Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 214: Empire or Mafia? Take the Cannoli !

I have watched yesterday the video titled 'War on Democracy".

The first thing you will question as you watch this Documentary will be: where was I when those things happened, because everyone remembers where they were when Kennedy was killed in America, it''s in all movies, in Italy we don't have such important milestones, we have had 1 Pope killed, but he went quietly with a poisoned cup of coffee, we had some politicians kidnapped by the State itself and then we were told they had been taken by the Red Brigades -another state invention- and were shot, we had a few taken down by the Mafia, but even the most Important, such as Falcone and Borsellino, the 2 Sicilian judges that were blown up within the space of one week from each other, did not burn a date in our Minds; we even had a commercial plane shot off the sky by 'something', but the people on trial for it managed to never tell the truth until a newspaper 20 years later wrote 'It was a Mass suicide' to put an end to the story; the dishonesty of our Government and the Vatican is so well known, and accepted that we are not simply paying attention anymore.
People die, they are killed, they don't happen all together, we get breaks between one murder and another and the elaborate and sometimes pedestrian cover ups are designed to get away 'with murders' and they work.

Nobody marks on their diary another event by one of these two Pests, State or Church, it's just another day, this is how disconnected to reality we have become, but it was gradual, like putting frogs in cold water and turning up the gas until they boil, they just stay there and die, no fighting, just the slipping away slowly into nothingness.

But here in this documentary, we are taking everything that happens in our lifetime and compressing it into decades, we are talking genocides, whole countries abused and when possible obliterated in their identity, to superimpose on them the Imperial Seal, tortures, mass killings, all in the name of an Imaginary 'National Security', whose security? Wouldn't the World be so much more Secure without us, the Imperialist Powers at all? Let's include all the Imperialist, the ones that in their diseased Mind came up with the Idea of their Right to Exploit, Abuse, Torture, in some cases poor small countries where these is no way the case of National Security can be made with success, Not Even to American People, there is no way that one can defend National Security in Latin America or even worse, in Africa, because it's so far away and so poor they could only claim to be threatened by a potential giant mud sling and then their 'defense tactics' would be out of proportion to say the least.

The rest of this documentary should put us all to shame, the poor people that stood up with no weapons, nothing, and just by their determination to Not Have Any of it, changed the system.

So, what is our excuse for Not Standing Up? Too many interesting programs on TV?
We don't care enough about the world, we don't want to know about it, not our problem?

There must be a reason to why the gangnam style video has 82 millions views as of today and the video on 'War on Democracy " adding up all its version comes up to short than 100.000 views. Is the Gangnam style going to impact our lives, the planet and what will happen to the children to come, it must be, otherwise we have to explain WHY we cannot make such an important documentary go Viral, what is wrong with Us?

What will it take us for us to draw a line and decide that we can't go on living this way, Crimes have been committed against people who could not protect themselves, there is blatant in our face lying going on, a deception to a level of distortion of reality all the way into History books, but to stop this world we each have to own up to what we have done, learn from History because that's where the clues of our many endless loopings rest, we called what we did before Colonialism, when it was no longer agreeable we changed the name to Democracy, when that created friction we stood behind National Security issues, wouldn't be the time to stop changing the meaning of the words to suit ourselves and address the Substance of what is going on that seems problematic here?

It's not the words that are not working, it's US, and it is our desire to not know about the World, to close our eyes to the atrocities that happen every day, I just only recently revisited the Italian Colonial Past, we are taught that we were the Good Colonizers in the world, that we were not like the Others, we were the Good ones that went to Libya and built schools and roads, and our men fell in love with the Abyssinian women -so Italian...- and had children together and they never came back, that is why we didn't see Black people in Italy after the colonies were given back their self sovereignty, while we remained forever 'loved' by our ex subjects. But this is not The truth of our Colonialism, Rodolfo Graziani wanted to build an Empire for The Duce/Mussolini, we went to Abyssinia and killed and raped and tortured men and women, we set up concentration camps, we stole the dignity of the local people and imposed a regime, the Empire, what for?

What is this driving force that we seem unable to stop and moves us from apparently small insignificant acts of self interest into full blown take overs, into the desire to dispossess people of everything they have so we can have more, be more, feel more important than others?

Why is the excuse of an Empire/National Security seemingly deleting the gravity of the crimes we commit, why is no one held accountable, why do we accept and allow this world to exist in such a separation while we do the Gangnam in 80 million different ways, why do we seek for the Insanity outside of ourselves and not the One inside to address and heal once and for All?

