Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 326: Who says that 'What is Best for All' is Best for ME?

It is sad to realize how this simple sentence, which happens to be at the core of every religion and philosophy in the world, is feared and taken for a coercive statements that means people will no longer be FREE to do as they like, should a world that considers all parts of the Whole Equally ever come about.

Unfortunately, or maybe appropriately, the answer to 'What is Best for All' cannot be given, it has to be Self Realized because 'I' have to first understand What is Best for Me in relation to All the Players within an Equation, where I have considered All parts Equally and guess what, what is Best for All in one occasion may not be Best for All in another, within the same point, this is why Religions do not have any Solution to offer, there isn't a fixed Best for All if not the point of Giving to All what I would like for myself and Not do to another what I would not like to be done to me, no other 'rule' is required to expand into and as this understanding, if my children are hungry and I can't get a job and this system doesn't support me, it is my duty to feed them one way or another, that would make stealing OK, a duty in fact, because Life is more important that the delusion that some can own Vital Earth Resources and cut others off from them as Their Right, so in this case, blindly following a religion (and incidentally, who could be stealing if not the poor from the rich, who says that religions weren't the Rich Guidelines to their own safety and that they were the writers of all Commandments for their own protection and justification?) would not allow me to do What is Best for All at All Times, fake morality would stand in the way of my clarity.

The answer to What is Best for All is held within each one of us as a Point of Awareness, flip flopping through Life won't have us aware enough to consider All Points at All Times and We won't be Able to do What is Best for All, ever, if I, Self is not included in the Equation, because this Equation is Not What is Best for All -bar Me, it's Best for All, which has to include Me or the Equation is incomplete, it's Dis-h-One-est, because I am missing from the One that has to make the decision of What is Best for All.

So, to start appreciating What is Best for All, we can consider what and how we would benefit most from within a moment if we were in another shoes, cross referencing it with Self and then, in a Self Honest moment of Breath, just do it, it doesn't require rocket science to work it out, just Self Trust that I am able and walking to learn to consider Others as Myself and to Give to All What is Best.

So, when we react to this simple sentence 'What is Best for All', there may be some points to consider:

Point One, I don't know What is best for Me - in self honesty I can say that I have been rather busy with self Abuse for most of my life, if you are busy abusing yourself that point needs correction before you can grasp what is Best for All, how could you if you have not yet taught yourself what is Best for You?
No one that stands as Self Abuse can do what is Best for All, because they themselves are missing from the Equation required to work out What is Best for All, and in such cases, we may have the manifestation of the Do Gooder Character as an attempt to compensate for all the things we have not done in consideration of Others as Self, but that it's just a Lie, and we can assess our Self Abuse without external intervention, most of it happens in Our Secret Minds -only to overflow later in the physical-, where we run ourselves to the ground to make sure we won't be able to stand and do What is Best for All, not even by chance

Point Two, is if we are Abusers, many claim their right to Freedom in ways that can be described odd to use a vast understatement, our right to Porn, even if this means supporting a whole industry of Abuse and Slavery is not a Human Right, it's an Abuse, our right to alcohol and drugs is not a Human right, it's Self Abuse, our right to Anonymity so we can slander and engage in libelous activities on the web and get away with it, it's not a Human Right, it's an Abuse, our right to have sex with Animals who don't have a say in it, it's not a Human right, it's an Abuse, our right to Abuse Animals and the World for Profit is not a Human Right, it's an Abuse, our right to invade other countries for their resources so we can keep up our lifestyle is not a Human Right, it's an Abuse, so you see, when we get down to the nitty gritty of why people oppose What is Best for All and lay it out in the open, it doesn't look so good, and yet we went so far as creating a whole new vocabulary to explain why we are in fact entitled to do what we do and defined our Criminal Activities as Human Rights, so while we stood united to claim our Rights to Abuse, we got Abused, we rolled over while Real Human Rights were eroded under our very eyes but we were too busy proving that we had the Freedom of Speech that entitled us to Abuse or the Freedom of Choice so I can hold on to porn and alcohol and drugs, no matter the consequences, the Freedom to 'defend our Borders' -abroad-  to justify our right to go to war against others and while we took away the Right of other living beings, go figure, our Real Human Rights were taken away too.

One could say not surprisingly, because we have not shown to be Humans as in HumanKind but rather Human as in ViciousHumans and so we lost the right to Live because we moved Life way down the list of relevant things in the world as we busied ourselves with all forms of abuse we could conceive, meanwhile we got so far removed from our Humanity that at the sound of the words 'What is Best for All', we react, we don't want What is Best for All if that means the end of our right to Abuse, because....well, because we are TheMented as in living up in our isolated little Kingdoms of Our Minds, where we can pretend to be a self sustainable island, missing out on the obvious, undeniable interconnectedness of All Things, which give us life -while we don't, we take it from others so we can turn it into Money and hopefully end our existential fears within the Illusion that we'll be able to buy our Piece/Peace of Mind.

So, please consider, What is Best for All includes YOU, we want a good Life for everyone, free education, free health care, free housing, a share of the world resources for All, we want to support each other, all living beings and the world as One, how is that not good for You? What kind of freedom are you after that such a world would not provide: Freedom from Debt Slavery, from Education Slavery, Freedom from Fear of Each other, of not having enough to live or of not having a place where to live, freedom from the fear for the future of your children, freedom from stress, from anxiety, from most of the Evil of this world -just by agreeing to give to each other what we would want for ourselves.

So, if and when you should see yourself react to these words, just ask yourself, what is it that you fear giving up, is it the porn, alcohol and drugs, anonymity, fucking animals, really, what is it that stands in the way of Your Self Realization of what will be possible when we realign in Oneness and Equality to What is Best for All and then see if you can find it in your heart to stop the Abuse and the Self Abuse -for Life.

We are making it our business to learn to do What is Best for All -for Life, what kind of busy-ness are you investing yourself into and -is it worth Your Life -or Not?

Get support to break Free from Abuse, no one has to live this way, together we can create a world that works for All and bring Heaven to Earth for All, why the Hell are we waiting for?

Basic Income Guaranteed - to take the first steps into a world of Support

Equal Money - for when we'll be BIG Enough to comprehend a New World Paradime

Desteni I Process - to support your walk out of Abuse and Self Abuse, back to Life.

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