Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 324: Desteni Witness - The 'Scam' and Secret of Self Forgiveness

I have been involved with Desteni for over 2 years and I have had the privilege to visit their farm in South Africa, where I am currently staying and will be for some more time.

When I bumped into Desteni I had reached the end of my search for the Truth, had looked into everything that exists -and was aware of- searching for the reason for our existence, had practiced positive thinking and joined the Love and Light brigade, just to find there was not any less Evil within those claiming to be enlightened, or on their way there, than anywhere else and so quite disheartened, just before Desteni, I moved into Conspiracy Theories, honestly they seemed way more plausible than Love and Light given the state of the world, plus they matched my underlining eternal dance with depression, a state of being I believed I had to have inherited from my mother because this is what each one is given in coming to this world, a legacy of faults to make sure we end up believing that there is something fundamentally wrong with us at our very core, so we roll over and just wait to die without bothering to even try to change ourselves or the system as ourselves.

For 2 years I have practiced the tools of Desteni and become more stable, my life as an Italian was by design emotion and feelings driven, because we believe in Passion as the ultimate possible' intensity' that life can grant us and therefore we deliberately overlook the word 'Passion' as in 'The Passion of Christ', as in fact Life turns into an emotional roller-coaster  where we nail ourselves to, until an -nail-elation or annihilation and where we believe we have no choice but to fasten the seat-belt -or not, the rest is out of our hands - in fact conveniently so.

As a Ex Catholic, not by choice but by birth, it was predictable that my understanding of Self Forgiveness would be tainted by the context of my previous understanding of the world Forgiveness, which was deliberate because no one should know about this Secret or they would just go ahead and rewrite themselves and so -while I wrote about rewriting myself I never really got what that meant or even why the Self Commitment statements were key as a follow up to self forgiveness, because of course I can only interpret what I can conceive through my limited mind and the information available there, through which I can come to CON-clusions about what everything is and is not, so Self Forgiveness became my Eraser, a tool that I could use to delete my perceived wrongdoings and I have successfully used it that way to the point of being able to disassociate from some of my beliefs and energetics reactions, what I missed out about Self Forgiveness and why I had so much resistance to explain it to others, was that I was unwilling to share a tool that I had limited within its purpose, even though at the time I was unable to define its scope in its totality because I was unable to see that the reason why Self Forgiveness worked for me as an Energetic Eraser was because I defined it so and in fact confined it and limited it to be just that.

Today as I was listening to B. taking about it I suddenly realized what Self Forgiveness really is and why the constraints into which I had defined it had me at the point of irritation occasionally, when I would just refuse to use it or share it because I couldn't see myself blubbering away self forgiveness every time I perceive myself making a miss-take because then I would be doing nothing else, I wouldn't even have the time to live my corrective statements as I was aware that I had not yet changed what was fundamentally flawed within me, I have just started to create a void, a blank slate on which to rewrite myself and that's about it.

So, now I will share the Real Secret of Existence and what Self Forgiveness really is and WHY we can't change this world without grasping what we are required to do, each one of us to move forward for REAL and not just be passing time within the illusion that we are moving AND changing just because we babble away our self forgiveness regularly -while others don't... .I'm so ahead of the game :) - and so we are done.

Meanwhile we keep repeating the same crap and justifying WHY using our Words, that we believe are not yet alive because again, we mistook the point of words becoming alive only after WE become Life, when in fact Words are alive now, they are just either embedded with Life or Fear but all have the same power to create, because Words belong to the physical that is Alive, while we belong to the Mind that is A-Lie, missing out on that point that we are already creating and recreating our reality as every justification we use to explain why we are not changing is another lie/line in the code we keep writing about ourselves - in our total dumb unawareness that could only be born out of our consistent separation from ourselves as our Words, as the Physical, unable to direct the content of what we say and therefore are to the point that what we say 'is in fact so' because I live my words as a Commitment to myself as my Words, as the Physical, as All Life, as One and Equal.

So, speaking the words of Self For-giveness is the Gift of Life, imagine that, we hold in each one of us the power to create Life, we are not Life yet just because we have not yet granted it to ourselves, we have not yet given to ourselves everything we accepted and allowed ourselves to believe we lack, this is where Dis-h-One-sty exists, the One missing in this world is Me, because I  don't yet exist, because I have not yet created Myself, I have not yet substantiated myself by removing what I have invested outside of me into everything that seems separate from me to bring it back to me, the Physical, where the substance of Life is and where I still exist in separation because I have not given to myself the same right to exist as Life, because I am apparently Faulty and in need to be fixed and so I am busy with the fixing but not with the giving, I am For-Fixing and not For-Giving as I have believed in the Scam of the Mind instead of just stopping it to stand in and as The Physical as Life.

