich, so that no one can ever question the legitimacy of their 'ownership' in the first place.

1/3 of the world still functions according to the Common Law, we could say it's the 1/3 that counts, the 1/3 with the Money, with the Loot, the 1/3 that wrote the Laws to enforce against Commoners, to protect the Wealthy of the Commonwealth, which were left as Commons without the Wealth, all the other represented organization have their own Laws and Judiciary System, the Military has their own judiciary and Justice system, the OutLaws, they said F**k the Law and  settle their disputes with bullets or bombs, Judges - the other privileged ones are only subject to the Judiciary Court, the Rich are wayyy above the Law, so in fact the Law is just a nice way to call a system, a boundary designed to keep the Poor in their place, making sure they never question why they are poor and why they were not born with the same right to a Dignified Life as anyone else who has the Money to secure one for themselves.

what is The Common Law?

English common law emerged as an integral part of the transformation of England from a loose collection of what were essentially tribal chiefdoms or proto-states to a centrally governed civilization.
Over a 400-year period, from the eighth to the eleventh centuries, this cultural system of settling disputes through local custom became increasingly formalized as the hierarchical organization of Feudalism began to slowly replace the collective and egalitarian organization of the early tribal peoples in England, Wars between various tribal groups brought growing political consolidation and increasing individual ownership or land by powerful lords. 
As the once collectively owned tribal lands came under the private ownership and control of feudal lords, the responsibility of an individual to his kinsmen was replaced by the responsibility of a person to his lord. Where the collective responsibility of kin-groups had once served as the basis of dispute settlement, it now became the responsibility and the prerogative or feudal lords to see that justice was done.
As a means of consolidating power, feudal lords began requiring that dispute-- be submitted to a local "court" for settlement.
By the time of the Norman conquest- in 1066, England was organized into approximately eight large kingdoms, which were at best loosely knit collections of relatively independent feudal landholdings. The basic units of social and political organization were the counties and "hundred." The hundreds were subdivisions of counties, somewhat obscure in their origin but often privately owned and independently governed, it is estimated that at the time of the Conquest approximately half of all the hundreds were owned either by individual lords or by abbeys. 
The large number of hundreds owned by the church indicates the economic and political power of the Catholic Church, a situation that would bring it into direct conflict with a growing secular government in later years.
The hundreds courts were essentially meetings of important hundred residents at which all manner of local problems were discussed, among them the resolution of local disputes.
The right to hold court and to profit from it was the essential hallmark of a feudal ruler. 
Early feudal rulers required that compensatory damages be paid not to the offended party but to the lord of the hundred. The right of a lord to collect the profits resulting from the administration or Justice eventually became an essential force in the development of common law after the conquest.
In addition to the hundreds courts, feudal justice was also administered in the county courts held by the overlords of counties. These overlords could command attendance at their courts by the lords of the hundreds and other representatives. These early county courts prefigured the later bicameral (two-house) legislatures of England house of commons and house of the lords and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. It also established the relationship between the lower and higher courts in the U.S. Because the overlords of the counties were more powerful than lords of hundreds, it was possible for county courts to review and even overrule decisions rendered by lords in hundred courts, much the same way as higher courts now can overrule the decisions of the lower courts.
By 1066, England was halfway between tribalism and feudalism, between rule by custom and rule by state law.

The Norman Conquest
By virtue of having conquered England, William the First was able to proclaim that all land and land-based rights, including those of keeping court, were now vested in the king. 
Through this redistribution of land and the consolidation of all rights and relationships associated with land tenure under the crown, local courts eventually came under the administration of Norman rule,
Court keeping rights were still granted concerning land tenure, However, all courts had to he conducted in accordance with the king's interests, particularly his monetary interests. Thus, judicial decision-making was slowly being transformed into the function of an increasingly bureaucratic system of justice.
The king's interest in assuring a proper flow of justice-profits into the royal treasury brought about the institution of the eyre. Developed in the twelfth century as a powerful force for centralizing control over local courts, the eyre provided the structural basis for the development of a common law for England. It consisted of four itinerant judges representing the king who would periodically examine the activities of the county and hundred courts.
One of the focuses of this king's court was to enforce forfeiture laws. This concept stemmed from the feudal doctrine that a man's right to hold property was based upon a relationship of good faith between that man and his lord. The term felony originally meant an offense "so fundamental as to break the relationship between them and to cause the holding to be forfeited to the lord." It was the duty of the judges in Pyre to insure that the king received his portion of forfeited property resulting from any such offenses occurring in the various county and hundred jurisdictions. "Law and order on the national scale were first expressed in terms of revenue."
It was the decisions made by the judges in eyre concerning the common pleas brought before them that produced the body of legal precedent that became known as common law, that is, the rules of dispute settlement common to all England. As the itinerant judges in eyre, settled common-plea cases they established precedents to be followed in similar cases. Because common law was built on a case-by-case basis the terms "common law" and "case law" are sometimes used synonymously.
The development of English common law was not merely the institutionalization of traditional English customs. The rules of law established by the king's courts were often unprecedented. Thus, the common law of England was "the by-product of an administrative triumph: the way in which the government of England came to be centralized and specialized during the centuries after the conquest."
By seeking to eliminate variations in settlements arising from differences in local custom, '-the establishment of common law gave rise to a concept of justice the emphasized the uniform application of standardized laws and procedures. This concept was embodied in the doctrine of stare decisis that emphasized the importance of legal precedents established in previously settled cases.
Common law was primarily oriented not toward protecting individuals from ordinary threats to person and property -but toward maintaining social peace by regulating the economic arrangements characteristic of feudal land tenure and consolidating royal power under this system.

