Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 316: Patterns - Shall I Repeat Myself - or Not?

I have just read one of the amazing blogs in the Creation's Journey to Life series titled

Personal Choice and the Effect on One’s Life.

I am  dealing with a behavioural pattern relative to relationships, this time I kinda saw the pattern coming and I knew where it would take me because I have ridden this pattern many times before, the dead end is when I finally manage to harm another, at that moment I snap out. Way too late.

Did I stop myself before this time? NO, because I am used to the ride, because this is what I have defined Life and myself as, a series of unavoidable disasters for which I have braced throughout my life hoping that I would survive the impact when it would come, and at times, hoping that I wouldn't. 

Yesterday my mum came to visit me and talked about a pattern she is becoming aware of and we tried together to unravel it, the pattern was about being punishing, I asked if she could walk herself back to when it started and she said that she had memories of her grandma telling her to go away when she would ask for her forgiveness and of her mother one year purposely not calling for her birthday as a punishment, she said 'grandma was very punishing, you know' and I do, I just managed to stay out of her punishing streak way better than my mother by not doing or saying what she would do and say. Suppression starts at home, so does multiple personality disorder we all suffer from and the paranoia that arises from the stress of being in 'Character', always managing the chorus of voices in the head that are demanding, judging, scaring the living beejesus out of all those that listen. 

What I found interesting in this chat is that my mum had more memories of when it was done to her than of when she did it herself, for example with me, because I myself recall a birthday in which she told me she had found something she was sure I would have liked at the market but didn't buy it because she didn't feel like it, since I didn't deserve it. Those were my teenage years, when the flames of rebellion burnt high and mighty and parents felt the need to increase the crushing to make sure nothing was left of value of their children, just because they were raised in the same -appalling- way and never questioned the 'patterns' they themselves repeated.
SO, I myself took on board the same punishing personality, it manifests for me especially inside MEAN-ing-FULL relationships, where for some reason I believe anything goes and I should be forgiven everything I do or die trying, no matter the amount of harm I elicit to inflict.

Yes, because this was the point of the above Blog, how we in fact use a pattern to repeat ourselves and our mistakes and call them a 'habit of behavior' which is the outflow of a habit of thought which was generated by a memory that we accepted and allowed ourselves to live in our flesh and go on to clone, seeking closure, seeking ways to self affirm its right to exist and live as us until it solidifies into a whole personality network with thoughts and feelings of its own and then we are left as the spectators of lives we no longer can control, as the plethora of characters we created take over for the day, for the week, for a lifetime that goes while we are never Here participating and making the choices that would Matter, those that would depart us from what we have taken on board by dysfunctional people who themselves took it on through dysfunctional exchanges by other dysfunctional people and yet we come to believe that we are the minority, we sit in fear while we as our Minds have a field day in the front lines, a bit like what we do with the monetary/world system, where the 99% claims they can't find a solution to the problem of the world because the 1% is holding the wheel and there is nothing we can do. Hellooo?

One of my friend wrote about a kafkian character, a jailer, who used to carve the sins of the inmates on their flesh, so aren't we all kafkian jailers, aren't we the ones carving ours and other miss-takes into our flesh and then go and live them out, over and over, until we automate them and THEN we can finally say we have lost the response-ability to Change when in fact as in any operating system, it's just about rewriting the script we have lived by, meticulously and specifically, just as much as we did when we specified our reasons for why we were entitled and allowed to keep doing what we did and why we could not stop, when in fact we could.

This is a lesson I have learnt from my mum as she is eager to know everything and more about Desteni, pushing me to get organized for my trip to SA -get the passport, what are you waiting for, you are resisting this trip- and told me that she always followed me for solutions -hence get your ass to SA, lady!-, which brought on a truckload of guilt as my solution was to live ostrich like with my head well buried in the sand while I preached the doctrine of love and light and now I have not shared what I am learning in full because it's all too overwhelming at times and I am still finding my own footing in this new realizations of what we are and what we have done and the need, the burden to have to fix it all.

