Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 335: The Joy and Freedom of Hating Desteni

I have been with Desteni for over 2 years now.

I used to be a heavy duty, unrepentant, Pot Smoker, Life didn't make any sense to me and I felt too inadequate to take on the world as myself and stand for what could be a world that works for all.

Before I met Desteni I wasn't even interested, come on, who would even think to try and change this world, aligning to the distortion of what we created is so much easier and, in many cases, even financially rewarding.

The people at Desteni helped me a lot when I joined the Forums, not because they are Self Perfected beings(...), but because they are working to become the kind of beings that care about others and all Life, this is why they spend much time working on themselves to uproot the Evil we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become, selfish little egotistical shits, that have no other interest but to have the upper hand on others, at any cost, even just by using our words to try and diminish what we perceive is a call to Self Responsibility for a Self responsible World, as our Creation.

It was only with the use of Desteni Tools that I was able to leave behind for good an addiction I could not sort out in over 25 years, and I have tried anything, from therapy, to Spirituality, positive thinking, Abraham Hicks, Matrix Energetics, Family Constellation, Detox, Hypnotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, sacred geometry, anything that exists I have personally investigated and positively failed to help me sort myself out, sure they must be bullshitters with a lucky strike to manage to provide just the right tools that did the trick, or could they be up to something?

I am currently at the Desteni Farm, where I have been hosted for free, simply because I did not have the money to contribute, but these weird people Here insist that every human is NOT to be seen as 'money making' potential but as a Life potential and must be supported to find it in them to stand for themselves and every other living being, as Equals. Crazy, mind-blowing shit. By the way I reserve my right to write a full Witness blog at the end of my stay - anyone who talks about anything should have done their leg work and put in the effort to go and find out if there is substance to people's claim, are we not otherwise brainwashed if as Truth Seekers we look only for 'The Truth we Like?', how convenient is that?

I even get to sit with the Inter-dimensional Portal every day, a little girl that speaks anything from biology to physics, able to explain in detail any paranormal phenomena that has ever existed, from Demons to Angels to Ghosts, any freaking thing -without a script, of course that should make us question this Reality, we could do that OR take up our little pens and keyboards and try and diminish what we can't even understand yet, THAT will save us from feeling belittled in all our Knowledgeable Minds by someone who is not fitting our ideas and opinions of what communication with the other side should look and be like - and then we insist on us being the intelligent species - compared to what? Forks? Which other species has shown the same disregard for life that we have shown just because we think and speak, yeah, the real high achievers of this existence, you just need to look around at what we created, something we must all be proud of.

Wouldn't you like a better world? If you do, you have to start to consider how can you be a part of it, a better world will not come by while some sit watching it unfold and then join in, no, this time we are required to stand together for a change; is this going to be easy?

Surely not, we'll have to wait for everyone to align to their Self Responsibility, plus we'll have to wait for some bigheads that do nothing but spread lies and misinformation about Desteni, just because they know they should be standing too, but they rather cash in on the controversial energy that surrounds us as a group, so they can get some views and publish some ads on their website (think we didn't notice?), some would do anything for money hei, even compromise their own chances to get the message about how to stop being Dick-s so we could be Life instead.

It 'feels good' to Hate Desteni, considering that the alternative is so much scarier, the idea that You are in fact as responsible for this world as anyone else and that it is time for You to stand as the Change You Want to See in This World and that we are accountable, each one of us, for everything we have ever participated in, inside and out, and there goes a real frightening thought, obviously Hating is just so much easier, though ammunition must be getting scarce  if some have to write 'overall blogs' vs the specific libelous ones, careful though, the hatred shows, there aren't enough clever words to line up to disguise it effectively, specifically when young girls are called 'cock teasers' just because they share their views on sexuality.
So, there is a Journey to Nothingness to walk, the tools are provided for free to return to yourself your Authority so you can Author and Authorize a different world from the one we live in, use your words wisely - we are already doing time on this planet, because it's time we get it that we have to find ways to coexist, and one day you will open your eyes to realize the world we live in is a world you are contributing to with your words and godforbid the day you will, you better find a place to go for support because the fall will be painful, I can testify to this from personal experience.

For those that claim to be intelligent, please consider that being in the business of hating Desteni is a luxury no one can really afford, because this time Money won't buy anyone their way out of here, we'll have to walk together a new path for a new world and there is never going to be Your Way out of this.

Desteni has written and is writing a Destiny for All Humankind, a Way Out, together we can stop all suffering and return Dignity to this world, you have the Choice to join and walk your change or not, but no Choice is Free, not even to those with plenty of Money, We are all Doing Time here, and will do all the Time required to Self Realize that either this World works for All or soon it won't work for anyone, because we can only be and live what we are willing to give and let others be, Jesus said that -and instead of living his words -we crucified him.

There is Only One Choice that ends All Consequences, and that is what is Best for All, which is not an opinion or an idea, it's a point each one can find within themselves if they care to look for it, the Cross is the Choice, you get off if you For-Give Life to yourself and All Equally or you can Not Be for-Give-ness and nail yourself to the Cross until you make the Right Choice, there was always Only One Choice - Dumb Human - we just kept missing it.

You can get it now or after some Time on The Cross, You Choose.  Happy CrossOvers ahead.

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  1. Awesome read Ele, thanks for all your sharp and enjoyable contributions! Have fun on the farm!