So, in summary, The Common Law is a set of customs and traditions who ended up in writing, not the tradition and customs of the People but of Kings, Lords, the Catholic Church, those that had power over the rest of Humanity, it's a set of rules based on precedents that dates all the way back to Feudalism and then was moved into Capitalism, which is Feudalism using Money vs Land, we have been screwed for over 1000 years - and it's all there, within the precedents, telling us how many times we have been screwed out of what belonged to All -in writing. The Common law is the evidence, the precedents will always prove that those with Power were Right, are Right, have Rights, while we forfeited all our rights for a Protectorate, because Fear drives us and is used to drive us and we would rather bend and break than stand up and ask that this World Be Rewritten to Cater to All and Not Just to Some.

Common Law - aka the offspring of Feudalism, you can believe in it or Begin Questioning Everything About This World because Something Is Not Right, starting with 1/3 of the world living below poverty line, with people dieing of famine, lack of sanitation, lack of access to proper medical care, education, a shelter, so what Is Lawful may just turn out to be Awful, yeah right, we have been had.

It's ime to question every single point in existence, because if the Lawful Law is just Awful, what about the rest?

Wake Up, no one has to live this way, consider Giving To All What You Would Like for Yourself, then we won't need to Die to go to Heaven. Heaven for All is Possible through a Change of Mind, we begin by supporting a Dignified Life for All, how about that?

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 339: Why the CommonWealth was Never the Common Good

To understand the power of the Empire, we have to look back into History and how acts of vile submission and violence ended up glorified into an Imperial Stance of Grandness vs an Obvious acknowledgement of Mere Abuse.

The first time the word CommonWealth was used was by Lord Rosbery during one of his trips to Australia

Does this fact of your being a nation … imply separation from the Empire? God forbid! There is no need for any nation, however great, leaving the Empire, because the Empire is a Commonwealth of Nations.

 Here is a brief portrait of Lord Rosbery, by one of his peers:

" He turned on his heel and walked away." The phrase sums up Lord Rosebery. He is always turning on his heel and walking away now from his friends, now from himself. He is as inconstant as the moon, unstable as water, whimsical as a butterfly. His path leads from nowhere to nowhere. He is like a man lost in the mist on the mountains and having no compass with which to guide his steps. He has all the gifts except the gift of being, able to apply them. Macaulay said of Byron that all the good fairies brought their offerings at his christening; but the one malignant fairy, uninvited, came and turned the gifts of the others to bitterness. And so with Lord Rosebery. He was endowed with all the elements of greatness; but the elements are not enough. They must be compounded into unity by that in-definable something, constant and purposeful, which we call character, and it is the quality of character which Lord Rosebery lacks. And lacking that he lacks all. His gifts are idle ornaments; his life a drama without a sequence and without a theme. 

Lord Rosbery had the gift of words and could see how to move both the Parliament and the masses as much as he was moved, from mood to mood, never stable, never seeking the Common Good of Mankind but just ways to shine in his Life and his career. He was a model of Self Interest and extended his Self Interest outside of himself, wanting to own the World but lacking the Character to make it Work for All.

So, he designed a word that was meant to Unite, not All, just those that were considering departing the Empire and thus The CommonWealth was the Empire's bribery in words, in empty promises, in the assurance that they would all benefit from their Protection aka Colonization and they needn't move away just because they had obtained the recognition of Nation-ship, the Empire never meant to grant Real Sovereignty to anyone, there was only one Sovereign, one alone to Reign Over and that was to be The Queen or The King of England, and so the Empire secured their place in the Minds of those who should have stood up for All, by promising a share of the Wealth for them, the CommonWealth.