So, I told my mum the other day, 'imagine that we are an operating system', I usually choke on this words, the fall from what I believed to be to the realization of being possibly less than an operating system so far seems just too much to bear at times, I preferred it so much more when I believed I was divine, in the image and likeness of god and yes, that would make god as good of a psycopath as myself, but we were working on forgetting our sins together, both myself and God, until Desteni came around to say that nothing goes away until we realize how we did it and correct it into a solution, hard to believe in a world where we could delude ourselves about the point that there are no consequences we have to bear if we have enough money to escape them, isn't this the point of Money after all, the guarantee that if we pile up enough we can shift our responsibility onto others, we can 'buy' our way out of anything and so busy we became with that that we missed out on seeing that consequences don't go away, they are here to stay until we address them into a solution that works for all. Kansas just went bye bye.

My mum said 'wow, this is comforting', it's good to know we are just an operating system, then all the guilt and crap we can let it go and rewrite the script' - where were you woman when I struggled so much with this idea? Where all solutions have always been, right in front of our face, it's the fear of the consequences that prevents us from accessing solutions and I still have plenty, the fear of looking at what I did as a faulty operating system, I could have operated for what is best for all but I did not, it's not too late though because I breathe and I am here, I am the potential of a Life, can I rewrite myself into a fully functional living being? That is to be seen, but there would not be any other better test than have to design oneself into a part of the whole that considers the whole and self at the same time at all times, that would have been what a Creator of Life would have designed, are we Creators of Life or Supporters of Death?

We'll have to Live to answer this for ourselves, the stage is set, the props are in place, now the Author comes in, we have the Authority, the Authorship, we get the royalties for what we write, they are called con-sequences, can we keep conning ourselves into sequences of behavior of which we know the ending or shall we stop, get off this The-Mented ride, dust ourselves off and sit back at the drawing table, we didn't do well so far, the proof is in the pudding, in the world we live in, what we Authored and Authorized is not worthy of Creators of Life, let's redo it from scratch, we can do way better than this and so We Shall.

Continuining tomorrow to unravel how I created a life of Paranoia in relationships that I then went and called a Pattern, to justify why I was allowed to keep repeating it because I am not Alive yet but just A Lie seeking to justify the harm and abuse I participated in and no longer want to exist in and as.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 315: How many Human Rights Can You Afford?

Today I was pondering about this point.

It's not your everyday question even though it should be, the fact that we fail to notice that Human Rights are for sale and not everyone's right in fact - is disturbing.
Does this mean we are not all Humans?
It must, because we have silently accepted that there is more than 1 world, we divided the world in Classes and left the 3rd class citizens of this world travel through it in third class, the class where food is not available, nor water or health care or education, where electricity is something to be celebrated as 'creative' when managed through an empirical plastic bottle in the slums of the Philippines, incredibly, we made that 'other world' OK in our minds, we have succesfully normalized human aberrations.

To justify the extensive Inequality we face, we came to believe that we were lucky and they were not, or that some are being punished for previous lives in a Karmic galore of a kind never seen before, close to 3 billion people and rising live below the poverty line, that's a hell of a world we have if those who didn't even exist in previous lives given the population increase of the last 100 years are here to pay back a debt of some kind, a world of debtors with a few achievers who are apparently either being re-warded or should be rewarded, as into an insane asylum.

Both sides of this Inequality divide are delusional, but the biggest share of delusion must go to those that have embraced the Casino principle and and themselves as the lucky gamblers, affirming with passion that the Casino system we live in is a fair system that allows for all Equal Chances at striking big and retiring to live royally in some remote, pristine place in the world.
We like to entartain 'pristine' dreams in a world we have left to rot, we all want to get away from the rotting truth of what we have done and we do it by buying up more and more Human rights for ourselves to make sure we have the right buffer to give us the peace of mind we seek from the fear of slipping off the roulette table right into the slums at the bottom, we have to make sure to accumulate enough Human Rights to silence the Fear and to climb up, out of the gutter of the existence we have created and left for others to live.
This is why we then go out to celebrate and defend the Free Society of the Free World running on a Free Economy where we Fight for Freedom. Some days like today, I can't even bring myself to believe we are really this Dumb to believe the crap we defend but then I wonder if instead we know all too well what we are doing, why, and the lies we tell each other, so when is the lying going to end, when will we accept that consequences are here to stay and they can only be Righted if we stop what we have done so far that has only considered ME and not WE, disfunctional pieces of a whole that has gone Ballistic, moving under the force of Gravity Only - vs Whole-istic as Self Directing this world back into a place where the rights of all are recognized as indisputable and non negotiable .

