Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 247: Rich Pedophilia in Poor Countries - How to End it For Good


Everyday we read news about yet another case of children sexually abused in Poor Countries by Rich folks who seem to believe that with Money they can buy themselves impunity to play out their fantasies onto the real Physical World.
And it's working too, families who are too poor to get by are easily lured into selling out their children for sex with someone who offers 'to take care of them'.
The price paid for abusing children varies based on both demand and offer, yes because pedophilia is just another Free Market example of Life on sale, and therefore in countries with plenty of children and very poor people the required price to pay goes down.
We can't pretend to be horrified by this, because we have accepted Life as a commodity, Life is on sale everywhere, everything can be bought, everything has a price, we have put a price tag wherever we could and turned Money into a Karma Free Trade Zone, with enough Money, no one faces the Consequences of their Acts, so Pedophiles in Poor countries not only are not held accountable and helped to sort themselves out, but in fact manage to see themselves as Philanthropists, they are 'helping out' the Poor, they pay their bills, buy their food, enable them to live, and what do they ask for? 
They just want to have sex with their children, what's so bad about it? 
Isn't sex the best thing we can have -right after money- so what's wrong with introducing children to sex just a bit earlier, show them they can help their families out, turn them into little Heroes, sacrificed on the Altar of a World of Abuse that we keep going  because the benefits we get from what we can do with Money to those who have none are just too great to give them up.
The problem is that we have an Unequal system of distribution of Life giving resources, we have to pay for food, water, electricity, gas, health care, education, some have their right to live set in stone through the Money they have piled up and some do not, and are left exposed to Predators who want to buy them out, who want to buy their organs, their children, but not for good, just for sex until they are 'too grown up' to fit the fantasy, buy them out long enough to entertain themselves and breathe life into their sick fantasies in exchange for granting someone their -stolen- Right to Life.
The problem is specific to the Poor too, try and recall how many times you read the same news about Rich folks selling out their children to pedophiles, anyone can come up with a Beverly Hill's example - Park Avenue maybe? No, of course the problem is related to the living condition of the parents, we just prefer to not take notice of the 'living conditions' of some as the moving cause of this traffic and just blame it on the parents greed, yes, because these days wanting to live when you were not supposed to, when you were intended as a Karma Slave for the system is just not OK, you are greedy for wanting to Live, it's not this system that is Sick, it's the parents that sell their children out that are sick, this is how we keep the illusion of the System going, by telling each other that those are isolated cases of sick people, a 'good mother' would never sell out her children, a 'real mother' would prostitute herself but never her children.
But then again, this is a point of Demand and Offer, if the Mother is ugly and proven by a Life of Misery, no one will take her, she won't be Valuable Goods on the Sex Market or Organs market but her children might, they may still look fresh and not too consumed by Starvation and Misery, poor health care and lack of an education that would have taught them the value of themselves -not that we have any such education on this planet yet-, and since they are misinformed on wordly issues, they can't come up with the "right market price" for their children either based on how much the Pedophile would have to pay in His Own country IF he could even find a supply, they have to rely on the offers they receive, it's a Buyers market, because the Poor are not part of the Free Market economy, the FREE part is on those who have the Money to set the price for any goods they want and crave, and if that is Human Flesh, they'll get that too, at the best bargain price they can push on the Desperate Sellers.
And we have a new problem too, instead of seeking solutions for Pedophilia, that would go from helping people sort out their harmful fantasies for real and creating a system where Life is no longer on sale, we are seeking to Normalize Pedophilia, we have done this with the whole Judicial System, we kept writing Laws to normalize the World to how the Rich and Powerful wanted it for themselves, while we were too afraid to look into the System -as ourselves, as being in fact parts of the system at large- and its faults and come up with a Solution that would work for All.

Clearly if everyone would have access to Life as a Given, there wouldn't be this kind of trade, I have not talked to parents who sell their children out, but I have read quite a bit about it, and the motivation always comes down to Money, hence we say 'sell their children out' and not 'give them out as a present', the motives may differ, some parents were in need of life saving healthcare, some just could not manage to have a decent life, they were hungry, homeless, and ended up seeing the Rich Pedophile as their Only Solution instead of as a plain downright Abuser.

