Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 192: Social Engineering - PhD for Sale!!! Got Money?

Today I went to see an Education Consultant. I would like to take some management courses that require a Master or a PhD and I anticipated to them I have a long working experience and asked yesterday when we spoke on the phone if I could get credits for my working experience toward an MBA or a PhD.

I am not as subject to intimidating environment or people since I have started to walk with Desteni, this association I went to, which ranks no. 1 as Educational Consultants in Italy is located in an old fancy building in a quite Central position, that means big Money and its a show off of Power, as everything that is Money related.

The lady that received me was dressed to kill, my first thought was 'sluttish' high platform hills, a skirt that outlined her bottom and clothes generally way too tight for comfort, designed to impress. I have dressed like that minus the platform shoes that in my Mind are connected as an association to Prostitutes, when I was a kid only Prostitutes wore platforms, now they are everywhere, considering that my memories -even though Not all association - are culture based, we can see how we have oversexualized everything all the way into the workplace, even in positions where women do not need their seduction skills as their jobs are in a way 'secured', but the CULTure is what runs a country and Fashion makes Victims everywhere we look in Italy, as dressing is to stick to a Fashion Code, even when that code becomes ludicrous and obviously absolutely uncomfortable.

She asked me my experience and started to take notes, I had an eclectic working life, she stopped taking notes when she realized that she had all the information she was after, which basically were, were was I with schooling and what I could claim and mainly what I could pay.

She then proceeded with a convoluted speech bringing examples of people 'they helped' to close their paper gaps, a lot of words were spent to say one simple thing, if I was wiling to shed 13000/15000 Euro I would get a PhD in 1 year, she specified that this PhD is Legal and I can use the prefix "Dott" in front of my name BUT since is empty of content, I cannot use it to access the Management courses I wish to access where I would be allowed to sit as an auditor through all the course (PAYING LIKE A REGULAR STUDENT), but won't be allowed to sit for the exams.

To cut through the chase of this river of words I said to the lady 'sorry, I am not clear about what YOU give me during this 1 year of preparing for the PHD? 'And she said 'a Tutor to help you write out your thesis', and then I said that the most expensive Uni Italy has yearly taxes that go from 3000/11000 according to the family income and that students would get their full support in terms of CONTENT and that what it seemed she was selling beyond words, was an empty certificate, not an education to support me to fill the gaps that would allow me to access the courses I am interested in, and pushing words here and there, I ended up calling the service they sold 'a racket'. Obviously the exchange after that point was brief as we both had come to a conclusion from which there was no return, the point of lack of content was owned, the point of lack of support or tutoring was owned, what was left was a price tag for a PhD, that I was NOT willing to pay.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel diminished by not having access to the education System as the topics of my interest and where I see myself do well and be effective, due to the way our Education system is set up, not for Education but for Money Making purposes

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to suppress the feeling of inadequacy for even having to be in a place for Education consultation at my age and for then looking for something 'wrong' with the lady that received me which I found could be her 'sluttish' attire because that made Her out of place in an Education Consultant Position as much as I felt out of place being there

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate in the thought 'no matter how sluttish you are dressed like, you are still ugly', proving that I held resentment towards her for how she was presenting this whole business to me as Education and for having a job, no matter what the job was like, which in the specific was about selling paper/titles for Money,  and for trying to suppress the desire to find faults with her to move myself out of my feelings of inadequacy to make myself feel better

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel ashamed that this thought came up and for trying to brush it away, until it became a source of distraction while she was talking as I was having my own personal battle between good and evil, missing out on what she was saying at times because I was too busy wrestling myself to the ground, instead of breathing, flagging the point and telling myself I would unravel it later and keep myself there in Breath to have a real conversation with another being

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to value having an "education', failing to see that within this system an Education is just a Possession like having a Cartier watch, something to show off that cost Money and that has value ONLY for that reason, because the content of our Educational system is ludicrous, and we can see it by working and facing the newly graduated who have been prepared for dead subjects such as dead languages and can speak Greek or Latin -just about among themselves at school, since Old Greek or Old Latin are as DEAD and as useless as they come and they are valued just as a point of 'exclusivity' in education, which is another point of Worth/Value - while they lack All skills to Live effectively and contribute effectively in Life or any organizational situation, proving that Capitalist Education is just a SCAM

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to buy into the knowledge game, when in fact no knowledge so far has been of any use to come up for a Global Solution that is Best for All and still we can't let it go, because Knowledge=Power=Money and so at best we try to have more knowledge than others for more Power and more Money and to assure a more comfortable place for ourselves within the World System, while we accept and allow ourselves to believe that 'we worked hard to get where we are'

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see, realize and understand, that not having the same access to Education for All is in fact deliberate, because this System called Capitalism that spreads the Lie of Equal Opportunity for all those that work hard, is in fact a Lie, because the system is NOT designed to be able to cater to the Wants and desires of All within a limited supply of Money and a limited reality of resources, and so it uses the Education System to filter out not the worse, but the challenging ones, the ones that may no fit like square cogs into square holes and keep the system working and that our support of this Capitalistic System proves our desire to create Lives that are worthier than others so we can all keep some slaves down at the bottom to cater for cheap labour and our every whim at the cheapest price possible, and this is possible ONLY if we de-value some Lives vs others, and Education is one of such Tools

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see realize and understand that when we allow a world that is divided in Classes, from First Class to Third Cass and then we call it First World and Third World to confuse the cards on the table, the result of our Class-ism will be that those coming out of their Third Class Universities won't have access to the World system with the same Value as the Ones coming from First Class, not because the subjects studied were different, but because they are Worth Less by Birth and so we end up with University Graduates from the Philippines slaving away for Uneducated Chinese in Hong Kong just because the Money flows from the Chinese down, proving that Education is worthless in the face of Money and unless has been paid for with Big Money in First World/Class Universities which is in fact the key to Valuable Prestigious Diplomas that open the doors to the World System

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that having a University certificate is a Proof of someone's intelligence and worth above others when in fact what is determining the Worth of All in this World at the Moment is MONEY and so we better wisen up to it and let go our ideas and beliefs about the Value of Education, because the Value of an Education is just like everything else, determined by the Money invested in an Education and is no measure of either effective nor capable Human beings, but just another sign of how far we have taken the Money point into every walk of Life and how we accept and allow Money to determine and define Who we are and Who everyone else is, reducing Life to a mere price Tag that those that cannot afford to pay, by no fault of their one, will be reduced at the bottom of society with few or no hope to ever climb up

I commit myself to no longer value education as knowledge and information as I see realize and understand that there is No Value in anything we have done so far that has Not Created a World that is Best for All

I commit myself to stop defining myself according to the Master and PhD I do not have as I move to no longer support the illusion of Value of anything in separation from me as Breath as Life, One and equal to everything that exists.

I commit myself to expose the Education System for what it is, a tool for Social Engineering, a tool for Separation, a Tool for sifting through Humanity to scoop out the ones that will serve the system as faithful slaves and to only direct myself to learn what I need to know to move effectively within this system as a Self responsible, Self Directive Human being standing for what is Best for All, for myself as All of Existence, Equal and One.

I commit myself to support an Equal Money System that will guarantee Free relevant Education for All, to stop this system of profit and lack of content as a Racket we created to Profit from One Another and to support others to see Reality for what it is, so we may wake up and move on from this World of Abuse to a World of Support for All Living Beings, Equal and One.

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