If we had Human Rights, they would be Equal for All Humans on a Global scale, they are not called 'Geographical and Economical Human Rights' because that would ring a bell of Injustice and we don't want any bell ringing to signal that there is something that has gone terribly wrong with this world that we have overlooked and the RIGHTS we were supposed to give to each other have turned into WRONGS, we are the proud Creators of Human Wrongs, like the belief that we can call Right what is given to just some in exchange for Money, so HealthCare you can have it if you Buy it - or you have the "FREE choice" to stay sick, a Home you can have it if you Buy it - or you have the Free choice to stay Homeless, Justice you can have it ONLY if you buy it - or you have the Free Choice to Jail -in this lve Monopoly Game- where no matter if you are guilty or innocent you will be Equally housed and fed and asked to work to fatten up the big cats that have found ways to make money out of Human Misery and now Food and Water are becoming scarce, Scarcity is the tiled floor to the Human Rights Market, because, as we make all Human Rights Scarce, they increase in Value and more will want them and will be willing to do anything to buy their right to Live, Life is ON SALE, prepare Your Change to pay for it.

Human Rights have gone for sale because we bought into the idea that we had none and that we had to compete to grab some at the expense of others, so far, my Right to have more than others comes at the cost of some having less than me and we went wild with this idea, all the way to food and water, stealing from each other a little every day until we turned our loot into unchallengeable Empires that stand proud to affirm, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Some have More Rights than others, and instead of asking ourselves 'WHY', we praise those that made it all the way to the top, willing to forget how much abuse they agreed to, to get there in the hope to be shown the same leniency when our turn will -finally- come to abuse others and get up there, where Money is glorified and the lives of others go on sale to allow 'me' to step on their corpses as the ladder that I need to get High as a Kyte, to finally fly Free from the Fear that I may be among the ones that lose it all and have to face the Human Wrongs of this world.

We have to reconsider our World for All, starting with facing our shame for not even having noticed that anything that is not available to All is not a Right but an Abuse of others, I don't want to have the right to live when billions do not just because I was born in the First World, I want those Imaginary Economical Apharteid like lines erased, I want Human Dignity restored in this world and especially I don't want to support the idea that I have more rights than others because I am white, Italian, better off, taller, more educated than someone else, because I am all those things for not an ounce of merit of my own, I just won the Lottery in this Casino of a World and was born into the Right Side of Human Wrongs, but that doesn't make the Wrongs less wrongs or my Rights more Right.

Each one that is willing to change,  Each One that stands Up for Change to state 'Not in My Name' is a drop in a tide that will take momentum and become so big that it will wash away all the old and replace it with a New World that works for All.
We are not Anonymous nor Occupying anything, we are standing in our name, Occupying the Space/Time we live in to reclaim the world for All and not just for some, to redefine Human Rights into something that is a Given for All from Birth to death, Globally, and not something up for grabbing by some that can then set out their very own Human Rights Stock Exchange and trade them as Commodities.

If you believe Human Rights are for All Humans, Stand Up, make yourself count as One Vote for Change, as the drop of the tide that will wash away our Wrongs and turn us and the World into a Right Place/Heaven for All.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 314: TransGression - A System Design


Yesterday I went walking in a park nearby, a man on a bicycle was looking at me from across the brooklet designed to water the fields, he seemed pretty harmless and didn't catch my full attention until he made an unbelievable effort to come to where I was an approach me.

The first thing he said is that from afar he was not sure if I was a boy or a girl, this comment was annoying :) and not a cool opening, then he started to tell me that THAT park was weird and you could find Anything there, Gays, Lesbians, transvestites, men who came there to have sex with their wife or watch while their wife had sex with someone else, many, he said with a sigh, are now asking for money, good old times are gone for good.

To make clear that I was not there for any of the above mentioned activities I said that maybe I should reconsider my walking path, least someone mistook my exercise routine for something else, I was aware that I was reacting in fear as he painted this extravagant world for me to understand that 'Transgression' is now what everyone is looking for.

In my life I have been very transgressive, many of us believe that this is a way to make it out of a set of rules that we have not designed and that we didn't have the time or took the time to assess for their soundness and so we jump the gun and move to the other side of the rules, just for the heck of it, no one in this world has been supported to develop the ability to assess each and every situations to establish what would be the best for all parties involved vs the FUN of skipping and hopping through consequences.

