Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 203: A MIRACLE took place in Italy! But then God changed his mind.....

A tragedy hit Taranto yesterday.
No this is not correct. Two tragedies hit Taranto yesterday.
One was the reopening of the Ilva plant, one of the largest Steel manufacturers in Italy, the largest in the forgotten South, in Apulia, a region at high unemployment risk; the largest in Italy for number of direct employee, 12.000, but whose closure would cause 20.000 people to becoming jobless.
Since 1997, environmental reports proved that Ilva was responsible for the pollution of the environment, fishing is forbidden around Taranto due to high levels of dioxin present in the water, in 7 years there have been 11.590 deaths caused by the activity of the Steel Implants (1650/year) e 26.399 hospitalizations (3.857/year). It is the Bhopal of the Apulia region.
It has been estimated that if we could add up the emission by air and by sea and divide them by the number of inhabitants it would come up to Two hundred and ten kilos of emissions(210 Kg) per person/year to deal with.
With a -hidden- decree specifically written for ILVA in 2011, the limits of the emissions of benzopyren were removed, it was a field day, 'get the silly environmentalist off my back', said Fabio Riva, the heir of the Ilva Empire.

He didn't just say that, the intercepted phone calls proved, he said as well that 2 cancer deaths more a year were 'fucking nothing' -we can't but agree when the deaths per year are over 1000- and it was important to bribe the media so they would spread some smoke on the whole story and people would go back to feeling safe. When they were not busy dying.

Fabio Riva is now at large, a fugitive from justice since a few days when a warrant has been issued in his name for criminal conspiracy and corruption of high officials, the imputation was not manslaughter. Those deaths happened as a collateral corporate risk.
He is now hiding somewhere and he has decided that he will first see what kind of defense he can come up with through his lawyers for his actions and then decide IF he will come back to face the music. 
He has that choice. The kind of choice ONLY MONEY can Buy.
He can even decide through his 'Intelligence' gathering, on which country he should move to, to not face extradition, meanwhile an international warrant has not been issued, the media says it's to give him an opportunity to redeem himself and just come back to face the trial. 
But the real reason is to give him time to decide where to move to, at his convenience, then the international warrant will be issued, we have to wait until he is safe and sound.

This is just the preview of the story for those that are unfamiliar with both the corruption in Italy, which is an IN YOUR FACE corruption, and the uselessness of the Public Institution, which were instituted by the Rich, supported by the Rich as a protection for their actions and not as a system of accountability where the ones who don't have a voice or a choice due to how the birth lottery of this world has placed them would be safeguarded.

The twist in the story is that, while the Court has finally issued 7 arrest warrants for the people involved, the ones that went under attach were the Courts, led by a woman magistrate, men magistrates could not pinpoint the problem for the past 15 years, weird. It is unthinkable - and unheard of- that the Justice system should question a company that feeds 20000 people (and killed 11590 in 7 years and sent 26.399  to the hospital), where is our decency, why are we not thinking about the Good of the People, the fucking job they need to survive, because without this job, they are dead anyway, and so it is that the same employees whose families and colleagues have been killed by pollution, by corruption, by a system of abuse for greed and profit were standing out of the plant that was closed by the Bench, manifesting for their right to go back to work.
Let's get this right, no one wanted to go back to a place that kills them by the thousands, they just wanted to live, and life down in the South comes at THAT Price, at the price of the Russian Roulette that you may make it, I will pull the trigger one more time, maybe I'll live.

The closure of the Plant was announced since July, they were in breech of the New European Environmental Law, they had the time to set themselves in line with the regulations, but Greed is a bitch, and they did not want to put back in the money they had taken out profiting on the lives of people -literally-, in fact they did more, they asked for assistance from the State -the citizens, the tax payers which is NOT the Riva family as those are the rich tax evaders with headquarters in Luxembourg- to put the workers on unemployment benefits. 

Two days ago a decree was signed by the government to bypass the Power of the bench of Judges (the Highest Power within the Italian republic) and Re open the Plant. SUCCESS!!

The workers started to go back yesterday, and here comes another twist.
One week ago we had regional elections, only 3 million peoples went to vote, the Media said it was an amazing turn up. There are 58 mil people in Italy, of which at least 45 mil people able to vote. Many that did not go to vote went said they went to Church instead, they said they voted for Mother Mary, because it would take a miracle to fix some of our problems such as the Ilva one with the Plant just closed.

Less than a week later the Ilva plant reopened. What a fucking Miracle!
AND they opened beyond any restriction, for now the important thing was to reopen, to guarantee a wage to those family for which the unemployment benefit has not been granted yet.

What we have to understand is that such are the choices of capitalism, if you don't work, you DIE, because we have accepted and allowed a system of Greed to take over the World, our lives and now everything else is a battle, wherever we look it's either a rock or a hard place, aren't we getting the drift yet?
And so yesterday, amid the celebration for the defeat of Democracy, the Justice system, the safeguarding of Life over Profit and the direct intervention of Mother Mary that interceded for the reopening of a toxic plant -according to prayers- Nature stood up and said NO. Nature said I will kill you with my own hands if you don't fucking Stand Up!

At just after 10 am a tornado (never seen before in Italy) not only hit Taranto, but hit the Ilva Plant specifically, causing 20 casualties there over the 38 casualty that took place all over the city, plus 1 death of a guy who was blown off a crane, and then left 15 mil euro of damages on its wake, taking away the hopes that work will be resuming anytime soon for the 'Good of All' and widening the gap of the question, Who is going to pay the wages to those workers now? How are they going to Live?

So, a miracle was deflated, and another one was born, as the link to the video of the Huffington post titles the incident "Finger of God?', what about the hand of Mother Mary? Why did God overthrew her decision to reopen the Plant, does God know better? Or is this a Con-flict of Interests in Heaven?

Well, that would be nothing more and nothing less that what we live everyday. 
A World thorn by Conflicts where on one side we have Life and on the other Profit and Money.

What will YOU choose?

Capitalism as the expression of Our Greed and self Interest must die for Life to take its place at the centre of every Equation. Life Guaranteed to All, by All.

I Vote for an Equal Money System, because it will restore Dignity to Life and because it recognizes that Each Life has Equal Value, get involved, Cast your Vote, we don't need Miracles, we need to Stand up United for Life One and Equal, to give to each other what we would like to receive, Once and for All.

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  1. Wow Eleanora, what a story! I cant believe that, that many people went to pray instead of vote!
    Thanks much for your posts.

    1. Welcome Adele. The saga is still going on, the Plant has closed after the tornado, as usual the deadly choices of capitalism, do you rather die poisoned or starved? And we fight for the right to choose and divide on what is the best choice, the ones that want to live and not be poisoned vote against the reopening, the ones that need to eat and not be starved and see no other choice to make money vote for, divided we stand, Intelligent Humanity ? Instead of seeing a Common Sense solution for All which would be that Capitalism is NOT working, it never did, it never will, for anyone bar a bunch of people, and that one point pro Capitalism cannot stand in the way of the required, necessary Changes.