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Day 196: Italy - The Evil Society of Inequality

Every Thursday we have our own 'reality Show' called 'Public Service', an independent source of News, of those News that someone up there decides are not fit for the dumb public, like the fact that people can't make it to the end of the month and have started to stop buying expensive foods such as cheese and meat, you never know, we may be creating a world that will free animals by default as we become unable to afford to eat them.

Tonight's talk-show is titled 'Life after Monti'.

Before we go into the Monti story, the picture above -he looks a bit like Jesus, we like to keep the crucifixion branded within our memory bank in this catholic country- is of one of the students that manifested in Rome on the 15th of November 2012 against the cuts to the School System, the gathering that started with students united shouting 'United we are scary' ended up in a bloodbath, and in many young people scared shitless as they dispersed when they saw the police meant business and were not holding back the blows.
The news said 'Monti launches police against students'. This is certainly not specific as there are other people in the food chain to make those petty decisions, for sure the behavior line is set at the top and a government that is showing in every possible way that Life, Education, Healthcare and any other Human Right such as the one to not be thrown in a street because you can't pay your rent, don't matter as there is one slogan that is shouted louder, the loudest of all, and that is PROFIT ABOVE ALL, and sorry, Schools and Healthcare and Human rights are Not Profitable, so please fuck off.

Monti is our premier, a Prime Minister that has not been democratically elected but has not been opposed either because after Berlusconi, Bozo the Clown would have seemed a better chance for this country to come back to its feet than a man who held costume parties where pocket money in the region of 5000 euro (5 times the country average monthly wage) were given to each girl willing to perform for him.
Fathers rooted for their girls to be picked, as that was both a measure of appealing-ness to the highest echelons of Power and a clear sign that the girl was smart and willing to sell out, she wouldn't starve, her future was guaranteed.

Many Italians are not even consciously aware, some didn't even notice and some just don't care that we have a prime Minister and a Government that not only is not democratically elected but is not working for the people. Monti is a member of the Bilderberg group and has forfeited his remuneration as Prime Minister, good man, pity we didn't see it was not to set the example -which no other politician followed- but to explain to those that had missed out on his origins that the remuneration of a Prime Minister for a man who belongs to the Ones that Own the World is just a pittance and he would not be diminished by such a paycheck.

When you are in charge of pulling the strings of the Monetary System, your only interest is to keep the system in place, so Mr. Monti shielded by "The Spread" shows the mere mortals that he is not wishing such austerity to the country, nono, he wished things could be different, but unfortunately 'The Spread' says we have to tighten our belts -that some no longer have- the cost in human lives is so remote from him as it is to all that have converted the world into numbers and are just squaring books. Really, it's not intentional Evil, it's just the way things are, they have to do what they gotta do. People have become commodities and making sense of humanity in the face of Profit is no longer possible nor desirable.

Today's show was about mothers explaining to the majors of some minor cities that they don't want their children to be separated from other children just because they can't afford the canteen rates and give their children food that they prepare at home, they want their children to not be discriminated, the children have no fault if they can't make it to the end of the month and if schools don't provide for the children that are in dire situations they should be allowed into the canteen anyway and not taken in the school dungeons to eat -but the fear is what if they set a bad example and other mothers come to know they can make food at home for their children and save the canteen money? what a loss-, some have nothing to give them, so the children are asked to wait outside until the ones that have been granted the right to eat are done. Are we separating them to point out that they are worth less, that they are just worth what their parents can afford to do for them, nothing more nothing less. What would be the point of separating children between those that 'can afford' and those that 'can't afford' if not to remark our accepted Money based Value as Humans?

The Majors said that if GodForbid they should step in for the children who can't pay for the canteen and include All, the cost would go up of 200000 euro and someone must come up with this Money, who will? On the other hand we have been able to magically find within this amazing, debasing, austerity 10 billion for the Army, when we voted NO to the Army a long time ago, basically we spend 10 billion to be peace keepers around the world, to get face when we are asked 'can you do me this peacekeeping favor', imagine if we couldn't afford it? Imagine if we had to say, NO we can't join your FAKE peacekeeping efforts because we gotta feed the kids, pay for school and healthcare for the people, sorry Pal.
What a fucking shame that would be.

