Thursday, January 10, 2013

Equal Money: We want the Best Life for YOU. Do You?

It's violent, vicious, seemingly secret and it takes No prisoners.

We are having wars on multiple levels of our being-ness, we may be aware of our inner wars, the ones we keep secret while we pretend everything is fine, that we are doing OK and life is just what is supposed to be, cool and rewarding.

But looking within with some integrity we can see how this is not so and as such it should come as no surprise that the war that is going on outside would be of the same nature, nasty and secret and above all, plainly neglected.

We are waging an economic war on each other, some have piled up all resources and now they charge the others the Right to Live, the story of how we got here is long and a bit complicated, but not too complicated to see that through the centuries everything we tried has failed, revolutions -failed- insurgences-failed- uprising -failed, change of government -failed, only now we can see some light in some demonized south American countries, where real Leaders have stood up for the poor and forgotten, and for a system change that will consider All and not just some. But so far, leaders as such have been few and far stretched in time, many that wanted a system change that was too radical for the system to condone have been disposed, hence a global movement is required to bring about a lasting change, it requires all of us to come together beyond our pettiness and beliefs of 'me' to join as WE, as force that can't be discounted, shut down or pushed back into the little insignificant lives we have accepted and allowed ourselves to agree to.

We live in a system that doesn't care for Life, that's right, it very possibly doesn't care about YOUR Life either, we want to change that, we want to create a platform for Life to flourish, to put an end to wars and violence, to restore each one's dignity and self respect. This will be the outer platform, there will be support for all to challenge their inner wars too because the system we see outside it's the sum of its parts and each part will have to find peace for peace to be in the world but we have not given up on YOU, we understand some can't hear the whole lot yet, we just wonder if You can, if You had enough already or if you need to be bashed and trashed around some more by this system before You stand up and say 'Enough'.

So, let us explain HOW you can step into this Best Life for You which is not yet available to All but it may soon, with Your support.
We are drafting a Unique-Never-heard-Of before system to manage the Planet, it is Life based, not Money/Profit based and it's currently in the phase 2 of its development, the drafting of the Transition Phase, laying out a blueprint of HOW we can move from where we are to where we want to be.

Our knowledgeable Economists and Lawyers are working hard to realign the current system to something that works for All, where private property will be everyone's Right and not a pipe dream for most, where healthcare and education will be a freely given human right, where debt will be deleted -the imaginary debt created on the Imaginary Money system we have subscribed to-, where access to resources will be available to all, everyone will be fed, housed and their needs will be met as an act of agreement of the principle of 'giving to all what we would like to receive for ourselves',  where a job will be a human right for all, not as slaves, but as willing participants in the production and distribution system of the world we live in, where Money will be given to All as a mean to access the system of Life support, until we untie Life forever from the clutches of Money as what has become.
Wherever you are from, you would be surprised to learn that someone from your very own country has already joined our project, currently we have people from all corners of the world busy translating all the material to promote this new system of people's governance, the direct democracy that we have always dreamed of and have only been deluded with so far.

They are people just like you, who have families, children they worry about, who would like to build a better future for All and that very possibly share your same goals, a life without the all consuming fears of the future, the fear that we may not make it to the end of the month, without the need to compete with others, without the winner takes it all approach to life as that has turned us all into Losers, that our homes will be taken away, our rights -the few left-, our very right to exist.
Wherever we come from we have the same fears, worries, dread of the life we live that seems to have taken a turn for the worse for all and that shows it's not stopping here either, there is more 'worse' to come ahead of us.

So, what can you do?
Join us, for now you can start by getting on our website, cast your vote, participate in policy identification, tell us what you see could be improved, exercise your democratic rule to get used to what direct participation means as a self responsible human being, get involved, participate in our Forums, contribute your views for a world that works for all,  share this information with your friends, put this print where others can see it and ask you questions, turn it into a bumper sticker to share with your friends

let others know that there is an alternative that YOU yourself support, we want the best possible Life for You, we don't have to live this way, we wrote this system as the generations that came before us, we missed One Point, the point of our Self Interest vs what is Best for All, we created everything for just 'me' vs "Me as the Whole", but it's not too late, we can Self Correct and rewrite a system that considers All living Beings and the Life of All as my Own.

Imagine if All the Creatures of the World could experience a Life of fulfillment and Unconditional Self Expression, wouldn't that be Heaven on Earth for everyone, the Earth included?

Join us.


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