As our chat progressed while we walked he said that there is much hypocrisy in this world and we cannot be asked by Pedo priests to do what they are not willing to do, basically he laid out the make up of transgression, a Belief that since there is always in the world someone doing Worse Than Me, I am OK, I am just transgressive, just a free spirit, I do no harm, all people involved in my transgression are up for it, looking for it, wanting it and hence, we are basically Right.
The point I made to reply to his question about WHY then if transgression is on the Increase we can't consider it The New Normality, was that Transgression is just a System Design, it's the overrun of designing more and more products to entertain the Mind, while unwilling to consider the consequences.
One instance is Porn, we are flooded with it, porn is everywhere, it's in advertisement, on the web, in magazine, movies, everyone now at every age has a chance to access it, and then we have to face what comes next, the carousel of pictures in our minds, the oversexualization of everything that moves, breathes, our inability to stop sexualizing each other's bodies and body parts, we have to realize that what we do and participate in has consequences, the system did, and it created TransGression, the Steam Valve to let out the excesses of mental friction and, as its own creation, it sanctioned it and promoted it as Fine and even further, as Positive.

So, next time we feel so cocky about being transgressive, it would be worth considering that not even that is our own creation, we did not evolve into those cocky abusers by chance or by our own will, we just took the bait, The MasterBait, and then run with it, investing time and money into what creates time and money for others who laugh all the way to the bank while looking at us crawling lower and lower in the gutters they designed as our pacifier and in which we willingly stepped into, as a way to escape our experience of ourselves in this world, as trapped and enslaved. Noone has ever reached Freedom through Transgression, but the delusion still stands strong and powerful - I am FREE, we shout from the gutters of the world for anyone who cares to hear us.

Fortunately, transgression as an escape is a dead end, those who have meddled with it know what follows after the transgression outings, mainly it's shame and self disgust as we are unable to hang on to the Transgressive Label for solace because the label is tiny, flimsy, without sub-stance if not the sub-stance of ourselves we invest in it, so, it's time to stop being transgressive aka assholes in disguise and return ourselves to some dignity, stand up from the gutters to see how and why we accepted such a sub-life, such misery and to realize we have been duped, yeah, that's right, we would have never thought about finding a positive label to our ab-normal behavior unless someone thought it for us and that we'll never find the dignity we crave by association with other undignified humans like us just because we believe we belong to the exclusive 'Club of Transgression', what is left, after the disillusion of the juicy goodness of transgression is to stand up, forgive ourselves for what we accepted and allowed and take the required steps to change, it's our Change that will Change the world and turn a world of Transferred Aggression into a world of peace and harmony for All as we leave behind our energetic/feel good addictions one at the time for What is Best for All.

Join us at Desteni, walk yourself out of the belief in the value of Transgression, the Transgression designed by this system to justify why we are allowed to do what we do, think what we think and say what we say, when in fact we know we are just abusers seeking to abuse, until we say STOP and move ourselves to Change.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that transgression is 'cool' just because it served as the lid to cover up how I perceived myself and the life I lived instead of seeing and realizing I was never OK with what I did and a label for it was never going to sort it out or sort myself out

When and as I see myself reacting in excitement/anticipation/desire to the word 'transgression', I stop, breathe, see realize and understand that this word has been purposefully loaded with a 'positive charge' so that I could embrace my perceived negative behavior and self judgement and find some solace within it and within this I no longer accept the positive charge of the word transgression but return it to its neutrality of what it really describes and stands for which is a behavior that crosses the line of first considering myself, others and the flowing consequences into the equation that I need to be clear about before I think, speak or act

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel devalued when the guy said 'I was not sure if you were a boy or a girl' because I have placed value on being 'a girl' and being mistaken for a boy triggers a perception of diminishment within me and within this for believing that I can be diminished by being taken/labelled as a boy or a girl

When and as I hear someone expressing themselves about me as to not being sure if I belong to the male or female gender, I stop, breathe, return myself to the physical, as I now see, realize and understand that I have associated this feeling of diminishment to a specific memory of being a kid and getting a short haircut after which I was mistaken for a boy and people laughed and in that moment I accepted and allowed myself to believe that being a woman mistaken for a male was ridiculous and as such demeaning/diminishing and that I no longer need to hold on to this memory and breathe to let it go once and for all