And with accepting this promise of Lala Land the people of their protectorates/colonies accepted their Fate, an Ill Fate, that would extend into the decades and become ever more deceiving, transforming in-your-face Colonization of Land and people into more subtle forms of Ownership of People's Minds through Propaganda and a Debt System, where we ended up All Colonized to a Social and (Monetary) System designed to recreate the power of the Empire by means of Money vs the Means of Force, because it was cheaper, more profitable and it required way less effort, while meeting much less resistance, as we willingly made Money our God and the Sovereign of England, printed on many Currencies, the Power that runs our Minds -and the USA, their prolific offspring, the power that rules over EveryBody.

Welcome to the Commonwealth that was promised and never delivered, there was never in History an intent to design a world for the Common Good, We are the Common Goods ruled by the Common Law, a Law handed down to us by those that had gained their power illegally, immorally, through unspeakable acts of abuse, and so the Commoners, ended up with nothing, no rank, no title, no money, no rights, no choices, just the Hope, the great Bestseller of our Century, the Hope that they may one day eventually share in the CommonWealth and with that Hope in their hearts they willed themselves to be Subjects, waiting for a change that would never come, as the Plan was never Change, but the servitude of Men by the abdication of their Minds and themselves until they would sell out, and souled out we are -and screwed too, now a bunch of people own most of the resources of the World - and we basically have to suck it up.

The CommonWealth will come when All Lives will have the Same Value, as Life, until then there will be Injustice and Inequality, and the Lords will continue to lord it over us, because we said yes to the promise of the CommonWealth and the Hope that was given (it's Free!) vs what should have been given to All, A Dignified Life and a share in what this planet gives for everyone. Wake up!

Tomorrow a look at the Common Law that still rules over us to see how the Common Law is in fact a Cult, it's the tradition to lord it over others and how it became Dogma, command-ments, so that we may never question again, why and how we ended up with nothing while some enjoy the Lives of King on the shoulders of the rest of Humanity.

Stand for a World that works for All, Free Yourself, it's Time.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 338: The Birth of Liberal Empire and the Commonwealth

(Day 337 -walked privately)

As a new Heir is born into the Royal Family to ensure the continuation of Monarchy, I became curious at how our acceptance of Monarchy developed to where we are today.

It's hard to believe that no matter how many more educated or intelligent people there are in the world, we still accept a symbol of Absolute Inequality such as the Monarchy as valid, an institution which up-lifted itself above any Common Man, just by virtue of their Bloodline, a point that could be viewed both as a genetic/DNA claim or as the trail of blood they left behind to manage to secure their power over the rest of the Commoners.

Everyone who has studied history with some interests can trace back all 'bloodlines' to acts of savage violence, nothing was spared to make sure enough fear was driven into those that should accept their role as servants, as commoners and then, with time, the bloodlines tried to clean up their image, they became more 'user friendly', allowing the people to believe they had a share in their wealth, benefiting in the image and likeness of Royalty, up to believing that the Royal wealth was the Common Wealth, a spell that worked so effectively that some asked to be their subjects, and many are still glad to be Subject-ed to the Magic of Royal bedtime stories, this specifically in the case of the British Empire.

As I studied history I found this 'protective political behavior' traced back all the way to the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire, at the height of their rule, interestingly the time when countries asked to be part of their Protectorates, were always times when the Empires were at the top of their game and able to crush anyone who would try and go against them, hence Protectorates or 'Willing Enslavement Contracts' would be drafted between Empires and the countries who had been driven successfully to such a point of fear, that left them no choice but to ask for a protection they were willing to pay for.

Protectorates were in fact exactly the same as the Mafia models that came later, Mafia asked for a 'Protection Fee', funny because when we speak about the Mafia we always want to depict them as those that began the trend of abuse of their 'protection power' which could be translated in ' a fee to make sure you would not be conquered and destroyed', so the question should rise -if we found the Mafia behavior appalling just because it had become illegal, once those that used it had secured their thrones around the world and they made sure to write Laws to prevent the people from doing to them what they had done onto others-, was it Ok for Empires just because they managed to rewrite Their-Story, His-Story  as they pleased and as they wanted to be remembered?

Is our Education system been tampered with to tell us only about mutually profitable alliances between friendly states where the de facto subjugated state (or people) did so by their spontaneous and willing participation and in fact by their own desire and request? How was this ever believable?

So, for what concerns the British Empire, from tomorrow I will start researching its origins and how it spread, how it spread the idea and belief that Wealth could become Common, and how the Words that are used within the system are nothing but promptings for the sheeple to respond in kind, kindly, while they are beaten down and asked to surrender all their power to no longer be Unique Expressions of Life, Living Words that exist in and as What Is Best For All Life, but Commons, commonly abused over centuries and kept happy within the promise of a CommonWealth, that never in fact, came.

