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Day 339: Why the CommonWealth was Never the Common Good

To understand the power of the Empire, we have to look back into History and how acts of vile submission and violence ended up glorified into an Imperial Stance of Grandness vs an Obvious acknowledgement of Mere Abuse.

The first time the word CommonWealth was used was by Lord Rosbery during one of his trips to Australia

Does this fact of your being a nation … imply separation from the Empire? God forbid! There is no need for any nation, however great, leaving the Empire, because the Empire is a Commonwealth of Nations.

 Here is a brief portrait of Lord Rosbery, by one of his peers:

" He turned on his heel and walked away." The phrase sums up Lord Rosebery. He is always turning on his heel and walking away now from his friends, now from himself. He is as inconstant as the moon, unstable as water, whimsical as a butterfly. His path leads from nowhere to nowhere. He is like a man lost in the mist on the mountains and having no compass with which to guide his steps. He has all the gifts except the gift of being, able to apply them. Macaulay said of Byron that all the good fairies brought their offerings at his christening; but the one malignant fairy, uninvited, came and turned the gifts of the others to bitterness. And so with Lord Rosebery. He was endowed with all the elements of greatness; but the elements are not enough. They must be compounded into unity by that in-definable something, constant and purposeful, which we call character, and it is the quality of character which Lord Rosebery lacks. And lacking that he lacks all. His gifts are idle ornaments; his life a drama without a sequence and without a theme. 

Lord Rosbery had the gift of words and could see how to move both the Parliament and the masses as much as he was moved, from mood to mood, never stable, never seeking the Common Good of Mankind but just ways to shine in his Life and his career. He was a model of Self Interest and extended his Self Interest outside of himself, wanting to own the World but lacking the Character to make it Work for All.

So, he designed a word that was meant to Unite, not All, just those that were considering departing the Empire and thus The CommonWealth was the Empire's bribery in words, in empty promises, in the assurance that they would all benefit from their Protection aka Colonization and they needn't move away just because they had obtained the recognition of Nation-ship, the Empire never meant to grant Real Sovereignty to anyone, there was only one Sovereign, one alone to Reign Over and that was to be The Queen or The King of England, and so the Empire secured their place in the Minds of those who should have stood up for All, by promising a share of the Wealth for them, the CommonWealth.

And with accepting this promise of Lala Land the people of their protectorates/colonies accepted their Fate, an Ill Fate, that would extend into the decades and become ever more deceiving, transforming in-your-face Colonization of Land and people into more subtle forms of Ownership of People's Minds through Propaganda and a Debt System, where we ended up All Colonized to a Social and (Monetary) System designed to recreate the power of the Empire by means of Money vs the Means of Force, because it was cheaper, more profitable and it required way less effort, while meeting much less resistance, as we willingly made Money our God and the Sovereign of England, printed on many Currencies, the Power that runs our Minds -and the USA, their prolific offspring, the power that rules over EveryBody.

Welcome to the Commonwealth that was promised and never delivered, there was never in History an intent to design a world for the Common Good, We are the Common Goods ruled by the Common Law, a Law handed down to us by those that had gained their power illegally, immorally, through unspeakable acts of abuse, and so the Commoners, ended up with nothing, no rank, no title, no money, no rights, no choices, just the Hope, the great Bestseller of our Century, the Hope that they may one day eventually share in the CommonWealth and with that Hope in their hearts they willed themselves to be Subjects, waiting for a change that would never come, as the Plan was never Change, but the servitude of Men by the abdication of their Minds and themselves until they would sell out, and souled out we are -and screwed too, now a bunch of people own most of the resources of the World - and we basically have to suck it up.

The CommonWealth will come when All Lives will have the Same Value, as Life, until then there will be Injustice and Inequality, and the Lords will continue to lord it over us, because we said yes to the promise of the CommonWealth and the Hope that was given (it's Free!) vs what should have been given to All, A Dignified Life and a share in what this planet gives for everyone. Wake up!

Tomorrow a look at the Common Law that still rules over us to see how the Common Law is in fact a Cult, it's the tradition to lord it over others and how it became Dogma, command-ments, so that we may never question again, why and how we ended up with nothing while some enjoy the Lives of King on the shoulders of the rest of Humanity.

Stand for a World that works for All, Free Yourself, it's Time.

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