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel fear and excitement at the transgressive stories the man was telling and for judging myself as bad when I realized something in me was moving at the 'idea' of all the transgressive behavior consumed in that park instead of seeing and realizing I always judged transgression as bad and something to fear as I saw it could be used as an excuse for my behavior which would never require me to change and at the same time as exciting because the feeling of excitement belongs to the word transgression by design and within this I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to buy into the design of the word transgression as exciting, excitement, positive, something to aspire to to break free

When and as I see myself triggered by the word transgression, I stop, breathe, see, realize and understand that if I still have movement within me relative to this word there is something I still need to clear out regarding my perception of what 'being free' means and so I commit myself to dig into the dimensions of this word if such a movement should arise again, until I can stand stable in and as breath when hearing/reading/speaking the word 'Transgression'

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 313: MEAN-ing-FULL Relationships

OK, so facing this repetitive pattern specifically with men.
In the past when I had a relationship, began one or was about to, I would always look for signs about 'how a man made me feel' to evaluate if the relationship had potential.
In this I would accumulate proof generally to show myself that the man in question was not good enough because he did not do enough to make me feel good, would not call, send messages, say the right thing, give me the right importance.

I have seen myself walk into this pattern again and feeling resentment toward myself for not being able to stop but instead justifying why it was 'the right move' to check out all of the desired variables a man was meeting or not in my mental scale of disturbed values.

I say disturbed because I have noticed how I am able to delete perfectly good moments of sincere sharing and physical intimacy based on missed expectations and on that point alone how I start to build a whole case against someone, bringing in all of the reasons why it is ME not interested and not them and this accumulates in so much backchat that at the next change to talk or share a moment I am too resentful and spiteful to be in the moment to instead live the moment for what it is and not what 'it should be' according to my Mind.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be angry at myself for participating in this pattern even when I realized I was acting out a preprogrammed well known script that has never led to anything more than grief for all participants instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that I can choose to not participate when I see clearly what is going on because it is up to me to decide who I am in each moment of breath

When and as I see myself triggered into this pattern of wanting to accumulate evidence against someone to prove that they are not doing what they would be doing if they really cared, I stop, breathe, remind myself that it is me that must really care to stop my existence as self destructive and destructive patterns and breathe myself back here in and as the physical

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear the loss of any relationship I meet that I enjoy instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that when I participate in this fear of loss I will feel justified to start to build a case against someone so that I am the one not interested and as such hoping to be able to stop my 'fear of losing' because I am the one deciding I don't want the relationship and not the other part

When and as I see myself starting to fear losing something/someone I stop, breathe, see realize and understand that that what I really fear is the feel good moment I have participated in because I am aware that if I participate in 'feel good moments' I will have to face the 'feel bad moments' instead of bringing myself back here in and as breath and the moment I live which doesn't need to be energetically defined but just a moment like any other in which I participate in and as myself as breath

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not realize that my participation in this specific pattern of wanting to accumulate evidence of 'wrongdoings' based on unexpressed expectations that someone should mindread and comply to is insane and that I did not like this pattern when it was done onto me by my mother and my grandmother/grandfather as I was growing up where I ended up fearing every single word I said because I was never sure I could see all the dimension of a word and of a moment and how others could use it against me and as such, having been the recipient of such behavior I stand clear about not wanting to keep perpetrating this on others by looking at their words, actions or non actions on which I can superimpose meanings that are just my MEANings and then blame them for what I have interpreted vs what they really did or not do as I now see, realize and understand that I am just replaying a behavior I never wanted to question because I feared questioning the sanity of my actions and mental processes in fear that I would have to admit that I did turn out just like my mother, even though this was the last thing I wanted to do

When and as I see myself starting to accumulate imaginary evidence of others' wrongdoings, according to what I have accepted and allowed myself to define as 'wrong/uncaring' I stop, breathe, remind myself that I have seen, realized and understood that this behavior is based on self created definition of me as the mind and not what is best for me within what is best for all and I stop participating in and as my mind, forgive myself and move on