Royalty will end, it's time, start to walk your journey to Equality with a Living Income Guaranteed.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 335: The Joy and Freedom of Hating Desteni

I have been with Desteni for over 2 years now.

I used to be a heavy duty, unrepentant, Pot Smoker, Life didn't make any sense to me and I felt too inadequate to take on the world as myself and stand for what could be a world that works for all.

Before I met Desteni I wasn't even interested, come on, who would even think to try and change this world, aligning to the distortion of what we created is so much easier and, in many cases, even financially rewarding.

The people at Desteni helped me a lot when I joined the Forums, not because they are Self Perfected beings(...), but because they are working to become the kind of beings that care about others and all Life, this is why they spend much time working on themselves to uproot the Evil we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become, selfish little egotistical shits, that have no other interest but to have the upper hand on others, at any cost, even just by using our words to try and diminish what we perceive is a call to Self Responsibility for a Self responsible World, as our Creation.

It was only with the use of Desteni Tools that I was able to leave behind for good an addiction I could not sort out in over 25 years, and I have tried anything, from therapy, to Spirituality, positive thinking, Abraham Hicks, Matrix Energetics, Family Constellation, Detox, Hypnotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, sacred geometry, anything that exists I have personally investigated and positively failed to help me sort myself out, sure they must be bullshitters with a lucky strike to manage to provide just the right tools that did the trick, or could they be up to something?

I am currently at the Desteni Farm, where I have been hosted for free, simply because I did not have the money to contribute, but these weird people Here insist that every human is NOT to be seen as 'money making' potential but as a Life potential and must be supported to find it in them to stand for themselves and every other living being, as Equals. Crazy, mind-blowing shit. By the way I reserve my right to write a full Witness blog at the end of my stay - anyone who talks about anything should have done their leg work and put in the effort to go and find out if there is substance to people's claim, are we not otherwise brainwashed if as Truth Seekers we look only for 'The Truth we Like?', how convenient is that?

I even get to sit with the Inter-dimensional Portal every day, a little girl that speaks anything from biology to physics, able to explain in detail any paranormal phenomena that has ever existed, from Demons to Angels to Ghosts, any freaking thing -without a script, of course that should make us question this Reality, we could do that OR take up our little pens and keyboards and try and diminish what we can't even understand yet, THAT will save us from feeling belittled in all our Knowledgeable Minds by someone who is not fitting our ideas and opinions of what communication with the other side should look and be like - and then we insist on us being the intelligent species - compared to what? Forks? Which other species has shown the same disregard for life that we have shown just because we think and speak, yeah, the real high achievers of this existence, you just need to look around at what we created, something we must all be proud of.

Wouldn't you like a better world? If you do, you have to start to consider how can you be a part of it, a better world will not come by while some sit watching it unfold and then join in, no, this time we are required to stand together for a change; is this going to be easy?

Surely not, we'll have to wait for everyone to align to their Self Responsibility, plus we'll have to wait for some bigheads that do nothing but spread lies and misinformation about Desteni, just because they know they should be standing too, but they rather cash in on the controversial energy that surrounds us as a group, so they can get some views and publish some ads on their website (think we didn't notice?), some would do anything for money hei, even compromise their own chances to get the message about how to stop being Dick-s so we could be Life instead.

It 'feels good' to Hate Desteni, considering that the alternative is so much scarier, the idea that You are in fact as responsible for this world as anyone else and that it is time for You to stand as the Change You Want to See in This World and that we are accountable, each one of us, for everything we have ever participated in, inside and out, and there goes a real frightening thought, obviously Hating is just so much easier, though ammunition must be getting scarce  if some have to write 'overall blogs' vs the specific libelous ones, careful though, the hatred shows, there aren't enough clever words to line up to disguise it effectively, specifically when young girls are called 'cock teasers' just because they share their views on sexuality.
So, there is a Journey to Nothingness to walk, the tools are provided for free to return to yourself your Authority so you can Author and Authorize a different world from the one we live in, use your words wisely - we are already doing time on this planet, because it's time we get it that we have to find ways to coexist, and one day you will open your eyes to realize the world we live in is a world you are contributing to with your words and godforbid the day you will, you better find a place to go for support because the fall will be painful, I can testify to this from personal experience.

For those that claim to be intelligent, please consider that being in the business of hating Desteni is a luxury no one can really afford, because this time Money won't buy anyone their way out of here, we'll have to walk together a new path for a new world and there is never going to be Your Way out of this.

Desteni has written and is writing a Destiny for All Humankind, a Way Out, together we can stop all suffering and return Dignity to this world, you have the Choice to join and walk your change or not, but no Choice is Free, not even to those with plenty of Money, We are all Doing Time here, and will do all the Time required to Self Realize that either this World works for All or soon it won't work for anyone, because we can only be and live what we are willing to give and let others be, Jesus said that -and instead of living his words -we crucified him.

