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Day 254: Betting Everything You Are on the AfterLife? Bad Bad Bad Choice

What is Our Fascination with the AfterLife?
We assume the existence of an AfterLife we'll love, obviously because we are either hoping to have a chance to have a better Life there or because we want out of Here and need something to believe in that shows us that even if this life sucked and was hard to endure, there's Redemption to Life, there is an AfterChance we may strike better luck AFTER.
It's not all our fault, someone planted beliefs of Great AfterLives in our Minds since we were kids, we were taught to invalidate this One Life in favour of another One, I dare to add an Imaginary One because if it was not Imaginary, we would Share the AfterLife Vision with everyone else as The AfterLife Truth, instead at best we share a "Tunnel of Light Vision", if we take away the 'Light' we are left with 'a Tunnel Vision' which is what has led us to believe in the Great AfterLife Legends made up by those who have been Capitalizing on them so far, see the Catholics and other main religious groups, who cash in Money while selling out best seats in the AfterLife shows.

For those who were not willing to pay the AfterLife ticket price of the Main religious Groups there was a further departure from Reality, they moved away from the con-sented beliefs to make up their own, FOR FREE, how clever, pity they want to then sell them to others, just as they were taught and learned to do, without any common sense questioning.

When I was stuck in Spirituality - which is just a nice way to embrace Grace-Fool Power without Money or to validate the Abusing of Common Resources and Common Good pretending to be doing it for Higher Purposes, or just pretending to deserve it {while others apparently don't}- and was searching for a believable answer to Life After Death, I tried for fit many belief systems, most were lacking the basic requirement to be long lasting: reasonable explanations for the why we would be here in the first place in a Creation that has nothing even close to show for benevolence -however hard we try to justify it.

On one instance in San Francisco I took Salvia Divinorum of which I heard nothing about and smoked it in a joint, it was a legal sale in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury hence I didn't think I should read up about it, not even when everyone in the smoke shops giggled and elbowed each other as they sold it to me. I sat on the side of the bath tab and took a puff, in about 1 minute my arms became very long, so long I could not reach the sink to flick the ash, THAT worried me, not because of the visual effect, because my arm was now about 2 metres long not just visually but as a 'feeling' meaning I could feel the whole length of it, I looked around and saw the bathroom shower curtain with stripes looking very weird, I was experiencing Wonderland and myself as Alice when a hole opened up into the bathtub and on the other side my friends in Hong Kong were shouting to get off the side of the hole or I would drop into it. That did it for me. I went on my knees and crawled out of the bathroom, dragged myself onto the bed and typed 'Salvia Divinorum on my computer and low and behold, EVERYTHING I was experiencing was written there, including when my body disappeared from my consciousness, breath included and that was just marked as the last step of the Salvia hallucination and it was mighty scary.
The coolest thing about this experience was that EVERYONE had the same experience, I had it before reading about it, so I did not make it up in my Mind. 
Can I explain it in detail? Nope, apart from the point that I was clearly vividly hallucinating. 
If when my body disappeared from my perception I would have tried to kill myself, would I have died? OF COURSE, remember the Angel Dust and the people jumping from roofs? They believed they could fly, they believed it so much they jumped from roofs, THAT is Faith, and go figure, they ultimately couldn't.

We live in a Physical Reality, it's as physical as you can get it, it's solid, you can try and cast a spell to send yourself out of it and get lost for a few hours in your Mind and then poof, you get back here, those that believe they proved the existence of All those Dimensions through LSD or other Mind altering substances either landed back Here or died and guess what, it's all in the Title "MIND Altering Substances', you are just changing background, flying off in your Mind somewhere else, because We dislike Life Here, if we didn't we would stay, funny, instead we spend half of our lives trying to get off this planet, either through alcohol , drugs, anything we can use to Mind Alter our reality, never even considering the crazy idea to Physically changing the Physically Real Reality, so that we would not need to get away from it, escape it, deny it or project ourselves into the HereAfter, the Here would be enough, given the State of the World it would be plenty to do in fact, we would not have the time to fly off anywhere else but stick to what needs to be done to Right what we have done Wrong so far and there is a Wrong that is not polarity based, it's Wrong to let half of the World suffer as the consequence of an Abusive System we designed and then supported in place just because we busy ourselves with our Imagination vs facing Reality and our Self responsibility toward it and it's Wrong to find excuses about Why reality doesn't concern Us, just because we have the privilege to eat, have a roof over our head and comparatively comfortable lives to those that are born on the wrong side of Capitalism and the Right to Live.

