Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 191: Mind Control - The Dark Side of "Hope"

All Points raised about Mind Control make us uncomfortable.
First because we OBVIOUSLY want to believe we are Free Thinkers in charge of ourselves. Some may have heard this phrase spoken in "The Matrix movie" about destiny 
 'You don't like to believe in destiny because you like to believe that You are in charge of Your Life'

The Story of Humanity. Never Mind the money spent on psychics and fortune tellers which would prove the opposite, that we KNOW that we are on a train track that is designed in detail and put in place for us to just run on and in fact FEAR that it may be so because that would raise ginormous questions about the benevolence of such Creation, and yes, we have been lightly brushing over a few points of Brainwashing such as religion and Family and then Society, but mainly to find faults and blame, to in fact relinquish for good our own responsibility for Who I am and How I Participate in this World.

Around us now there are tons of information on Mind Control, documentaries that explain in Detail how we got here such as  

these are NOT Conspiracy Theories, they are Documentaries by reputable sources meant to Wake Us Up, you can even found out about your Mind Control through the Entertaining Shows of Derren Brown, who has made Millions showing people with a Flair how gullible and dupable they are, watch 'Enigma' when you are in the mood to feel DUMB & DUMBER, being ignorant today about our own manipulation (and self manipulation) is not only inexcusable, it's plain Stupid.

The fact is that even those who are approaching the Mind Control of this World and have done research, believe that it is an outside event, that we are being Mind Controlled with sophisticated methods, spells, magic, witches, voodoo,  when in fact the truth is so much easier and so in front of our eyes, Mind Control is an Inside Job! it's done through triggers such as Fear, Desires, Love, Emotions and Feelings, the outside word is only sounding the tuning fork, we are the ones aligning with it, seems pretty obvious that we will have to be the Ones that STOP, the tuning fork is on its own preprogrammed trip - and not a cool one either- and won't wake up, someone else will be required to Wake Up and get off this deranged train so we can show each other 'see, the train only exists in Our Minds, and within the Mind we are Slaves, there is no way we can steer that train from on board, we have to get off the predesigned Path that we accepted and allowed, look, we don't need to remain passengers on this train to Self destruction, it's not compulsory, it's is impulsed/suggested/recommended, we are even being scared to death to get off it, but we can get off and get together to redesign this world as a World that works for everyone, we don't have to live this way!!"

Today as I read the news of the Daily UK Mail, which I suggest to read because it exposes the level at which we as Humanity have stepped down the Life ladder, there was a news about A Lottery Win, showing a very average British family climbing up the Social ladder, making their first important move, moving up on the Property market, moving on up from Life in the Lower "Classes", dusting off their Old Lives to enter their New world Rich and Careless.

Of course a range of emotions went with that, as I look back on an imaginary timeline of such a news I can see that 30 years ago I would have felt jealous and envious, but growing up I trained myself to be a positive thinker and 'rejoice' for the 'good lives' of others, not because I wished them well, but because I hoped that if I kept myself positive I too may be granted access to the Gods Olympus of Wealth and Well Being, which proves that our well wishing is nothing else but a lid over our darker wishes to which we no longer feel entitled as we TRY to be good and behave and be 'the best we can'. Pity it's all just a big ACT.

Today though another feeling that I tried to suppress and just brush away was just in plain view, I desired that house, that Life, the having a Good Life which I have equated with Money and Wealth, I hoped -secretly- even though it was a totally unfounded and groundless Hope because I should - at least- get myself a Lottery ticket to stand 1 chance in 1 million in a Lifetime -interestingly enough this proves that even Hope without Action is totally useless, I could Hope til I turned blue in the Face, without the ticket as an Action is a Not even 1 in a million chances, it's a No Go.

