Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 315: How many Human Rights Can You Afford?

Today I was pondering about this point.

It's not your everyday question even though it should be, the fact that we fail to notice that Human Rights are for sale and not everyone's right in fact - is disturbing.
Does this mean we are not all Humans?
It must, because we have silently accepted that there is more than 1 world, we divided the world in Classes and left the 3rd class citizens of this world travel through it in third class, the class where food is not available, nor water or health care or education, where electricity is something to be celebrated as 'creative' when managed through an empirical plastic bottle in the slums of the Philippines, incredibly, we made that 'other world' OK in our minds, we have succesfully normalized human aberrations.

To justify the extensive Inequality we face, we came to believe that we were lucky and they were not, or that some are being punished for previous lives in a Karmic galore of a kind never seen before, close to 3 billion people and rising live below the poverty line, that's a hell of a world we have if those who didn't even exist in previous lives given the population increase of the last 100 years are here to pay back a debt of some kind, a world of debtors with a few achievers who are apparently either being re-warded or should be rewarded, as into an insane asylum.

Both sides of this Inequality divide are delusional, but the biggest share of delusion must go to those that have embraced the Casino principle and and themselves as the lucky gamblers, affirming with passion that the Casino system we live in is a fair system that allows for all Equal Chances at striking big and retiring to live royally in some remote, pristine place in the world.
We like to entartain 'pristine' dreams in a world we have left to rot, we all want to get away from the rotting truth of what we have done and we do it by buying up more and more Human rights for ourselves to make sure we have the right buffer to give us the peace of mind we seek from the fear of slipping off the roulette table right into the slums at the bottom, we have to make sure to accumulate enough Human Rights to silence the Fear and to climb up, out of the gutter of the existence we have created and left for others to live.
This is why we then go out to celebrate and defend the Free Society of the Free World running on a Free Economy where we Fight for Freedom. Some days like today, I can't even bring myself to believe we are really this Dumb to believe the crap we defend but then I wonder if instead we know all too well what we are doing, why, and the lies we tell each other, so when is the lying going to end, when will we accept that consequences are here to stay and they can only be Righted if we stop what we have done so far that has only considered ME and not WE, disfunctional pieces of a whole that has gone Ballistic, moving under the force of Gravity Only - vs Whole-istic as Self Directing this world back into a place where the rights of all are recognized as indisputable and non negotiable .

If we had Human Rights, they would be Equal for All Humans on a Global scale, they are not called 'Geographical and Economical Human Rights' because that would ring a bell of Injustice and we don't want any bell ringing to signal that there is something that has gone terribly wrong with this world that we have overlooked and the RIGHTS we were supposed to give to each other have turned into WRONGS, we are the proud Creators of Human Wrongs, like the belief that we can call Right what is given to just some in exchange for Money, so HealthCare you can have it if you Buy it - or you have the "FREE choice" to stay sick, a Home you can have it if you Buy it - or you have the Free choice to stay Homeless, Justice you can have it ONLY if you buy it - or you have the Free Choice to Jail -in this lve Monopoly Game- where no matter if you are guilty or innocent you will be Equally housed and fed and asked to work to fatten up the big cats that have found ways to make money out of Human Misery and now Food and Water are becoming scarce, Scarcity is the tiled floor to the Human Rights Market, because, as we make all Human Rights Scarce, they increase in Value and more will want them and will be willing to do anything to buy their right to Live, Life is ON SALE, prepare Your Change to pay for it.

Human Rights have gone for sale because we bought into the idea that we had none and that we had to compete to grab some at the expense of others, so far, my Right to have more than others comes at the cost of some having less than me and we went wild with this idea, all the way to food and water, stealing from each other a little every day until we turned our loot into unchallengeable Empires that stand proud to affirm, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Some have More Rights than others, and instead of asking ourselves 'WHY', we praise those that made it all the way to the top, willing to forget how much abuse they agreed to, to get there in the hope to be shown the same leniency when our turn will -finally- come to abuse others and get up there, where Money is glorified and the lives of others go on sale to allow 'me' to step on their corpses as the ladder that I need to get High as a Kyte, to finally fly Free from the Fear that I may be among the ones that lose it all and have to face the Human Wrongs of this world.

We have to reconsider our World for All, starting with facing our shame for not even having noticed that anything that is not available to All is not a Right but an Abuse of others, I don't want to have the right to live when billions do not just because I was born in the First World, I want those Imaginary Economical Apharteid like lines erased, I want Human Dignity restored in this world and especially I don't want to support the idea that I have more rights than others because I am white, Italian, better off, taller, more educated than someone else, because I am all those things for not an ounce of merit of my own, I just won the Lottery in this Casino of a World and was born into the Right Side of Human Wrongs, but that doesn't make the Wrongs less wrongs or my Rights more Right.

Each one that is willing to change,  Each One that stands Up for Change to state 'Not in My Name' is a drop in a tide that will take momentum and become so big that it will wash away all the old and replace it with a New World that works for All.
We are not Anonymous nor Occupying anything, we are standing in our name, Occupying the Space/Time we live in to reclaim the world for All and not just for some, to redefine Human Rights into something that is a Given for All from Birth to death, Globally, and not something up for grabbing by some that can then set out their very own Human Rights Stock Exchange and trade them as Commodities.

If you believe Human Rights are for All Humans, Stand Up, make yourself count as One Vote for Change, as the drop of the tide that will wash away our Wrongs and turn us and the World into a Right Place/Heaven for All.

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