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when an expectation I have created in my mind goes unattended, to accept and allow myself to become spiteful and think how can I get back to the other person so they too may feel let down as much as I do and within this for finding always new and creative ways to try and disguise the fact that this is what I am really doing when I think 'I won't call now until...' or 'I won't send a good night message' 'I won't call him/her anymore', so they will pick up how utterly disappointed I am at them, just like my mother used to do to me, instead I stop planning and plotting my imaginary 'lighthearted' revenges as I see, realize and understand this is all my own doing, I am the one who has built up the expectations and then I am the one who has believed in the perception of being let down and then I am the one who is designing the 'proper revenge' when there is just the need to dismantle my first starting point, the expectations, so there is nothing to imagine to be let down about and I won't drive myself through the whole pattern as a copycat of what I went through as I grew up

When and as I see myself wanting to take an action or a non action based on a desired retaliation for what I perceive someone else has done/not done to me, I stop, breathe, do not accept myself to participate in this pattern of revenge and retaliation no matter what excuse I see myself come up with to justify why it is not revenge or retaliation but just ............ and bring myself back here through breathing until I am no longer possessed by thoughts, feelings and emotions before I take any action including a non action.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to desire specific relationships that have to manifest in a specific way according to my own specified good or bad signs/omens as I see realize and understand that I was never specific as I believed myself to be, but just brainwashed into believing that 'those' were signs of things that were funtioning properly that I piled up from movies, books, dramas and have nothing to do with reality and real relationships in the physical of which I still know nothing about and that I have to give myself a chance to live and learn to self express beyond the limitations of my own accumulated knowledge and information

When and as I see myself looking for signs in a relationship that things are working out according to my preprogrammed list of 'good signs', I stop, breathe, remind myself that I have never had a successful relationship no matter how many good signs/omens I have found to follow and as such 'good signs' cannot be what I base my decisions for a relationship on and I will have to explore instead what is really supportive in a relationship with another human being and that can only happen if I do not allow myself to limit myself by 'signs/omens' but investigate by digging into the reasons, the motives, my starting point for everything I do beyond my comfort zone, until I clear myself enough to be able to assess what and if a relationship can bring to the table that can benefit me and all the party involved and be willing to let go if the points of support for both are not yet in place, until I design myself as a point of support and a point of self support that can stand equally stable alone or within a relationship.

I commit myself to unravel what I have created and defined as 'good relationships' so I can stop existing as a clone to what others walked before me and defined and then I took on as 'the truth' as I see realize and understand this is only my self defined, accepted and allowed truth with no foundation in the physical reality and I can let go what doesn't serve what is best for me within what is best for all to stop existing as a pattern of limiting beliefs, ideas and definitions that I then have to live out instead of learning how to self express Here stable in every moment of breath.

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Day 312: Unemployment where Life costs Money is a Crime against Humanity

Women’s March on Versailles, 5-6 october 1789....

Yesterday 100.000 people walked through Rome in protest of the Austerity measures that are running the country to its knees.
We are close to 70 million, so the well meaning gathering was a drop in the ocean of those that got together under the banner of the few Unions with less and less power that keep believing protesting will somehow 'show them' that people can't take it anymore. WRONG.
People have been marching since I was a kid, not that we remember of course because we dress up each new march with a sense of finality, of 'this is IT', when in fact that is not IT at all, it's just another exercise in futility to allow an outlet for the rising anger of the crowds and as such we could say even welcomed by those that remember better than we do what happens at the top when people go hungry for too long.

Every time we hear news of protests or manifestations to push an agenda we have to remember that for events that are so far more popular than a better life for all and human rights, people have moved 'en mass', one (disheartening) example is the soccer championship, where without pushing or promtping, last year people gathered in the millions in the streets to watch the semifinal and hopefully share a moment of glory before returning to their hopeless lives.

But talk Politics and our brains switch off, everything becomes too big, too unattainable, too complicated to even consider, this is why we have movements who preach to NOT go the political way with many followers, we like the path of 'Not Doing', we want to Zen-ify Change in place, no one knows how of course but this is the beauty of it, we have joined to say how we won't do it, we won't go political, no no, we want to be different, we want politics to change before we enter it and consider taking part in the political decision-making arena, so, HOW do we envision a change that we don't want to bring to the 'Change Table' such as Parliament?

