Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 323: IMAGINE a World that Works for All....

There are so many things that are not working in this world that can go back to one single point: our unwillingness to give to Each Other what we would like for ourselves.

Today I am writing about this point so I can see for myself the WHY, because apparently there is no common sensically WHY to not doing the One Thing that would bring to the world everything we say we want: Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood, the possibility to trust each other unconditionally, love as a living expression of who we are, we could be living in Heaven for real if we gave to all living beings, the Earth included, the same consideration we want and desire for ourselves.

In a way it seems too easy to beat the drum of greed and self interest, honestly, where is the self interest in creating a world such as this, even the rich don't have it good because as they cleverly go about to pass Laws that allow them to pollute and destroy, Here they are, sharing the same broken planet, they just have more money to move from one apparent consequence-free-space to another but that's about it, I don't believe anyone is truly happy on this Earth at the moment, this is why we created Positivity, Love and Light and Positive Thinking, isn't it?
What was the big selling point of Positivity if we were not living crappy realities inside ourselves at all times, who would go and buy the energetic experience of 'feeling better' if they were not feeling BAD before?

So why don't we talk about HOW BAD we feel most of the time for this Creation we have manifested and brought about, that leaves out of the game 1/3 of the population that can't raise their head above the poverty line to take a breath, to have one moment in their Life where this exercise in futility, that we call existence, could make sense beyond having to survive just another day.

So, today I want to look at one point that I see connected to this and that I know many may unconsciously or subconsciously share, which hit home once when I saw a video called 'God Loves Self Abuse' and that was brought home again when, during my explanation of Equal Money as a different way to conceive the world and ourselves to a friend, he told me 'we'll have to see if we can believe that we deserve it'.

So, there goes the Truth, we believe we don't deserve anything better than what we have got, maybe this is why we indulge in Self Abuse, that's a path we can walk to infinity (although I am under the impression we can't go much further), the point of Self Abuse is everywhere, we have a whole world where people fight for their right to Self Abuse, be that through alcohol, drugs or porn, none of these things are supportive in any way to either the Human Body or Mind, but we fight nail and tooth to prevent someone regulating our self abuse (and not for a world that works for all), obviously we have not yet got enough or we have come to believe that we will never be able to move beyond our weaknesses and addictions  and therefore, we want the world to stand as the pusher, as the provider of the tools that we choose with which we can abuse ourselves, believing that this is as good as it gets and since we are wasted as Humanity, we can waste away without regrets.

So as this point that this could be as good as it gets, resonates through me, that we may NOT be deserving of a better world, it may be possible that millions out there share the same inability to let go of what they have done and who they have been and stand within the resignation that we the Creator of such a world, should endure it all the way to its destruction.

Maybe then, one point that we need to dig out, each one for ourselves, specifically those claiming Spirituality and their desire for a better world, would be 'can we move past our self hatred for what is best for All?' Can we stop the righteousness of seeking the punishment we believe we deserve for what we have done, can we forgive ourselves and our Creation at large, so that we can re-create ourselves and the kind of world which would give us everything we say we seek, including the respect for our participation no longer in a Game of (Self) Destruction and Death but in the Business of Life, where we all become shareholders of an Idea that has not yet come to be, just because we could not overcome the self disgust for what we have done when we sold out Life for Money and in our denial come back again and again to pretend to be alive and live on as memories of those that came before us.

So, let's redefine Earth as this planet we created as a Correctional Facility, we are all InMates, we are Here to experience on our skin what happens when we DO NOT apply the principle of considering Everything that exists as Equally valuable as ourselves, it's a huge responsibility to consider all parts of the system to work in harmony and have everything they need to thrive, this is why the call is for all of us, if each one stands as one point of Absolute Consideration for the Whole, then we'll have Heaven on Earth, so then the ultimate question is, is Self Responsibility really worse than Hell?

What about trying it out, we did Hell, look how it turned out, we could do Heaven for a change and see how we like it and if we don't, no worries, we have the blueprints for Hell, Hell is where 'I' do only what is best for me in separation from the Whole as One, the Micro and the Macro are showing us the workings of self interest in separation, look at the Corporations, Governments, check out all the systems that have abandoned the principle of What is Best for All and see what came out of it, then let's bring this back to each one of us, where am I behaving like a ruthless Corporation so that I can Profit from others and see how can I correct myself, where are my secret agendas, secret governments, secret desires and how can I let them go, how can I integrate the principle of 'Give as you would like to receive' in everything I do, how can I make this principle practical, liveable, something I can apply in every area of my Life?

Do I need the 10 commandments to tell me what not to do, do I need Ramadan to remind myself what I should be doing or not doing, do I need my mother, the Law, the traffic warden or can I stand and see by myself in every moment what needs to be done because I can include all points involved into consideration and then walk the solution that includes me as All/The Whole?

This is for us to decide, if we can stand and we can prove that we stand as a Principle and not as a Prop, the jail gates will unlock and we may share the bounty of this creation beyond anything we have ever imagined, Life is wasting while we wait, so let's not waste our Breaths and Time with Self Hatred, yes we fucked up royally, this is undeniable, can we stop, can we correct it, can we fix it?
Then let's do so, because self hatred is the most insidious of all self interest as we bask in the idea of being punished has having 'done enough', look I was wrong AND Punished, have done my part thankyouverymuch, when in fact Standing Punished is Just Another Game to avoid our responsibility, what if we stood Corrected instead?

Find support to walk your self correction and stop the Self Hatred and Self Punishment Here

A better world starts with a Basic Income Guaranteed, because no one should go hungry, thirsty, homeless, desperate, without support, it is our response-ability to take care of each other and All Living Beings, because I can only get what I am willing to give and Love will begin with the practical giving of Love to All as the upliftment of All Existence from Misery, at last.

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

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