There is Only One Choice that ends All Consequences, and that is what is Best for All, which is not an opinion or an idea, it's a point each one can find within themselves if they care to look for it, the Cross is the Choice, you get off if you For-Give Life to yourself and All Equally or you can Not Be for-Give-ness and nail yourself to the Cross until you make the Right Choice, there was always Only One Choice - Dumb Human - we just kept missing it.

You can get it now or after some Time on The Cross, You Choose.  Happy CrossOvers ahead.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 332: The Lies of Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction

This is going to be a sore blog to write.
It's the story of how I went all the way with Law of Attraction, meaning checked its consistency, because I could at the time, I had plenty money in my pockets and no fear.

For years I had been listening to Abraham Hicks and his teachings, the point that everything had two sides that could be summed up into 'something' or 'the lack of it' was very clear to me, the world existed within a duality frame, Abraham said that The Secret was to just align with what we wanted, do not allow ourselves to focus on the lack of it but just on the object of our desire, and then wait to see how the universe would deliver to us everything we dreamed of - and more.

The theory sustained that the Universe had been keeping a tab of All Our Desires, and was always willing to deliver to everyone what they wanted, they just had to Ask -and it would be given.

As I write this I can see how the whole story is quite lame, with the situation we have in this world believing that the universe would give me 'a parking space' or the money for 'the dress I wanted' was just outlandish, at least in a Universe with any Morality, obviously the Universe would have to keep into account that first It should deliver the Necessities required by All, such as food, water, shelter, I mean, imagine that we were too greedy to put on hold our individual desires or focus on what others are lacking, that they need to survive, FIRST, wouldn't a benevolent Universe be Able to rearrange all requests by Priorities?

I don't know who is in charge of giving out Parking Spaces in Heaven, but wouldn't be logical that Heaven should reassign this 'Angel' to do something more relevant, like giving food to the dying kids in Asia or Africa - or were people in Heaven too specialized in tasks and unable to be redirected - like did they have The Angel of Parking Spaces and the F&B (food and beverage) Angel was so overwhelmed with work that he could not keep up?
How was this theory really working and WHY if we found that this was the way the world operated, didn't we go to Africa to show children that they had to stop focusing on their hunger, they should visualize a BigMac instead or a McMeal, why were we keeping The Secret to ourselves?

So as I said, with plenty money in my pocket I left my job and moved to Thailand where I had the whole day to realign my focus and see if this Law was really a Law of the Universe and committing to, once I had worked out all details, spread the good news - for free.

For months I listened and watched nothing else but Law of Attraction cds and videos, it made so much sense, the questions such as why there is suffering in the world where always cleverly redirected into 'some choose to experience life at the other end of polarity', but of course, why did I not think about it, because already the thinking about this made me feel so much better, silly me, for years I dwelled on the misery of Humanity when in fact it was a CHOICE, Great, I could now move on and stop the lifelong affliction with guilt and shame for the world we live in.

And THAT I did succesfully, so succesfully in fact that I would dodge beggars in the street, afraid that they may contaminate my Mind escrow of positive thinking stuff, because we had to guard our emotions as well, no negative emotions allowed, there was even a chart which would highlight both the emotions we were living and the required process to get out of them, according to the book Ask and It Is Given.

I had plenty of time, I did all the process mentioned, religiously, I could 'pivot' among my emotions riding rampages of appreciation until I would feel good, I mastered that process -and unfortunately shared it with others who suffered like me from anxiety or sadness or worse-, I lived a jet setter life style but the money kept reducing in my bank account, there was no ACTION taken to support the Lie of Energy as Emotions and I had to discover the hard way that NO ACTION means NO MONEY.

If you are still a Believer, take it all the way, prove your Faith in the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking to yourself, take No Action and watch your Money disappear, there is no way you are going to manifest Money out of thin air because MONEY requires physical movement, it requires participation in reality, unless you have truckloads of Money and then you make your Money work for you, but you see, again, somebody or something has got to work to get the Money!

Moral of my story, both Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction are Hoaxes, they just ride our desire to inflate our lives with unnecessary 'goods' while others live out al the 'bads', we should have realized it by ourselves, there is no way anyone in this world could have chosen some of the horrific lives that are taking place under our very eyes, if we believe it, is because we want to, it's because we look for excuses and justification to why we have it better than some, when you really look at it Positive Thinking is just Evil, it's the Selfish desire to feel good no matter what, in the face of a world where people suffer while we shut them out, come on, if The Secret were real, what would it have cost to the writers of the book to go and share it with those that are starving? Or don't we believe in the Infinite Resources of the Universe, isn't the Universe able to cater for All as long as we align with our desires?

