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Day 332: The Lies of Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction

This is going to be a sore blog to write.
It's the story of how I went all the way with Law of Attraction, meaning checked its consistency, because I could at the time, I had plenty money in my pockets and no fear.

For years I had been listening to Abraham Hicks and his teachings, the point that everything had two sides that could be summed up into 'something' or 'the lack of it' was very clear to me, the world existed within a duality frame, Abraham said that The Secret was to just align with what we wanted, do not allow ourselves to focus on the lack of it but just on the object of our desire, and then wait to see how the universe would deliver to us everything we dreamed of - and more.

The theory sustained that the Universe had been keeping a tab of All Our Desires, and was always willing to deliver to everyone what they wanted, they just had to Ask -and it would be given.

As I write this I can see how the whole story is quite lame, with the situation we have in this world believing that the universe would give me 'a parking space' or the money for 'the dress I wanted' was just outlandish, at least in a Universe with any Morality, obviously the Universe would have to keep into account that first It should deliver the Necessities required by All, such as food, water, shelter, I mean, imagine that we were too greedy to put on hold our individual desires or focus on what others are lacking, that they need to survive, FIRST, wouldn't a benevolent Universe be Able to rearrange all requests by Priorities?

I don't know who is in charge of giving out Parking Spaces in Heaven, but wouldn't be logical that Heaven should reassign this 'Angel' to do something more relevant, like giving food to the dying kids in Asia or Africa - or were people in Heaven too specialized in tasks and unable to be redirected - like did they have The Angel of Parking Spaces and the F&B (food and beverage) Angel was so overwhelmed with work that he could not keep up?
How was this theory really working and WHY if we found that this was the way the world operated, didn't we go to Africa to show children that they had to stop focusing on their hunger, they should visualize a BigMac instead or a McMeal, why were we keeping The Secret to ourselves?

So as I said, with plenty money in my pocket I left my job and moved to Thailand where I had the whole day to realign my focus and see if this Law was really a Law of the Universe and committing to, once I had worked out all details, spread the good news - for free.

For months I listened and watched nothing else but Law of Attraction cds and videos, it made so much sense, the questions such as why there is suffering in the world where always cleverly redirected into 'some choose to experience life at the other end of polarity', but of course, why did I not think about it, because already the thinking about this made me feel so much better, silly me, for years I dwelled on the misery of Humanity when in fact it was a CHOICE, Great, I could now move on and stop the lifelong affliction with guilt and shame for the world we live in.

And THAT I did succesfully, so succesfully in fact that I would dodge beggars in the street, afraid that they may contaminate my Mind escrow of positive thinking stuff, because we had to guard our emotions as well, no negative emotions allowed, there was even a chart which would highlight both the emotions we were living and the required process to get out of them, according to the book Ask and It Is Given.

I had plenty of time, I did all the process mentioned, religiously, I could 'pivot' among my emotions riding rampages of appreciation until I would feel good, I mastered that process -and unfortunately shared it with others who suffered like me from anxiety or sadness or worse-, I lived a jet setter life style but the money kept reducing in my bank account, there was no ACTION taken to support the Lie of Energy as Emotions and I had to discover the hard way that NO ACTION means NO MONEY.

If you are still a Believer, take it all the way, prove your Faith in the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking to yourself, take No Action and watch your Money disappear, there is no way you are going to manifest Money out of thin air because MONEY requires physical movement, it requires participation in reality, unless you have truckloads of Money and then you make your Money work for you, but you see, again, somebody or something has got to work to get the Money!

Moral of my story, both Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction are Hoaxes, they just ride our desire to inflate our lives with unnecessary 'goods' while others live out al the 'bads', we should have realized it by ourselves, there is no way anyone in this world could have chosen some of the horrific lives that are taking place under our very eyes, if we believe it, is because we want to, it's because we look for excuses and justification to why we have it better than some, when you really look at it Positive Thinking is just Evil, it's the Selfish desire to feel good no matter what, in the face of a world where people suffer while we shut them out, come on, if The Secret were real, what would it have cost to the writers of the book to go and share it with those that are starving? Or don't we believe in the Infinite Resources of the Universe, isn't the Universe able to cater for All as long as we align with our desires?

No it's not, it seems pretty obvious with 1/3 of the world living below the Poverty Line, the Earth resources are Finite, what we're pulling out of one side of the equation means some have to go without it, think about it, the poor of this world can't be all pessimists or are they having negative emotions because they found out that this world is designed in a way that will never allow them to take part in it, no matter what, that they don't stand a chance to make it, or to even come to a stability that would allow them and their families to leave in peace?

You know what is The Secret? The Secret is that those that sell us bullshit, about how to make money doing nothing, are liars, and they need the ones who dumbly believe in their words so that They Can Make Money, there this is the Secret, and the why they don't tell us how they made Their Money, because they would have to tell us that they need the naives who will buy any lie they write to support their lifestyle, but they can't -because then we would have a negative emotion and they can't afford the luxury of a negative emotion that could make their house of cards crumble once and for all.

We are the Creators of this world, if we feel bad about it, if we feel shame, there may be reasons, we feel bad because this world is unjust, because many suffer, because we lost ourselves into Mind Games while Life goes unnoticed in the best cases or completely wiped out in the worst cases, so why don't we give up the feeling chart and put our hands on paper for a Human Rights Chart?

We have done it at the Equal Life Foundation, no one says you have to give it all up, but you have to start considering others who have not been born in our same conditions of privilege and start to share what we can while supporting a new system that will guarantee that Life is a Human Right for all, then being Happy may be real, until then we are just Great Pretenders, and the only charts we are on, is the top of the chart of  Human Indifference and Disconnection -and that makes us unworthy of the Life we are not busy guaranteeing to All Others - and then we want to believe in a Universe that would reward this as Benevolence, because we deserve it, because we managed to Feel Good through a Rampage of Appreciation of what we have and others can only dream about? 
Wow, what an achievement...
Time to Wake Up. Life is Waiting.

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