So you see, there are 2 ways to use Self Forgiveness, one is entertaining the Mind, and that is a Scam and a process that couldn't end in one lifetime (is this why we keep coming back, duh?), the Real Process is just to STOP participating, as par-'icipating means to be apart, to keep being separate, as everything we allow from the Mind and believe it's just another thing to be For-given and this is how we make our process longer, so we either live the Scam of Self Forgiveness and keep forgiving our sins, as we go and replace the Confession Sacrament and the Catholic Priest in our Minds, or we really get what this is all about, including the word SIN (The Greek word hamartia (ἁμαρτία) is usually translated as sin in the New Testament. In Classical Greek, it means "to miss the mark" or "to miss the target" which was also used in Old English archery) which would give a whole new contest to everything we understood so far, so what, we inherited the 'missed marks' of our parents, everyone kept missing the point, should we now GET THE FUCKING POINT right or keep following the yellow brick road of the Mind into other new, more elaborate 'mark missing' sessions vs just STOPPING The Illusion of the Mind in its tracks, no longer allowing ourselves to believe in the Characters we played, instead Breathe and start the Gifting, start getting the Mark!

If we don't do that, we are participating in the Illusion not only of the Mind but the delusion that we may bring about a world that is Best for All through forgiving our sins (hello??), if each one individually is not able to do what is best for All, which would be to bring LIFE into ME, as ME/Self as part of the Equation of Life vs the Equation of  the Mind, to do that, each one has to stop their delusions and Self realize that Life cannot be given to anyone and it is not the Prize/Price at the end of our Atonement, it is instead an act of Self Giving, of Self For-Give-ness and in granting Life to ourselves we open up the Gates of Life to All, as One as Equal, we won't be able to Grant to them their Life because guess what, it is to be For-Given to Themselves by Themselves, each one that claims to be the Creator of this reality is living in the Illusion of the Mind, as they are just default Creators, energy providers for a much bigger engine in automated motion and not Deliberate Creators, and how do we know that?

Well, they could not Create themselves, they could not For-Give themselves or others the Gift of Life, how can they claim to be Creators of Anything, as the Ability to Create Life is measured in the Capacity to Create Oneself first as Life, as a Creature that can coexist in Harmony with all existence having given to All the same Equal Value as Self and thus having created themselves as unable to do harm in any form, because Life is not Harm-Full and can be trusted to always do What is Best for All, because Life is not subjective, subjected to the whims of the Mind but One and Equal to everything that exists in and as Breath.

Now, see the Beauty of this, we all exist with the same power to create Life, Equal to Life itself, Life only asks one thing, can you give Life to yourself, no matter what, without conditions -and then, can you give Life to All, no matter what, without conditions, because you are Here, you Breathe, you were given it -no matter what, you just have to Self realize You as Life by For-Giving Life to YourSelf now and as you do, extend this Giving to All, Equally.

So far this Creation is our responsibility just by what we accepted and allowed, but not by our directive principle, this existence was created in agreement to the blueprints of others that by the way, were not Life either because Life could never have conceived such a creation of Control and Abuse, because Life is For-Giving and not For-Getting -ever- that All Life is One and Equal and as I grant myself the Right to Life I Grant it to All, One and Equal, and only then Existence will be LIFE For-Giving to All and no longer For-Getting just for Some.

So, to all those that have walked the tool of Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty so far robotically, just like me, perceiving the value of the tool while not grasping The Gift, mistaking Self (H)Onesty with Honesty, spilling the beans on their sins and only milking the benefits of no longer being trumpled by emotions and feelings, reassess your Self For-Giveness, take the plunge into this Equal Standing to become a Creator and when you do, understand what it means to Give As You Would Like To Receive and see that such principle must start with you, give YourSelf what you would like to receive first, use your words as living words now, so that you can become One with them and no longer wait for them to 'come Alive' while you live the Lie that they are NOT -just because You are Not Alive Yet, and when you go about Creating Yourself, just make sure that you Create Yourself as Life and not as Fear, because Life is Fear-Less as For-Giving to All and giving to All what we would want to live is the place where Fear will end to exist forever more, and keep checking what you stand as, and when you are Life you will know because you will no longer be for-getting your role in and as an Equal Creator of Existence as you will be too busy For-Giving Life to YourSelf until you will be Life that stands Equal and One to the Life that is yet to come for All of Existence, Equal and One.

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