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Day 251: Malnutrition for Rich and Poor - Problem, Solution, Reward.

I am just starting a course on 'Fundamentals of Human Nutrition' of the Open University program Coursera, offered by the University of Florida.

I have just watched the first 2 modules, but I am struck by what I read so much that I want to write about it to unfold a point about Malnutrition in the Current World.
We have courses about 'Fundamentals of Human Nutrition for Disease prevention', this means we understand that Poor Nutrition is a source of disease whichever way we look at it, we have the Poor Nutrition of the Rich countries, the McDonald's lifestyles and fake processed foods, and we have the Poor Nutrition of the Poor Countries, those that can only dream of McDonald shitty food as an alternative to starvation.
When I was a kid my mum told me how when the Russians entered the concentration camps in Germany and fed the hungry, they had many die of 'indigestion' as they had not calculated that a starving body cannot just be overfed all in one go to make up for the lack, starvation is a process of accumulation of skipped meals in the case of starvation or poor nutritional meals in the case of malnourishment, and cannot be reversed by a Rich Abundant-calories loaded meal, it will have to be walked in small steps to allow the body to become able again to manage all the metabolic functions, from digestion to assimilation through conversion of nutrients into discharge.

What prompted me to write was the point that it mentioned the fact that most nations are writing 'Nutritional Guidelines for their population, something that we suggest be done within a system of support such as Equal Money and has been contested just for the heck of it, just to put our foot down on our 'imaginary right' to what? The Right to Poor Nutrition to prove our "Freedom of Choice'? We are a still a demented spiteful lot so far, it's really time to grow up.

This point of Nutritional Guidelines shows another truth, that we do know that Food is Fundamental at the moment for the well being of human beings, and yet we have no qualms about turning Food into a commodity we play with for Profit or on the stock market, which will lead to some having access to it and some not, increasing the numbers of the ones that do not because making a stock/share profitable means -its value must go up, even if this will result in some who are already struggling to access this Vital resource to no longer be able to do so.

Malnutrition problem

For the Poor
The problem is self evident, having No Access to Food as a Vital resource leads to sure death through suffering. Malnutrition is a breeding ground for diseases, we Know this, so we do know too that leaving some to not be able to access Food means making them sick first until they die of hunger or of some hunger related diseases. The ones born in Man-Made-Poor-Countries live with Hunger as their Staple State, we send Food Aids, just so we don't have to look at the Why some countries are Poor and unable to access Food -or feel guilty and bad about it and own up to our collective responsibility-, reasons that include speculations done in Third World countries for Food Exports -see Plantation of Rich Countries in the Philippines for example or South America- or for speculative land grabbing through which First world countries secure farming lands for themselves to become the ones who decide what is best to cultivate for profit vs the rights of those that should be able to make decisions for themselves and the well being of their community, and here comes the example of turning food crops into bio fuel crops, just for the sake of a Profit Motive.

For the Rich:
the Guidelines for proper nutrition according to principle of Fundamentals of Human Nutrition should 
  1. determine nutritional needs
  2. prevent malnutrition
  3. prevent disease
  4. Inform the public for
If we take each point and dissect it we will see that due to the Economics System that is actually managing the World Systems, none of these things is in fact possible for the following reasons

  1. determine nutritional needs
  2. prevent malnutrition
  3. prevent disease
  • This would mean to establish what the body really needs to function at its best, of course this would throw out 99% of our industrial processed food. Food corporations wouldn't be able to survive if we addressed these 3 points within our processed food Industry, as that is not just mal-nourishment, but much it's bad for the body, we were not designed for the chemicals added in to prolong food shelf life -for commercial purposes-,  or the artificial colorings to make the food more appealing and whatever amount of salt or sugar is required to make the food more tasteful/addictive, they are simply empty if not harmful components of nutrition and this would then lead to Corporations having to adhere to what is in fact supportive for the body and either shut down or reinvent themselves into something that considers human beings not just as the clients/cattle they are aiming to capture for profit, but as living beings that need food for an optimum life experience and not just to fill the pockets of the few who very possibly would never even consider eating what they produce for the, intentionally, kept dumb masses.
    Incidentally in a trial in China this proved to be the fatal point leading to the death penalty of some food manufacturers who had added melamine to infants milk powder but 'for-got' to feed it to their own children, proving that the malpractice was deliberate and the consequences well known.
  1. Inform the public for
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Nutrient Content of Foods

    AH, this is another sticky point at the moment concerning nutrition in 'Rich First World' Countries, the labeling as Information.
  • The Centre for Science in the Public Interest has published a report called 'Food Labeling Chaos' highlighting some of the problems we face with disinformation about Food.
    Can we trust this report? Of course Not, a report that says that the FDA is trying its best to have Corporations align and provide truthful information to allow the public to make well informed choices - and in over 20 years has not 'successfully' managed to do so, must be as fake as the FDA, or maybe not, can we trust anything in this system when the Corporations that own the Food Industries, as in all Industries so far, are the ones funding basically all 'Independent researches' on the very issues that we seek to inform ourselves on to then regulate for the Public Best Interest?
    NO, but this report gives some pointers on what is wrong that won't be corrected until we in fact, change the system to one where all count Equally and can have a real say in regulations that affect the well beings of All