No it's not, it seems pretty obvious with 1/3 of the world living below the Poverty Line, the Earth resources are Finite, what we're pulling out of one side of the equation means some have to go without it, think about it, the poor of this world can't be all pessimists or are they having negative emotions because they found out that this world is designed in a way that will never allow them to take part in it, no matter what, that they don't stand a chance to make it, or to even come to a stability that would allow them and their families to leave in peace?

You know what is The Secret? The Secret is that those that sell us bullshit, about how to make money doing nothing, are liars, and they need the ones who dumbly believe in their words so that They Can Make Money, there this is the Secret, and the why they don't tell us how they made Their Money, because they would have to tell us that they need the naives who will buy any lie they write to support their lifestyle, but they can't -because then we would have a negative emotion and they can't afford the luxury of a negative emotion that could make their house of cards crumble once and for all.

We are the Creators of this world, if we feel bad about it, if we feel shame, there may be reasons, we feel bad because this world is unjust, because many suffer, because we lost ourselves into Mind Games while Life goes unnoticed in the best cases or completely wiped out in the worst cases, so why don't we give up the feeling chart and put our hands on paper for a Human Rights Chart?

We have done it at the Equal Life Foundation, no one says you have to give it all up, but you have to start considering others who have not been born in our same conditions of privilege and start to share what we can while supporting a new system that will guarantee that Life is a Human Right for all, then being Happy may be real, until then we are just Great Pretenders, and the only charts we are on, is the top of the chart of  Human Indifference and Disconnection -and that makes us unworthy of the Life we are not busy guaranteeing to All Others - and then we want to believe in a Universe that would reward this as Benevolence, because we deserve it, because we managed to Feel Good through a Rampage of Appreciation of what we have and others can only dream about? 
Wow, what an achievement...
Time to Wake Up. Life is Waiting.

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Day 331: I am Not No-Thing, yet.

As a group we are walking a Journey to Nothingness that will last 7 years, that would be about the time it took to create ourselves in the first 7 years of our existence.

It is quite scary to realize that we are basically living out all our choices, ideas and beliefs starting as a misaligned system, we have been mis-in-formed about Life and now everything we do is  robotic, having automated the choices, beliefs and opinions of all those that came before us, no wonder this world is the kindergarden of idiocy, we repeat ad nauseam the same choices of our ancestors, history proves it, if only we could see between the lines -the 'head'lines- we are in fact successful regurgitators of lives lived before our own, at most we find new ways to fuck up, we have been quite consistent in that, as it shows from the world that resulted.

Today during a conversation with B. I realized Why we are walking to Nothingness; in a way I have been wondering why we were not in fact walking to Awareness as that would be my assumption of who and what we are, 'we are 'something', right?, but are we? What and who creates this Reality?

We do, not with our Minds though, if we could manifest instantaneously the world would probably be an even scarier place, the Mind instead uses the body, which is The Creator, to establish itself as Ego, and then it provides thoughts, they are not our thoughts until we engage them, until we feed them, until they become Us, we live out the thoughts of our memory banks, we have stored Memories in the body passed on by the generations that came before, either through DNA or direct imprinting, Science has proven that our Memories, our Ill-In-Formed lives, and those of the ones that came before, are stored in the body and those are the generators of thoughts as characters and personalities. That's the only awareness that exists within us so far, the one of our memories and they are set out to survive - no matter what.

What I had  not realized is that I do create my reality, just not as I thought I did, Faith doesn't create Reality, nor the thoughts I believe I can pick and choose from what I have designed myself as, I am the programmer, the writer of the whole story, of course this story is based on my memories, I am just not aware of the details of how I do it all, yet, because as I em-body the memories that become thoughts that mine the physical for energy (you did not think that thoughts could run without energy since everything in the macro world does, so what generates that energy - the physical, we are in fact everyday busy mining our bodies for energy to keep up all the crap with which we entertain ourselves in our Minds, talk about Abusers and we don't have to look very far), I BeCome them and I am not Here but up in and as The Mind, creating alternate realities between which I switch as Characters and Personalities, anything will do as long as I don't have to be Here where I may stop searching for Me -and then what?, quite a conundrum.

There is nothing original about us as systems, we better get that into our little heads, we are so predictable that they could create a GPS software that can tell you where you will be in 4 years time - that should blow your mind, but unfortunately it won't, you will have to dissect your mind by yourself, check out how you designed yourself and fix the broken system that we are living out in and as the World.

