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Day 244: Immigration - Only SuperHeroes and the Rich are Welcome

I have taken up teaching Italian to foreigners at one of our 'No School - Schools' Projects.

These projects are born outside of the curricula of the Ministry of Education because Immigrants are not Natives and as such they are not entitled to an Education, never mind a free one.

Yet, without them learning to speak Italian they won't be able to integrate in the system, obviously, that would be The Purpose, to Not have them integrate, because they are not Natives, they are Alter-Natives, people who just happened to be born somewhere else where incidentally they don't have enough to live or support their families.

We want to stress the 'incidentally' point, we insist it's an accident that Third World exists, they are just developing, longest incubation ever to take place, unseen anywhere in nature, they were developing when I was born and still busy at it, please read HOW did we manage to keep them there through History - international Trade Agreements are not Secret Service Documents and are available online, the terms of what we made them agree to -to make sure they would not develop and served us as Slaves- will make you weep.

So, back to the Alter-Natives, left with no alternatives but to migrate somewhere else, this is why they do it, who wants to leave their Homeland and often their families behind to move somewhere else, possibly somewhere where you are Not welcomed and you are even looked at as a thief of jobs and opportunities of the apparently "Entitled Natives", who believe their Birth gives them more Right to a chance to Life, sorry you were born on the wrong side of Capitalism, pray to God, accept your place, starve to death, you'll may be luckier in your next Life.

Amazingly we see some sense in this, we don't even consider how we too would move and migrate to try and Live if our chances for a Life were limited, but the point is that we are tightening the noose around the necks of everyone deliberately to ignite the flame of our Fear of Survival so we'll be kept in place and moved to hate our neighbors, solving on behalf of our governments the problem of support for the Alter-Natives, WE are the ones demanding that it shall not be given, no matter what this will cost them.

So we have now a network of schools that are self sustained and have sprung up in the most unlikely places to support this reality that is not going away, no matter how much we wish it away or pray for it to go away.

We use political parties headquarters in the evenings or social centers for a nominal fee, not even too nominal if you consider some classroom fetch up to 8000 euro a year and have to be paid through money raised by the community. There is no teaching material provided either, the results is that some 4 years after they start school, their Italian is still limping and broken and no matter how they look, we KNOW they are not Natives, it seems imperative to keep them separate in everything, from language to housing, to the point that we have ghettos that have spontaneously come to life while the municipalities look elsewhere, look at how to forbid the construction of another mosque to protect our rights to worship a Man who said that we should love each other and give to each other what we would like to receive, we forgot the teachings to hold on to the cross and we have fights about our Right to have One in each and every classroom, to scare the kids, to tell them that they'll be crucified for wanting Equality for All, while we fail to see the living cross where we put these people everyday through not giving access to them to 'our' society, we call them 'marginalized' a bit like our system, it seems it's "the system" that is doing all this ugly stuff to people and not ourselves, when in fact the System is nothing but the sum of All its Parts, and This System, We The System create centre places for the Rich with outer margins for the Poor and unwelcomed of our society.

On issues of Migration, Historically, we have liked to pick and choose, Americans are ALL Migrants -with an obvious short memory- in the land of the Natives the American Indians, who ended up confined into handkerchiefs of land and convinced to sell the rest of the Land, AS IF the land could be sold and bought, but that's another point of Capitalism we are too lost to even see, how can everyone's Land belong to anyone? Then we did in Australia, there the Aborigines were not even 'paid' for their land, they were just deleted through violence, rapes and alcohol, and what Genes to build a New World on. We skipped the 'Illegal Immigrants' labels because these countries were Colonized - aka Stolen, no wonder we make of Debates such a key point of our society, we have proved to be able to debate the un-debatable to be able to prove a point beyond any reasonable common sense and then we happily change history and history books and make movies about the New Official Acceptable Reality to portray, we put the Indian on horses after the 'scalp' of the white educated men -hihi- and scare the shit out of kids, showing them the Evilness of the Natives and how we moved in and saved the day, thankgodforthat.