For the Poor:
The solution to Malnutrition will have to be approached from 2 sides, one will be the side of the Poor countries, to address that specific problem we must no longer accept the existence of Poverty and Famine as 'the way things are'.  Things are this way because we have accepted and allowed the consequences of our abusive collective World Systems to run amok unchecked and create Poverty and Famine in ever increasing numbers.
Poverty is Not Natural, it did not grow on trees, people expropriated from their land for profit didn't 'happen to them' like a natural disaster, someone actually sat down and planned economic/financial moves without considering the outflows of the consequences on All -let's put it this way because saying someone actually sat down, saw very well the consequences, decided that some were not worth anything and were disposable and proceeded at their best speed to implement what was thought out to maximize the wealth of some that are already 'Filthy Rich', would be just too disheartening and since the point is to just seek a solution we can stick to -from where we are - let's skip the finger pointing about whose self interest was 'the biggest an therefore who should have the biggest slice of Blame" - our very same self interest would have led us to the same place had we been 'lucky' enough to be born in their shoes - we were Socially Engineered for the Abuse and Exploitation of Each Other in the Name of a game of Survival, some just did it better, the Excess Capital in their hands allowed for a seat at the exclusive table of players who are designing World Systems to benefit just a few, but they would not have been able to do it without our complacent acceptance and allowance. We are the 99% of what is wrong in the world, the 1% just stands as the pinnacle of Abuse and Exploitation on top of a Mass of Fear-Full, Spineless Humans.
We have to take self responsibility for how this World turned out and stand as a Point of Change, finger pointing has taken us nowhere, violence and revolutions many of which were started when access to Food was denied to many -and we are approaching another of such times, Beware to not stand as part of the problem through believing in what has not worked in the past but to seek solutions that Unite us All for the Common Good to no longer play the Game of the Divided Dis-Empowered.
To solve the Poverty of Man-Made-Poor countries and the resulting Malnutrition once and for All, we have to redesign a system of Resource management that will include All Equally into the Equation of Life support, we are doing that with a new way to look at Capitalism, a way where the Capital of the World becomes Life, Equally shared by All, we don't have to reinvent the wheel, we have to acknowledge the existence of the wheel as the wheel of Life vs the wheel of Fortune we are now using to distribute the bounty of the Earth to just a few.

For the Rich countries.
Interestingly the solution is the same, the Poor starve due to no access to Food, the Rich -by comparison but still system cattle- are malnourished due to poor access to nutritious life-supporting food resulting from manufacturing and processing that is geared for Profit and not considering the priority of supporting Life and the Equal well being of All.
You can rest assured that the 1% is not eating what they manufacture and process for the rest of the World, they are not that dumb, how many obese have you counted among the Elite so  far? They have access to the best, the freshest, the organic, the non GMO that they know in some cases is not good for living beings consumption and this is superfine, because we can take their standard and apply it to All, what they have already found out is the best, most supportive food for the body can become the future guidelines for human nutrition -minus the delicacies that are just eaten to show a status of exceptional wealth and endanger the Animal World or are a source of unnecessary cruelty and Suffering-, we can recycle the ones who never did a day of work but only leeched on the shoulders of those born into an imaginary 'lesser position' into the Food Industry as Advisers, once they'll be eating what everyone will be eating we can be sure no one will be fucking with the World's food supply anymore.
To give to All what is their share of this Planet to benefit from, starting from Food and Nutrition, we need a new system where everyone is accountable and policy making is in the hands of the public, making politicians the executioners of the will of the people within the principle of  Life as Capital vs Money and What is best for All.


Building a World where everyone is supported to have access to the best possible nutrition is the Reward we will share Equally, there will be no starving people nor malnourished ones on both sides of the Inequality divide.
We will always have access to real reliable information about nutrition to support ourselves and our health, to prevent food related diseases and addictions, because food is one of the foundation of our Health and Health Care is a Human Right that will be given to All, for free.
We won't have to worry about Food anymore, we will be able to stop our underground researches and guessing about Food and Nutrition; once the Profit Motive will be removed from the Food Industry, the Truth of what is good for the Human Body can finally emerge, and on that we can Re-align our system of support, Prevention is the Best Cure, using Food as support to prevent diseases will reward us with a healthier society where many Food related illnesses will be defeated for good and Everyone will benefit from a longer life expectancy to finally enjoy this planet for Real in Equality and Oneness as The One Body of Human -finally-Kind.

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