On the other hand, Here is everything that ever existed that exists and will ever exist, the only ones missing Here so far is Us, because we don't exist yet, there is a tragic and comic point to this Self Realization, which is that the Ego, which exists solely in Self Interest -check out your thoughts for confirmation and see if they don't just come up to suggest which moves to make, which words to speak, which attitude to show so we can win, be the best, have an advantage-, the Ego believes to be SomeThing, usually something Inflated that has no connection with Physical reality - we may believe in our Minds that we are innumerable things and then when Real Physical Life happens we fail to deliver into the Physical the SomeThing that we BeLieve we are, simply because we are not any of that, we are just  unsubstantiated claims about Ourselves, the Substance of Life which was the Gift we were born with was squandered, we wasted it to fuel our addiction to our imaginary life-styles and imaginary characters and personas.

Any 'awareness' we have at the moment is an outflow of the delusions of ourselves as our own creation, at the best at this stage I can only be aware of what I Think I am or BeLieve I am or Remember I am, and not even that in full, we see only the tip of the iceberg and everything that we think or believe to be was created within a faulty starting point, the point that we had to go and look for ourselves, which took us away from Here, and as I spent my resources, as the seed of Life, seeking and aggrandizing the idea of myself and did not grow into a Tree of Life -yet- but into a Tree of Good and Evil, living Duality as Me, always in conflict with myself, Life as Me as substance  was being con-sumed. 
I am the very Creator of Consumerism by default.

So far I am just a system, I must accept this and stop the fight to try and be SomeThing else, there is nothing wrong or bad about being a system, I am a system simply because I exist in relation to everything else I ever created a relationship with, this is why my existence after so many years on earth has become robotic -did anyone else notice this about themselves, how we keep repeating the same patterns, how we keep destroying ourselves one way or another -look at how we age, it's really nothing to be proud of, many have seen parents or grandparents age and die, didn't you notice how old people shrink and look like dry raisins...mmhh, why would that be?- as we try and prove that there is something more than Here that I must look for, that there must be something more than Me, because I am just, simply, not enough.

And how do I know I am not Enough? Well, I said so, sometime, somewhere, by saying that there should be more than Here and there should be More than Me - and Now, there it is.
What now? I have created it, I have to undo it, we start by stopping to return to No-Thing, it's best that way, there isn't much to save Here, if we return to a blank slate we can treasure what we have learnt, that in Separation without consideration for everything that exists as MySelf nothing works and we'll end up into Abuse. Of a heavy duty kind.

So we first have to walk back to Nothingness, No-Thing-ness and when we stop believing or desiring to be Somethingness or HighNess or Worthlessness or anything that we have used to justify why I was in fact incapable to stand up and embrace existence as me and change me as existence, at that point we'll have done 1 leg of the journey and from there, from No-Thing-ness we can rewrite who we are going to be, better get our Information right this time, so that we can all fly in the same direction, In-formation as Life, for Life, because any SomeThing that stands between ourselves and the Whole as Oneness in Equality, must go and in No-Thingness we may see that we were always Here, that there was  No-thing to look for, because only NoThing can move out of the confinements and definitions we cast on it as an evil spell, that resulted in our separation from each other and our abdication of Life for Energy/Money inward and outward.

So, let's make peace with it, we are not something, or somebody, there isn't anything waiting at the end of our Journey, Life is not there waiting for us, because we are Nothing and always were and unless we create ourselves as Life, we can never be Life or be Alive, we are the Author of this Journey, it will be quite a trip to return to the Nothingness that we were as we remove the shackles of our own The-finitions, our Endings, can we write Life, can we be Life, can we for-Give Life to ourselves and to All Existence as One? Because we can't have what we aren't willing to give to All, as Equals, to have/be Life for me All must have it, all relationships will have to be rewritten within the understanding of what Life is, Life is For-Giving everything to ourselves and All the Rest of Existence, Equally, starting from No-Thing-Ness.

There is a Journey to No-Thing-ness, anyone can join, unless you want to be Some-Thing, make Something out of yourself, prove that you are Some-Thing more than others, then you will never be No-Thing, you will be Some-thing else, just never Life, because Life is No-Thing, its Every-Thing -that is Best for All, got it?

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 330: Inflated Egos, Deflate Reality.

What came first, Capitalism or our Egos?

It must be our Egos, because without them we could have never conceived, nor would we have upheld a system where everything is designed and catered to allow us to feed and  inflate our  Self Image and the Idea of ourselves in Our Minds.

Think LifeStyles, you believe that you are the one wanting a specific lifestyle, but this is not true, millions of hours of work have gone into analyzing people and how they function so that specific lifestyle could be designed for them and then sold to them, there are even Lifestyles  designed for Unique people, Special People, UnlikeAnyoneElse People, Original People - you get the drift.
From the moment we are born there is someone selling to us the idea that bigger is better, this is how we end up Inflated, inflating ourselves because apparently what we are, who we are, is not good enough, ever.