Possibly this is how the French revolution came about, we reach the point of 'that's it', stuck into our own belief into our powerlesness and then we see our best solution as 'knock them dead', that's quite final we must agree, but history has proved that there is plenty ones moving just behind those in power ready to step in, so why don't WE?
Why don't WE get ready to enter politics and vote out what is not serving All, replacing it with a new program that supports a dignified Life for All, why do we believe in pipe dreams and promises of a citizenship grant, when those who should be granting it would rather shoot themselves in a foot than see what they have carefully crafted into a world of slaves come crumbling down?

We have to really start to understand what is going on, Debt is not about Money, those we owe to don't need our pitiful pennies to add to their unthinkable wealth, it is about creating willing slaves, those that count the slaves in the millions are out of touch with reality, the slaves are in the billions, they/we are the billions with limited choices who stand in line to do what is required of them/us to access 'more choices' for just themselves/ourselves and this is the point where we all get to lose.

Each one standing just for themselves is just 1, and there is no power of 1, unless the power is +1 as the sum of all the 1 who now count in the single digits of this world and can only acquire value if and when they come together.

Quite ironically the only way to get out of the mess we are in and start benefiting from what the world is ready to give to all in terms of production and infrastructure (albeit not yet in will), is to start considering the interests of All as My Interests and work to see that All get what is best, because in so doing, 'I' will get what is best as part of the All (Whole).

Three days ago a man walked into a bar and shot his employer and his son for having been threatened about losing his job, a little French revolution has already started, we see shooting politicians or employers as The Solution to what we perceive as an abuse to which we no longer feel able to comply, but how is this a solution?
Just practically, even if you shoot one here and there, the system is not going to change, on the contrary, it will find ways to strenghten its resolve to make abuse more legal and to protect its interests in a more weaponized way (see the Patriot Act), each move one makes in isolation based on its fears to not make it, is an ammunition the system uses to shoot back en masse, it's a bit like in gym class at school, one fails and all have to do squats and rest assured, any single, individual attempt to square the books is going to fail because it is not The Solution and we have no further space for squatting, we have squatted ourselves into the ground.

The Solution is to come together, decide what are the Human Rights we want to see in place in this world, what we believe should be granted to all and as such to 'Me', to We, The People, and then walk the required steps to bring about this change, it won't come by magic or bullets but by association, by getting together overcoming  every single reason we see as  a good reason not to, and that will have to include culture, religion, politics, soccer, anything we have placed a value on and that now stands as a point that separates us from others will have to go.

100000 marching in Rome with the situation we have is a joke, Youth unemployement is at 38% and rising - Hell-o,  those marches are the circus for the Union Believers, coming soon we'll have the circus for the other Unions' Disciples, those that could not even agree in principle that having jobless people in a system where life is based on money and labor is in fact a CRIME against humanity and that we have to change what we have tied Life into, because it ain't working, and people who die because we as a system failed to provide solutions to granting to all their right to Live, to Life is a crime against Humanity and as such no longer to be discussed as an economical reform but as a Human Right reform, where we decide -because imagine, we are still debating THIS- that there can be No Value without Life and as such Life is The Value, The Capital that must be uphold and protected and honored for All beyond any other mental delusions such as Money which became the Ruler of this world with our silent acceptance and allowance.

Stand to count as +1, we are a peaceful group that is offering a virtual venue to +1 the world, be part of it, make your one digit self and life count by coming together for a Solution for Life and all living beings.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 311: New World Order? Les Miserables.

Arrival of immigrants in the sea of Lampedusa,...
Arrival of immigrants in the sea of Lampedusa, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today a lady came to visit me and sat down for a chat. She meant to warn me that a thief had broken in yet another apartment in our building but he was caught on the act and fled like a circus acrobat from the roof of the garage.

In 2 years there have been 5 break-ins within this and the next building which are connected by the bottom floor drive way into the car park.
These buildings are targeted because they stand out in the misery of the surrounding area and no matter how rocambolesque the thefts are becoming, they will not stop for sure. There is no point in informing those that are struggling around here, that the good old times are long gone and many are now living on their miserable pensions and barely making it to pay the monthly managements expenses.

The lady viced as well the opinion of many Italians, never more appropriatly than now when I have, on the other side of the fence, made friends with some people who have actually come here on the famous boats from North Africa, looking for a chance at a better Life.

The shared consensus is that we should not allow the boats to berth, this even in the face of the maritime Law that says it is compulsory to offer help at sea to any boat in trouble, and I cannot imagine any boat more in  trouble than one full of poor thirsty and hungry people that travelled for days holding their pee and poo and their breath as they dreamt to reach 'The Promised Land' of Europe.