Last week a lady was telling her story of how she had to give up her job to take care of her ill father (because we have no longer Free Healthcare) and now she needed an extra 600 euro per month to close her living gap. A "Big" entrepreneur, Briatore, who lives a billionaire lifestyle and is a convicted tax evader, stood up and said he will provide that money for 1 year until the government steps in with a solution - and held his breath for an applause that, surprisingly, never came.

Now, in Italy we have the highest tax evasion in Europe, 180 billions of tax evasions, helloooo, I am sure that if we check the numbers we must be the first in the world as far as corruption pro capita goes, we have changed laws, refined them, modified the terms of 'accountancy requirements' to add something only we can boast about, called 'Creative Accountancy' it is protected by Law, we are rewarded for our Creativity in all fields, the best cars, clothes, shoes -that 95% of people can't afford- and the best ability to cheat and scam, the Trevi fountain has been sold endless times to dumb tourists, we 'grow' the greatest looters, pillagers, thieves and corrupt people the world has ever seen.
We have experience and a long history we can check out in case we have missed out on something, the Roman Empire has never ended, just the Togas and the Laurel crowns have stopped, not in private, as those were some of Berlusconi party themes, but in public. People with Togas are like the Scots, they wear no knickers, and in an ever increasing hungry country, leaving meaty tidbits dangling on the loose is becoming exponentially dangerous.

If we had everyone paying taxes just as a way to equalize the play field a little we wouldn't have to watch the 'smart kid in town' standing up as a hero for 7200 euro for 1 year of support to a family to which the support should be given as a right. The man worked for 35 years and paid all the required contributions, money that was stolen, taken abroad, invested in Nigeria and foreign manufacturing while we have companies like Fiat where workers who accepted a monthly salary of 970 euro or as Fiat said, they would move abroad, have become afraid to speak up after the last mass firing, where unions have been kicked out and the workers who belong to any union at all followed suit, but instead of seeing the signs of a profoundly sick society, we become clever in looking for ways to make THIS system work. The last one?
A Flash Mob was organized next to an illegal dump-site where 70 people pretended to be dead and the County was exposed on the Media and immediately sent someone to clear the site from the toxic waste and debris.  We saw this as a Victory!

reality is that we need to question our system of Inequality not in its outflows, but at the root, we are starting our crap first within FamiLies and then we move it to the School System, we teach kids that we are born Equal but then we don't behave that way and the old adage 'do what I say don't do what I do' doesn't work, we can see it everywhere, the little demonic copies of ourselves roaming the Earth are here to show us.

We created this, the more we pushed the Consumerism side of our country so far we have lost touch with the end of it and in the process fed the Greed Monster and the Self Interest Monster that says that Enough is Not Enough and it's Mine -or I hang on to the Hope that one day it might-, there is no bottom to Greed, it's a sickness we must heal ourselves from and we must stand up to self correct to change this world One and Equal to ourselves. We have accepted and allowed this world in the hope to join in at the Top, we won't, we better give those hopes up and get Real.

Because as we allow such a world to exist, the Demons we are create other Demons, but better, bigger as there is a strange evilution in the evilness of our ways and things that we wouldn't contemplate a few years ago are becoming the New Normality. Insanity is the New Normality.

Just for the Chronicle, Italy is on paper a First World Country, going to shit, the net of austerity has widened to include All, soon the idea of First or Third world will be a memory, so to not equalize all to a better life we'll have to first equalize all to a shitty life, it's just a matter of time,  OR we could see the common sense of changing our ways, to consider to give to All what we would like to receive, so we won't have to watch crying mothers for their forgotten children and crying wives telling the story of their husband's suicides because they could no longer face a world where their freedom and dignity were linked to work as 'making a living', and they ended up having no access to any, Living is not happening and Lives are wasted and trashed in the name of Profit and a fucking derisory shackle called 'Spread'. WAKE UP!

Stand up for a Life of Dignity for All, Free Education, Free Healthcare, Real Democracy, no more Wars and Violence and a World of Equals will be created through#EqualMoney. Get involved

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