Why do we fear the Mafia and not Our Governments, why didn't we put the Mafia at the top, wouldn't we be safer? For one what the Mafia uses as Lingo is way closer to reality, they don't call their wars 'Freedom Fighting' because they are 'Money Fighting' and so it would not seem appropriate, could be misleading, when you borrow money from the Mafia you get a Marker, you understand a Mark as a note that is being written about you and the Money you borrowed, do you similarly understand you are borrowing Money when you hold a bank note? Or that when Wall Streets talks about derivatives is talking about Money?

When they bribe someone they call it a bribe, when they receive a bribe they call it dough, because with that they will buy the dough they need to live, when you hear party funding do you understand it's a BRIBE?

When the Mafia murders someone is never a Collateral Damage, it's a whacking, a rub out, a Pop, many of these words are visual bar Pop, that is the sound of the gun, but you have much more chances to work out their vocabulary that the one of the people who are governing all of us at the moment.

When you engage the banking system, the insurance companies, pay taxes, VAT, pension schemes, are you clear about what you will get, what are Your Rights? The Mafia tells you, they have only 1 program you can join, it's called "Protection', it works for accidents, old age, unemployment and covers your spouses living expenses if you are an Associate that goes to jail. Indefinitely or until you get out of jail, whatever comes first.

Plus they don't invade other countries, they have hood fights, they employ the poor and the disadvantaged, so really, again, why do we fear the Mafia vs the Government and not viceversa?

Take the Cannoli, put the Mafia on top, we have more chances that they might rid the world of the bad guys, because we have it all wrong, we are putting our trust in the wrong people, just so we won't have to take responsibility for this World and what is going on.

We are here, equally responsible as those on Top, all of us have to draw a line because our History is the stuff where Horror books take their inspiration from, we have all done something wrong, even the abused, we accepted abuse, we inflicted abuse in a never ending Loop of Self destruction.

It's time to Stop, Forgive ourselves, clear the air, reassess what kind of Human beings we want to be and walk into that Change, as ourselves, because this world can't take much more and the commitment of all is required to make a U turn into Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All.

Fact                                                   War 
Empire Description                          Freedom Fighting 
Mafia description                             War

Fact                                                   Murder
Empire Description                          Collateral Damage
Mafia description                             Knock Off/Pop/Rub Out/Whack

Fact                                                   Invasion
Empire Description                          Matter of National Security
Mafia description                             Muscle In

Fact                                                   IOU/Debt Certificate
Empire Description                          Money/Bank Notes
Mafia description                             Marker

Fact                                                   Criminal organization
Empire Description                          Democracy, Congress, Senate, Corporation
Mafia description                             Our Thing

Fact                                                   Member of an Illegal/Illicit Activity
Empire Description                          Member of Congress, Parliament, Lawyer, CIA Agent, FBI Agent,
                                                          Banker, Politician 
Mafia description                             Associate

Fact                                                   Bribe
Empire Description                          Party Funding

Mafia description                             Grease

Fact                                                   Money
Empire Description                          Derivatives, Collaterals, Bonds, Stock, Asset
Mafia description                             Dough

Fact                                                   Cover Up
Empire Description                          Intelligence Protection

Mafia description                             Code of Silence

Fact                                                   Extortion Racket

Empire Description                          Banking/Debt System, Insurance, Pension Schemes,
                                                          Tax System, VAT  
Mafia description                             Protection

Fact                                                   Stolen Goods/Services
Empire Description                          Money, Resources, Land, Schooling, Healthcare
Mafia description                             Swag

Fact                                                   Stealing Money from the people
Empire Description                          Protecting Public Interests 
Mafia description                             Skim

Fact                                                   Own Weaponry 
Empire Description                          Intelligent Missiles, Patriot Missile Defense, Drones
Mafia description                             Own Piece

Fact                                                   Enemy Weaponry
Empire Description                          Weapons of Mass Destruction 
Mafia description                             Rat's Piece

Fact                                                   Armed
Empire Description                          Readied for defense
Mafia description                             Heavy

Status QUO, Mafia or Equal Money ? Educate yourself on our past, so that the future can be rewritten  by walking away from everything we have been into something we have to envision, define and agree upon as What is best for Life and all living beings, ourselves included.                                                    
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