The reasons why we love to hate them are economical, we fear losing our standing which is already extremely precarious in an ever deteriorating society that offers less and less protection and hence, anything that we can identify as the cause, as the reason why we are getting worse will get our attention and wrath.
This is how we have developed urban legends about immigrants and how they like to steal in church or inside apartments like the ones where we live.
Other Urban Legends speak of those monsters who threaten women and are a danger to society and highlight their ethnicity and religion, we don't want to read the statistics that say that the majority of those crimes are committed by Italians and that specific forms of violence such as rape are committed by Italians too with a minority of crimes  ascribable to immigrants who are moving dangerously in a Mind Field of emotions and suppression that explode into the fantasies that are encouraged by our national television, our media and the way we live.
It's easier to blame the stranger and the outsider than to look at what the fuck are we doing and what kind of society are we raising that we justify standing to send back the boats of migrants so that we don't have to live in fear that our very little possessions are going to become even less, that our few privileges are going to vanish in the face of the increasing dis-ease from which no one is exempted.

And we don't notice that yes, the world was safer a few years ago, but not because of migrants, because there was less desperation, because people were not driven by hunger to leave their country looking for the 'European Dream', we were still allowed the chance to comfort ourselves in our own country's dreams, hoping to grow, get out of the black tunnel, have access to some wealth, have another renaissance.

Regardless of what we like to believe many of those migrants are university graduates that don't come with any desire to harm and that they themselves had been fooled into the dream and it would be educational for us to understand what kind of depression overtook them when they finally landed here, when the dream bubble burst open to reveal a life ahead of them of no documents, no job, only finding openings to be exploited over and over and warned to shut up because they were 'illegals' and Abuse is the name of the game they unknowingly entered -but I couldn't because the belief went too deep and I saw it was no fault of her own that she believed what she believed, it's our brainwashing, it's the idea that we are worth more because we need less and I didn't as well because just last night I was told that for a poor man a relationship is like a bank, no one wants to give you one until you have one, a relationship with your own status, a home, some money, Italian women don't want to take on a man that has nothing to give, they will when he has a house and then he will be allowed to leave it behind and move in with them, he has to build up his worth first, his value, and I heard the truth of what he said of our individual banking systems and loans and credit rates and interests, $kaching$ -and then we have the guts to say that this world doesn't run on Money, that Money is not our God, that we have bigger and better 'I'deals, when in fact we live and breathe Money and in so doing, we keep alive the system as it is to the detriment of all that exists.

This system is designed to implode, what many do not consider is that it will implode from the bottom up, those that designed it created many buffers to the Olympus to make sure they would be the last to go and it will have no reserves into turning every lowest layer into Misery and watch it turn on itself, as we don't see, we are blinded by our own self interest into protecting our little nests in the face of a Humanitarian Holocaust that we justify because we can, because we see sense in pushing back, in telling the ones who found themselves lower than us to not even try to come up for air, just die please, die at sea, not on my land, not on my watch, away from my Praying/Preying eyes as I vow to pledge to MY God for your life, just don't ask me to help you, or share what I have, I have earned what I have and if you lost what you had, tought luck, pick a better God next time, try the Money God, it worked for me.

We are moving toward the failsafe of the system, toward the wars of the miserables, there is nothing to be proud about, in fact, everything we do to justify our hatred is just one step lower on the ladder of our Humanity toward which we move in Fear, failing to see the Solution of which we could be a part, for All, as One, for a World that is uplifted from Misery for All Equally.

The Equal Life Foundation has rewritten the Bill of Rights, to grant to all what we never had, the freedom to embrace each other as brothers as we give to All what we would like to have, a life free from poverty and fear, we are not dreamers, those dreaming are the ones that believe we can pretend that we are right and that there is sense in pushing back vs pushing upward together, we are locked into a nightmarish creation that is moving up and will reach those that could not hear the call to give, until they do and we will give to each other the right to Live for All by pushing to overcome the pettiness of our existences of separation hoping to be more than those who have nowhere less to go.

Equal Money, stand up, a solution is waiting for all of us to see it, real-ize it and embrace it, it's so simple we'll wonder why we did not see it before. Join us. 

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