Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 320: Spoilt Words - Spoil Worth

We live in a polarity construct where everything exists in opposition to another point, we know this from all walks of life, we explained it through Bhuddism, philosophy, religion even language teaching as we oppose words when we teach, fat/thin, young/old, beuatiful/ugly and in words oposition we can already see the negative and positive charge of each word that exist, good to be thin, bad to be fat, good to be beautiful, bad to be ugly etc.

Words have lost their original meaning as descriptive tools and have become defining tools, taking on new MEANings that we overimposed on them through memories and emotional experiences of ourselves and those that lived before us.
Everyone is familiar with the experience of reacting to specific words, we always say 'and then she/he said that - and I went beserk', making the 'other' responsible for our own reactions, missing the point that those words exist within us, as us and they are just crapped up and no longer able to flow to deliver just a meaning that gives context to a moment in time, a relationship, a situation so that we can understand each other and coexist in peace and harmony.

Today I had a realization about words that connects to religion and religious beliefs (which I always saw as one of the origins of our troubles) and our apparent desire and ultimately the need to imprint a child with the knowledge of good and bad - for their own good you know, so they may navigate this Earth knowing what to do-, yet, by the time we attempt to download the religious crap into children we have already divided their Minds into polarities by downloading the exact MEANing of each word we offer to them as a tool to self express as a clone of the way WE perceive/perceived the word/the world, just as we lived it, filled with emotions and feelings that gave birth to an energetic experience first inside of us and then within the child that will then never be able to take a word/the world for what it is, but will live the word and the world in separation within the duality of experiences lived by others, loaded and contained into words/wards as the gift we give them to walk this earth with tools, no matter how distorted the tools are or how evil filled the words we passed on have become, we believe we are in fact passing on something valuable to the new generations, when in fact we are just imprinting the past into the future to make sure no one ever gets out of here, out of the delusion of the multiple characters we have come to embody and believe to be real.

Imagine if children could learn words for what they are and not for what they have been and become for us: experiences with labels attached that define them and us into loopholes from where there is no escape and so the point of religion in the face of what we do with words way before moving on to the religious belief system download is in fact irrelevant, because the problem of good and bad starts way before that, the key to the problems we live is in our words, religious belief are nothing but an outflow of our duality within words that are no longer alive but just energy that lives off the memories that we keep passing on to one another, because see, anything else we teach children has to come through the words we use to give the in-formation, to form them into what we have already been and proved to not be effective and what a gift of LOVE that is, hei.

Now look at this, when you read the word LOVE how many things moved within you? Those things that moved are preprogrammed patterned reactions, LOVE for example is a GOOD word, HATE is a BAD word, the emotional feeling content of each word exists within each one of us together with the word, so words become lifeless, just titles on a filing cabinet and we become the ultimate filing system as we exist to capture and file information, we keep ourselves informed, keep loading up crap through words that are themselves prisoners of energetic charges and that we are unwilling to set free, enslaving them with the result of becoming enslaved, a point some understood well and use to sell us things we don't need or care for but that we MUST HAVE the minute we are activated into the desire for an imaginary experience that we have attached to a word.

So now to get us to buy products, advertisers will connect a product to the word 'LOVE' and there we go, little robots prompted to want the experience we have attached to the word, seeking the energetic value of the experience for the chance to relate to something within a contest established by 1 WORD and then we live the illusion of Freedom, we tell ourselves that we have the Free Choice to buy into something or not, when in fact we have no choice but to follow the yellow brick road to what we desire and have secretly, and sometimes even unknowingly, suppressed.

Ultimately it's all fair, we get what we give, as we gave to the children of this world no choice but to be imprinted with the Spoilt Words of ourselves as ourselves, we spoiled Their Worth that existed prior to our faulty downloads and caged them into a jail of past experiences from which they can't find their way out if not by acting out and trying to release some of the energies we passed on to them as they search desperately for some stability within themselves, the one we denied to them when we took it away and exchanged it for the MEAN-ing-FULL words we defined them and their lives to be as ourselves.

So, how do we start to  raise children that can become effective humans?
We have to purify ourselves, we have to purify the words we speak and live as ourselves, so that our vocabulary stands beyond and above energetic experiences as who we are, so that we mean what we say and understand words as one as ourselves vs their limited energy loaded version that we came to believe to be who we really are.

We must get this right, we either live our fore bearers past and bring it back to life through 'their words' that became 'our words' or we clean up our act, redefine what living and existence is in alignment to what is best for all, remove the experiences and memories of ourselves and others from our vocabulary so we stand a chance to create a life for ourselves that is not the carbon copy, the clone of all the lives lived before, we let go of the memory bank where words exist within a dual accountancy system and set them free and as we give back to words as ourselves the freedom to exist beyond energy and energetic memories and experiences, so we grant to ourselves the same right, in oneness and equality, to start new, to start the blank slate on which we will write ourselves as words and a new future for Humanity and the Earth that won't be compromised by what has been, but will be able to embrace what should have been, as we forgive what we have accepted and allowed within this existence to move ourselves, this World and all of existence beyond the limitations we cast on them and ourselves and set all Life Free.

Study Desteni, enrol for free in DIP Lite, sort yourself out, Get a Life.

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