One of my friend had a baby girl, they bought her Princess clothes from the moment she was born, little tiaras, magic wands, places in the best schools in the world, tuition for what she did not get in class, at 10 she would already throw tantrums when they did not fly business class and she would tell her friends that she was more than them, because her father told her that his convertible sport car was hers and she had just to wait to be 18, she could tell her friends she was more than them because of what she owned, her definition of herself was 'I am special' hence she would only be happy when 'special' was delivered to her.
Her parents smiled delighted when she would be more than others, until the day she told her mother that, in case of divorce she would stay with daddy, because 'he had a driver'.

By the age of 12 they took her to India, they took the luxury tour through it, even though India has a funny way to not allow anyone to not see its misery, its everywhere, it's so in your face that Hollywood decided to make a movie about it (The Millionaire) so we could inflate the point that SOME make it while in the background, all the horrors of the country are clearly shown -interestingly enough- as The Reason why this person finally Made It.

If you have not watched the movie, do, test for yourself how you can tune out from what is told there, that kids are stolen to be sent into begging, that they are blinded and maimed so that they will get more money than the next beggar because You will feel more compassion (or more guilt for having it so much better) and will give them more, sometimes it is their parents that will maim them to guarantee a future for them, don't shy away from this, that is what Love is in the face of Misery, that is the best kind of tuition they can give to their children, a place on the walking path, a chance to survive in this world -be the best beggar you can be - my son-.

When she came back from India and wrote about it, she wrote about all the beautiful colors, the lovely food they ate, the luxurious palaces she saw, and when her mother asked why she didn't write about the misery that haunted her for days, she replied that she simply did not want to. Simple as that.

Her Ego was already Big Enough to Delete The Physical Reality.

Of course this is not a fault of her own, her parents inflated her for their own Ego, at the time I was into Love and Light and Positive Thinking and told her that 'see, children naturally tend to float toward the good, it's us ruining them with asking them to focus on the negative, the bad', what a load of Crap.

It is because of Us that children are raised the way they are, it is because we pass on to them our own disease the 'I don't want to look' disease, least we may question our reality and our existence and see that we have a responsibility that we cannot shy away from.

Money is what we created and use to inflate ourselves, everything that caters to our Ego costs Money, all sorts of Egos are created in this world to sustain this system starting within the Family system, the ones that make it to the top are the Inflated Egos, they are the high flyers of this world, they call the Deflated Egos 'Poor Bastards' -and laugh. I once met a Fat Cat who used to refer to people that were below him in the food/money chain as 'Poor Bastards', it was his way to acknowledge them into reality and at the same time deflate them into a lesser position because of their lack of Money/Status/Position.

Any Ego is just an illusory creation, they are only the consequence of our upbringing and of our placement in the world, both are Equally damaging to Reality, the High Flyers because they have managed to get a hold of all resources or are in the process thereof, and the Deflated ones because they spend their lives seeking Inflation, so they may Fly High too, if not in Reality in their own Minds.

If we look at Spirituality, that would be the Free Ride for the Poor Bastards of this existence -not talking about the Poorest Bastards who are the only one confined into the lower realms of reality, from which they don't even have the choice to leave for a break, because their conditions of hunger, or worry, or fear for the future keep them tightly anchored into the Physical Reality-, through Spirituality we can inflate ourselves at no cost, we can make up Guides and Angels, we can say we talk to Jesus and be Special, all those Mind delusions come Free of Charge and we can get our High Flyer status and join-in into the Higher level of our Collective DeMentia.

We have a huge problem on this Planet, while Life is for Sale, we buy Lifestyles, we seem satisfied with thinking up better lives vs make better lives for ourselves and everyone, if we would be brave enough to look at reality for what it is, without inflating the good -and mostly imaginary- bits about it, we could come to a common solution, then instead of catering to the rich Monopoly Game of this  Planet we could support a system of Change for All, that would start with a BIG step, a Living Income Guaranteed, because Reality exists beyond our Inflation and beyond our desire to inflate it, and it ain't going anywhere either, We are the ones that will have to change it.

If we just opened our eyes we could see it in all its horror, but horror doesn't fly High, this is why we embrace our PeterPan-ish existences in which we rather inflate our Minds and Egos than realize that we are not the worthless humans we perceive we are in and as the Physical, we have just never been Here, it's a place to explore and become familiar with, then as we acclimatize to what Reality really is, stop judging it as 'negative and bad' but just look at what is, we can face the problems at hand and as Equals decide to Give to Each Others what we would like for ourselves, a Decent Life, free from Fear and Inflation.

It's possible, it starts with a Living Income Guaranteed, it will guarantee the Right to Life to All, then we can stop pretending to be more in fear of being not enough to make it in this world.

Join us, a better world is waiting for All, you are one of the missing pieces, Dear Poor Bastard.

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