Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 330: Inflated Egos, Deflate Reality.

What came first, Capitalism or our Egos?

It must be our Egos, because without them we could have never conceived, nor would we have upheld a system where everything is designed and catered to allow us to feed and  inflate our  Self Image and the Idea of ourselves in Our Minds.

Think LifeStyles, you believe that you are the one wanting a specific lifestyle, but this is not true, millions of hours of work have gone into analyzing people and how they function so that specific lifestyle could be designed for them and then sold to them, there are even Lifestyles  designed for Unique people, Special People, UnlikeAnyoneElse People, Original People - you get the drift.
From the moment we are born there is someone selling to us the idea that bigger is better, this is how we end up Inflated, inflating ourselves because apparently what we are, who we are, is not good enough, ever.

One of my friend had a baby girl, they bought her Princess clothes from the moment she was born, little tiaras, magic wands, places in the best schools in the world, tuition for what she did not get in class, at 10 she would already throw tantrums when they did not fly business class and she would tell her friends that she was more than them, because her father told her that his convertible sport car was hers and she had just to wait to be 18, she could tell her friends she was more than them because of what she owned, her definition of herself was 'I am special' hence she would only be happy when 'special' was delivered to her.
Her parents smiled delighted when she would be more than others, until the day she told her mother that, in case of divorce she would stay with daddy, because 'he had a driver'.

By the age of 12 they took her to India, they took the luxury tour through it, even though India has a funny way to not allow anyone to not see its misery, its everywhere, it's so in your face that Hollywood decided to make a movie about it (The Millionaire) so we could inflate the point that SOME make it while in the background, all the horrors of the country are clearly shown -interestingly enough- as The Reason why this person finally Made It.

If you have not watched the movie, do, test for yourself how you can tune out from what is told there, that kids are stolen to be sent into begging, that they are blinded and maimed so that they will get more money than the next beggar because You will feel more compassion (or more guilt for having it so much better) and will give them more, sometimes it is their parents that will maim them to guarantee a future for them, don't shy away from this, that is what Love is in the face of Misery, that is the best kind of tuition they can give to their children, a place on the walking path, a chance to survive in this world -be the best beggar you can be - my son-.

When she came back from India and wrote about it, she wrote about all the beautiful colors, the lovely food they ate, the luxurious palaces she saw, and when her mother asked why she didn't write about the misery that haunted her for days, she replied that she simply did not want to. Simple as that.

Her Ego was already Big Enough to Delete The Physical Reality.

Of course this is not a fault of her own, her parents inflated her for their own Ego, at the time I was into Love and Light and Positive Thinking and told her that 'see, children naturally tend to float toward the good, it's us ruining them with asking them to focus on the negative, the bad', what a load of Crap.

It is because of Us that children are raised the way they are, it is because we pass on to them our own disease the 'I don't want to look' disease, least we may question our reality and our existence and see that we have a responsibility that we cannot shy away from.

Money is what we created and use to inflate ourselves, everything that caters to our Ego costs Money, all sorts of Egos are created in this world to sustain this system starting within the Family system, the ones that make it to the top are the Inflated Egos, they are the high flyers of this world, they call the Deflated Egos 'Poor Bastards' -and laugh. I once met a Fat Cat who used to refer to people that were below him in the food/money chain as 'Poor Bastards', it was his way to acknowledge them into reality and at the same time deflate them into a lesser position because of their lack of Money/Status/Position.

Any Ego is just an illusory creation, they are only the consequence of our upbringing and of our placement in the world, both are Equally damaging to Reality, the High Flyers because they have managed to get a hold of all resources or are in the process thereof, and the Deflated ones because they spend their lives seeking Inflation, so they may Fly High too, if not in Reality in their own Minds.

If we look at Spirituality, that would be the Free Ride for the Poor Bastards of this existence -not talking about the Poorest Bastards who are the only one confined into the lower realms of reality, from which they don't even have the choice to leave for a break, because their conditions of hunger, or worry, or fear for the future keep them tightly anchored into the Physical Reality-, through Spirituality we can inflate ourselves at no cost, we can make up Guides and Angels, we can say we talk to Jesus and be Special, all those Mind delusions come Free of Charge and we can get our High Flyer status and join-in into the Higher level of our Collective DeMentia.

We have a huge problem on this Planet, while Life is for Sale, we buy Lifestyles, we seem satisfied with thinking up better lives vs make better lives for ourselves and everyone, if we would be brave enough to look at reality for what it is, without inflating the good -and mostly imaginary- bits about it, we could come to a common solution, then instead of catering to the rich Monopoly Game of this  Planet we could support a system of Change for All, that would start with a BIG step, a Living Income Guaranteed, because Reality exists beyond our Inflation and beyond our desire to inflate it, and it ain't going anywhere either, We are the ones that will have to change it.

If we just opened our eyes we could see it in all its horror, but horror doesn't fly High, this is why we embrace our PeterPan-ish existences in which we rather inflate our Minds and Egos than realize that we are not the worthless humans we perceive we are in and as the Physical, we have just never been Here, it's a place to explore and become familiar with, then as we acclimatize to what Reality really is, stop judging it as 'negative and bad' but just look at what is, we can face the problems at hand and as Equals decide to Give to Each Others what we would like for ourselves, a Decent Life, free from Fear and Inflation.

It's possible, it starts with a Living Income Guaranteed, it will guarantee the Right to Life to All, then we can stop pretending to be more in fear of being not enough to make it in this world.

Join us, a better world is waiting for All, you are one of the missing pieces, Dear Poor Bastard.

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