So, where is this HOPE as Desire coming From? Why is HOPE such a misused word used to put us in a blissful space of laissez faire, as we deliver ourselves into the belief that 'I have ignited Hope, done my part, now I just have to sit back and relax and let HOPE do its work', when in fact we are being thrown in the Face in so many ways the LIE of Hope and Hoping and if we only took the time to look we could clearly see the WHYs and the WHOs have been using this word in the past 10 years alone, what were the scopes of just prompting us with this word, what does the word 'HOPE' and Hope itself triggers within us that is so intoxicating that we fail to see that in-toxic-ating contains the word TOXIC, that we are poisoning ourselves and this World Hoping for things to Change while doing Nothing for Change on both an individual level or a Global level; that we are pushed to Hope for better Lives so we won't stand to make Lives better for All Equally because 'we got HOPE' that someone else will get down and dirty with such a task and we'll jump on the bandwagon when things are moving.
This is a question I have faced when asked about Desteni or 'EqualMoney' - 'how many are YOU?' - as the  Minds move to calculate the odds that we may make it, taking a sight of relief when learning we are FEW for now, ''Good, thanks God, you are still in the 'Unicorn' phase of this project, I am not required to join yet, what are the ODDS that such a small group could bring about a Change, really?', failing to see and realize that THIS is why we are still a small group, because of this fucking HOPE that stands in the way of our Movement, of us becoming Self Honest and seeing there are so many lives we don't wish to live on this Planet and yet we leave them up for grabs for the Poor,  and at most we HOPE their lives will change and that should be enough... 'isn't it'?

NO, it's not enough, if  We need some reminders of the biggest HOPE Promoters who make a living on that alone, We can check out Obama, the Vatican, Religious groups, and then last but not least OurSelves, and see how Hope drives us to No Action, to accepting this World as it is, because in secret, We Hope to cross the Line and Move On Up, and leave the Filthy world we created as the other Side of the Coin of Capitalism, for others to enjoy and suck up. Time to give up All Hope.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to, when reading News about people who made it feel the rising of Hope and for trying to brush it off because I know it's unfounded since, in the case of this Lottery, I have not even bought the ticket, instead of seeing and realizing that this rising HOPE is system programmed so I won't question the unfairness of this system as I delude myself that 'everyone can make it' not because there is any common sense in this belief but because the Hope I allow myself to feel, for the secret desires I hold, says so

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give in to an energetic experience of 'shared joy' for the 'good life/good luck' someone had, because I secretly hold on to the desire that this may happen to me, which is not MY original desire, but a system implanted desire so that in holding on to this desire I won't take a position against this system to stand up for a World that is Best for All because who knows, I may make it too after All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the expression 'Let's Hope' when I don't want to be bothered to open up a point of 'we actually have to do something about THAT' because 'Hoping and wishing 'Hope' it's easier than exposing the truth of Hope for what it is, a Lie and a Con that is keeping Humanity stuck in Lalaland while the world is moving toward utter destruction

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe 'there is nothing wrong with Hope' simply because I am invested in Hope as Dope as a way to not stand Self responsible for the changes that must take place in My Life as I am One brick of this Ugly Abusive Construction that this World has become that needs to return to Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All and stand as Self Directive principle for myself and All of Existence Equal and One

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see Hope as a beautiful thing, an admirable thing, and the Hope dispensers as Good people instead of seeing the Dark Side of Hope and the grip it holds on us and how by 'Hoping' we are not moving to Change, as Hope implies a Change 'will take place God Willing/Inshallah' through an external event and not a Self Directed Change that each one of us Wills themselves through for ourselves and All of Existence, Equal and One

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to celebrate HOPE as something only the POOR have that are RICH at heart, failing to see we have been given HOPE instead of the FAIR SHARE of this planet to which everyone is entitled to, because we are Equally HERE, Equally Alive and No One is Worth More than Another, no Matter how hard we have been convincing ourselves otherwise and how hard we hoped one day to be one of the worthier to evade the Suffering that originates by seemingly small points such as 'Hope -FOOL attitudes and Dreams'

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept the Blind Faith in Hope dispensed from religious People, failing to notice that they gave us Hope and kept the Money, which could have been a self evident sign of what was really important and required at the moment to survive OR they would have given us the Money and kept the Hope, which is not the case

I commit myself to expose HOPE for what it is, a Tool for Mind Control, our throwing in of the Towel, our desire to Not be Self responsible and leave it All up to Hope, Hoping to make it, Hoping that others will make it too out of their disgraceful Lives we have created through a system of Abuse and that we wouldn't swap with ours & that it is time to Stop the HOPE, the Hopeful Feelings, The Hopeful wishes, the Hope-fool Leaders so we may stand as Self responsible Human beings and bring about the Change that is required for Life as Life, in this World, as this World.

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