We pick and choose WHO is a Welcome immigrant and who is not, when I lived in Hong Kong I was a welcomed immigrant, they gave me permanent residence after 7 years without batting an eyelid, Filipino helpers instead are Not, they can never be granted residence-ship, meaning never ever, no matter how long they lived there, even when they marry a Chinese -that has found now ways to capitalize on that too- so many years have to go by before she can have the permanent residence-ship card, we want the rich immigrants, not the poor ones, even when the poor ones are holding up a whole society, if the Filipino/Sri Lankans, Indonesian maids all walked out of Hong Kong together in their modest 5% of the population, Hong Kong would fall apart, they are the real structure of society and what holds it all together.

Instead, we let the Rich Immigrants in because we Hope they will bring wealth to the country, Gerard Depardieau may soon be an Immigrant in Russia, president Putin himself handed him a passport, it's a high profile case that may lure other disgruntled Rich who want to flee their new tax regime, that incidentally is proposed to try and avoid the French to become Migrants and the Poor to have a fairer share of the Big Pie some are choking on and would rather chocke on before they shared it.

Ah yes, and we like flying, crawling, burning and freezing Superheros, no one ever questioned Superman about his Green Card, he spoke the language, had enough Money to support himself and was after the Evil Ones, from Krypton you say, well, no one from Krypton needs a Green Card, K?

If we as the system pieces stood up for another kind of world, we wouldn't have any Migration at all, Migration is a phenomenon born out of Need, Migrants are Not tourists, they are not Here to learn about art or renaissance, they are here to Make a Living that we don't grant to each other unconditionally because we are too busy to make sure "I' get to live and that if you die, well, can you please die in Your Own Country, why do you come to My Country and then try and make me feel Guilty for how Your Life has turned out?

You should have worked harder, if you were not Lazy you would have built wealth for Yourself, this is the promise of Capitalism, everyone can make it, just work hard, you must want to become Rich, if you didn't, you did not want it hard enough, you didn't put your all into it, don't lie, if you did, you wouldn't be here.

Immigration is a slap in our faces as a society, when we talk to these people what we realize is that no one of our pre-conceived ideas about them are true, they are hard working individuals, they care for the same things we care for, they love their families, their children, want for them a batter life, come to school even after a slave day at work, or after having looked for work that nobody gives them because they can't even speak Italian properly, they want to contribute to society, they just don't get the 'fair' chance, we make sure about that, starting with locking them out of our language because God Forbid, if they started to talk and we discovered they are just as Human as we are, what would we do with our delusions about a fair system with Equal Opportunities? Shove it up?

Isn't it interesting that we can't close our eyes in the face of Immigration, they stand right on our path, in our streets, in the small shops they open catering to 'their own' while we moan and bitch about what they are stealing from us, a piece of our Right to Live because their BirthPlace said they were Not Entitled to it, couldn't they take the hint? Why do they insist on wanting to Live, don't they have some dignity to just die without bothering others while they do so, why do they wish us to watch them live those inferior lives, troublemakers that's what they are, I can't go anywhere now without seeing 'those people' everywhere, where is My freedom to Not Look? Bad bad mannered people.

We have One Planet, but not one Common Plan for All, if we did, everyone would get to enjoy their homeland, the security of a Life that is given to All and not catered just for some, they wouldn't have to take the lowest jobs that our rich societies have left for the minorities, milking their desire and need to do 'whatever it takes' to survive at 'whatever price'.

Within an Equal Money System Life will be given to All, Equally, Capitalism is being rewritten to have integrity, to create a society of willing participants and not slaves, then we won't have to move if not out of Choice, Need will stop being the Motivating Force of this unjust existence and countries all over will be First Class Countries and no where we will have Third World slums and squatters because Life will be honored above Profit and the Motive to Move the World will be wanting a world that works for everyone Equally vs the 'as long as it works for me' world that we created and turned into the Amazing Disgrace we can see wherever we dare to look.

If you see that Immigration is a problem of our accepted and allowed Abusive System of Self Interest and Greed that is created to make some More than Others and their Right to Life more than the Right to Life of Every Living Being, join Equal Money, spread the news, support the coming of a new system where the Life of All will be Equally honored and the Dis-Grace of the Poor Migrants will be addressed at the root cause of Migration, the Basic Human Right of the Right to Life for All.

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