When I returned from my trip I asked my friends in Hong Kong if they experienced popping through a bathtub in San Francisco in any way, shape or form, including maybe within their dream, it all seemed so Real (and one can never be too sure?), they said no, they even added 'you were tripping my friend'. 
And that I was.

And so is everyone else that is making up AfterLife stories, there are more than 3000 between Deities  Saints and Higher Power beings Beliefs in this world, do have a look at for a laugh, pity you'll find Your God there too, whatever the name, and no, changing the name to "Universe" doesn't make anyone Smarter, just one step more spiteful that they couldn't even share a God with billions of other beings, they had to have their own 'Creator" so they could get the AfterLife of their liking, usually those people will use pretend reasoning to explain their in-divide-ual beliefs, those include apparently commonly shared sentences such as 'As Above so below' -not equally understood though), I did when I was Spiritually-Possessed, and yet managed to never consider the context of such a sentence, because the below sucks pretty much, and the Above? "Well...I meant it in another way, I meant it My Way, was talking about my downstairs and upstairs neighbors, they are both such a**holes, and anyway I have a right to my Opinion."
Usually exchanges with Spiritual people end with 'look, I was where you are, I used to see all negative (=real), then I saw the Light and understood this is just an illusion, it's Maya, it's the Quantic soup, All is Well, really, you just need to change Your Thoughts'.
That didn't work for me, I followed positive thinking religiously for over 10 years, Reality never went away, if anything it has just gotten worse.
And this is again proof of how the world is upside down, because in fact I have been in the shoes of the Spiritual People, interestingly never able to define Spirituality in a way that made any sense not even to me, and then I had an awakening and how NOT cool it was to awaken let me share.

I woke up to the suffering of the world, to the truth of what we are doing by our participation in and as Polarity, to what it means that some get all the goodies and some all the hardship and how irrelevant and useless it was spending time on an AfterLife plan I could not share with anyone else because even if I did happen to have the White Tunnel Vision, I could trust it just as much as having my friends popping through a bathtub across the world to tell me to move over to avoid falling in the hole, it didn't happen, when I came back from hallucinating into my own imagination my arms were not 2 meters long either and my body was still there and looking back, isn't that Real Mercy in action?
That our body stands stable waiting for us to return to the driving seat after each one of our Flight into our Imagination? That it gives us a chance Breath by Breath to correct ourselves and what we made of this world through our separation and delusion that some lives are worth more than others, going all the way to attacking people who are saying 'please wake up -life is Here - rewind the program, the Good Happy Go Lucky AfterLife is a Hoax, check how and where you started believing it, you can undo it, do not trust Your Mind to tell you what is real and what is Not, isn't a good clue that You are the Only One having the experiences you talk about, unless you have imprinted yourselves with other people's experiences and then went out and believed you had them too, claiming the White Tunnel Vision as The Truth, honestly how freaking difficult is it to make up a white Light Tunnel in your Mind when you have read about it, watched it in movies joined the White Tunnel fun club through your curiosity first and then your I Magi-nation later, are you making Money through this story, can we come clean about it?"
What is it that is preventing you from seeing that those things that happen differently for everyone -bar the white tunnel- are all made up by our Minds, what is it that is making this world such a shit hole in Our Mind that we want to depart it at every chance we get and then -the obvious consequential question- wouldn't it be a sign of sanity to address this World Here to Change it into a World we want to be in, where everyone has access to a dignified Life at all times, from Birth to death, why is it so insane to propose a World that Works for All? Losing the White Tunnel for Good - no really - is the betting on the AfterLife what stands in the way of Living This Life HERE and working together to Change this World for All?

I wouldn't bet on the AfterLife, not in a million years would I bet everything I am on it, the chance of My Ideal AfterLife coming true is 1 in 7 billion, yes, that's right, those are the odds, because everyone else is wanting Their Ideal Afterlife after the White Tunnel ends and so we are having Afterlives competition, ah, this is it, As Above so Below, we didn't have enough to compete with a knife between our teeth for our Survival on Earth, we are taking the Game All the Way Up into the AfterLife, "I'll be So Cool when I am Dead, watch me, I'll be Damn-ed if I won't get What I want for Myself Alone"
And so You Shall.

Wake Up, there is One Life, Here, One Life we are sharing in Breath, stop the Afterlife Casino in Your Mind for your Chance at Life, After Life means you are Dead, yes, quite an obvious realization many seems to miss out on, Here is where you have a Life, a sure one 'til you Breathe, this is where Heaven must be created as Life for All Living Beings and it Will, your Only Choice is if You'll be part of it or apart from it.

Equal Money - Heaven on Earth for All
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