Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 200: Humanity - Armed with Intelligence

The first time I heard the translation of CIA as, Central Intelligence Agency, I thought it was a place where a lot of Intelligent people were gathered to investigate World issues.

Another few years went by before I connected the Word 'Intelligence' to the word 'information. 
The penny finally dropped when I heard the term 'gathering Intelligence' that could not relate to people or a skill.

We are looking into Intelligence as a group, digging into it to see the value we have given to it, the characters we built around it, how we have identified 'Intelligent' people to be more than others, more valuable than the ones defined as not 'Intelligent'.

If we look at Intelligence for its dual meaning in English, for its 'system' meaning lets say, Intelligence is nothing else than the ability to gather, file and manage knowledge and information.

Not only, it is the gathering and filing of information AS an advantage, the Central Intelligence Agency was set up not as a mean to establish Equality and a life that works for All on this planet, it never had any High Ideal about its role either, it was set up to set the USA ahead of the game -whatever the Game is-, as the most efficient and ruthless collector of information, possibly of the dirt and low of the 'enemies' that could be used at a later stage to come out the winners within any dispute, as the knowledge and information of their-Story vs His-story  could/would be used as weaponry to gain the advantage of the people's support through manipulation of reality and through the manufacturing of consent.

So, intelligence as it has been used and valued so far, it's just a measure of the ability to file and process information, it's the capacity of our individual 'processors' that we have been praising and valuing and then used to exclude some who, either by birth or by their upbringing, have a different 'processing capacity', those that have not been told that the world is a freaking fearful place in which we better be ARMED with knowledge and information as 'power', we better get smart as knowledge processing units if we want to come out winners or just merely survive.

We have been taught to 'develop' the ability to gather and file information as a weapon against each other, starting within the school system and the grading of children because we have accepted and allowed the 'Idea' that the world cannot provide for us All, and we need advantages on others to secure our survival, our lives are not guaranteed, they have to be 'earned' and Intelligence is one of the way we can use to secure our livelihood and the pretense of our lives.

Let's consider that his World is the result of the most 'intelligent' among us -did you know Psychopaths have some of the highest IQ in the world?- , the ones that Con-vinced 99% of the people that they have No Rights but Duties, that They have to Earn their Right to Life, they hoarded the Earth resources by stealing from the whole and then tagged them with an Illusory Monetary value through a Make-Belief creation called Money and indebted the World at large, they studied How To Manipulate Humanity into the wimps we have become and that then made sure no one had the same abilities as 'intelligence' as gathering of knowledge and information because they hid the knowledge and made the information into what they wanted the 'public' to be informed about, such is the power of intelligence.

So, where is the value of Intelligence so far, if the pushing and pursuing of this weapon called Intelligence has given birth to 1/3 of the world not cared and provided for? What is the value of a Tool we have used against each other and where is the Equality such a precious tool should have built if this tool was for the 'betterment of mankind'?

Nowhere to be seen.
We have to face what we have done with our 'intelligence' and what we are still doing, we have to stop placing people on the Intelligence ladder as a measure of their worth, animals have shown to be way more intelligent than we are, to have way more Intelli-sense than we do, if all the world applied the Intelli-sense ladder and we found out we are at the very bottom of it, looting pillaging, raping, hurting and harming each other and other species, entertaining ourselves with the suffering of animals and of our fellow human beings, what should the animals do to us?
Boot us out of the planet?

That would be an Idea. Meanwhile, while we still enjoy their tolerance, while they are not lining up out of our homes to finish us off and rid the planet of the pests we have become, we may reconsider Intelligence into Common Sense, no longer as the gathering of useless knowledge and information as weaponry, but as the ability to live what we know would be best for all as ourselves, the living planet, the animal kingdom into reality.

We could forgive our Intelligence of the past as our Ability to have an advantage on others and recognize we have always been afraid, fearful of this world and each other and no amount of Intelligence can make that go away but we can self correct ourselves as the world into an Intelligence as Common Sense to see what is best for All and get on to it, apply what we know to transform this world into a place where fear no longer exists, nor the need to file and manage information as weapons against each other and the world at large.

Stop Intelligence for Intelli-Sense to change the World, Intelli-sense, the skill to manage knowledge and information for what is Best for All.

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