Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 338: The Birth of Liberal Empire and the Commonwealth

(Day 337 -walked privately)

As a new Heir is born into the Royal Family to ensure the continuation of Monarchy, I became curious at how our acceptance of Monarchy developed to where we are today.

It's hard to believe that no matter how many more educated or intelligent people there are in the world, we still accept a symbol of Absolute Inequality such as the Monarchy as valid, an institution which up-lifted itself above any Common Man, just by virtue of their Bloodline, a point that could be viewed both as a genetic/DNA claim or as the trail of blood they left behind to manage to secure their power over the rest of the Commoners.

Everyone who has studied history with some interests can trace back all 'bloodlines' to acts of savage violence, nothing was spared to make sure enough fear was driven into those that should accept their role as servants, as commoners and then, with time, the bloodlines tried to clean up their image, they became more 'user friendly', allowing the people to believe they had a share in their wealth, benefiting in the image and likeness of Royalty, up to believing that the Royal wealth was the Common Wealth, a spell that worked so effectively that some asked to be their subjects, and many are still glad to be Subject-ed to the Magic of Royal bedtime stories, this specifically in the case of the British Empire.

As I studied history I found this 'protective political behavior' traced back all the way to the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire, at the height of their rule, interestingly the time when countries asked to be part of their Protectorates, were always times when the Empires were at the top of their game and able to crush anyone who would try and go against them, hence Protectorates or 'Willing Enslavement Contracts' would be drafted between Empires and the countries who had been driven successfully to such a point of fear, that left them no choice but to ask for a protection they were willing to pay for.

Protectorates were in fact exactly the same as the Mafia models that came later, Mafia asked for a 'Protection Fee', funny because when we speak about the Mafia we always want to depict them as those that began the trend of abuse of their 'protection power' which could be translated in ' a fee to make sure you would not be conquered and destroyed', so the question should rise -if we found the Mafia behavior appalling just because it had become illegal, once those that used it had secured their thrones around the world and they made sure to write Laws to prevent the people from doing to them what they had done onto others-, was it Ok for Empires just because they managed to rewrite Their-Story, His-Story  as they pleased and as they wanted to be remembered?

Is our Education system been tampered with to tell us only about mutually profitable alliances between friendly states where the de facto subjugated state (or people) did so by their spontaneous and willing participation and in fact by their own desire and request? How was this ever believable?

So, for what concerns the British Empire, from tomorrow I will start researching its origins and how it spread, how it spread the idea and belief that Wealth could become Common, and how the Words that are used within the system are nothing but promptings for the sheeple to respond in kind, kindly, while they are beaten down and asked to surrender all their power to no longer be Unique Expressions of Life, Living Words that exist in and as What Is Best For All Life, but Commons, commonly abused over centuries and kept happy within the promise of a CommonWealth, that never in fact, came.

Royalty will end, it's time, start to walk your journey to Equality with a Living Income Guaranteed.

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  1. Very well expressed and spot on insights, you name it as it in fact is. Thanks. I read your blog every now and then and I enjoy your analyses