For what concerns Pedophiles, so far no one has been able to treat sex offenders and support them to sort themselves out and stop Abusing, many have just become caught up in mind fantasies they are unable to resolve, many of these fantasies are pushed through pornography, another Ruthless Industry that is Profit driven and doesn't care about the results of implanting images more and more shocking and bizarre  into someone's mind and how some will then just be left with  the uncontrollable desires to live them out, on top of the shame and guilt they have to live with.
Within an Equal Money System the Pornography Industry will cease to exist, it will be exposed for the Abusive industry that it is inside out, abusing women for profit first and then those who become addicted to porn and don't know where to turn for support, like Ted Bundy candidly explained in his interview, so both the cause will be removed and the consequence will be addressed through support vs either demonization or imprisonment both of which proved to Not Work.

For what concerns everyone's Role-playing in this World, We accepted our positioning in the World System without questioning it, the other day as I was watching a documentary on the Koch brothers on You Tube there was a comment that said 'Wow, a bunch of poor people crying about successful people being successful. How pathetic.'.
Well, the poor people exist by design, if you are born in a Predesigned Man Made Third Wold Country, you are bound to be a loser, and the guys 'who made it', did so on the shoulders of those who were designed to be losers, this in itself turns all our ideas of Success upside down, Success would then be the will to abuse no matter how far you have to take it or how many lives you have to steal or steal from.
Any one who made it, has made it with the contribution of all the parts of the system that was set up for him/her/they to make it, Factories without workers are empty buildings, Plantations without farmers are just a piece of land, service companies without employees would be just empty shells and yet we never saw the common sense that everything that is created and the deriving Profit, should be Equally Shared.

We are redesigning this System in Common Sense, in the consideration of the 'Self Evident truth that all Men were created Equal' as Dr. Martin Luther King said, we are working on a transition phase, in which we return Capitalism to its truest expression of Equal Opportunities, Equal Access to resources -as without that we can't claim Equal Opportunities not even when High on drugs-, Equal Value and Worth of the Life of All living Beings, Equal Self responsibility, Equal Accountability, from this System a New World will be born and the Abuses that are now possible will no longer exist.


If you are a parent, the rewards will be obvious to you, ridding the world of Child Predators would be every ones' duty, and it would be especially resonant to parents who spend their child's growing years in Fear that something BAD may happen when the children are away from their protection.

Another reward would be to know that we are Not closing our eyes on children being sexually assaulted in third world countries just because those children are not our own, just because 'better them than mine', or because we consider their lives Third Class and not Equally worthy or valuable to be addressed as the First World Lives, as that would define us as Evil and not the kind of Humans who should ask themselves why the world is in the state it is today and what can we do to change it.

And ultimately, the reward of standing for what is Right, it is Not Right to leave half of the world to struggle to live, to expose some to terrible choices just for their own survival, it could have been us, we were just luckier by a Birth Lottery, not by Karma, that's the excuse we use to not feel responsible and leave it all to a Higher Being to sort out, when by now it should be quite clear, no one has been interested in turning the tables of what's going on on Earth, and there are no Signs it will happen anytime soon either, it will have to be up to Us to stand for a Change and starting by stopping abuses on Children in every corner of the world would be quite a cool place to start, to make sure we do not keep writing over and over the same World of Abuses, but step out of our past Scripts to give to each other a chance at a New Life, a new World of Integrity where the Rights of All are Equally Honored and Respected and Life is the Only Value Equal and One for All.

Investigate Equal Money Capitalism, see yourself as part of the Solution, paste this sticker to say NO to Child Abuse, No to a World that sells out Life and the Future of Kids in countries that are too poor and voiceless to take this stand for themselves. Stand up for Life for All with Equal Money.

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  1. Number one problem is Capitalistic Economic System that puts Price on everything and everyone,especially in poor countries!Number two problem here is Imagination that is preprogrammed and because of numerous combinations can degenerate very easily and is supported by Porn Industry,as advertiser for such Sexual Fantasies!

    1. Yes Dragan, what you say is very true, Porn Industry though is still a problem of a Profit based system, we push pornography and any sort of image for profit because we understood that the brain releases drugs and people become addicted to porn and like all drugs will be seeking more and more shocking pictures for their 'drug releasing' value -watch 'Your Brain on Porn', so definitely Porn is part of the problem, but that won't stop until we address the Profit driven system within ourselves in self responsibility, hence men and women alike must consider giving up porn vs waiting for porn to no longer be available, and without as the Money system that must change into a system that honors Life, One and Equal for All.