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Day 199 - Malindi Kenia - the New Italian Colony - Acuna Matata

Acuna Matata, from the Lion King, means No Problem.
This is the new slogan of the Italians that have moved or are moving to Malindi.
They say that Italy is turning into a State of Fiscal Dictatorship.
Yes, because trying to have everyone, in the specific the rich tax evader, pay taxes is a Dictatorship which is not working for them and they have Choices, the ones granted by Money, so since the Public Policies seem to be misaligned with their interests at the moment, they'll just move on.

So what will be left in Italy will be those that do not have choices, the ones that have not been paid for the last 3 months by government bodies because the money has been spent on the ones on Top, not considering that the ones at the bottom are the ones running the show, cleaning the streets, having hospitals working, schools, transportation, what makes a community a place for All.

As I researched this news of Italians I found a list of famous, wealthy people who are planning to move there like Berlusconi or are already well established there such as Briatore, the famous F1 Etrepreneur.
He is building a new Billionaire Club, it will cost peanuts to build using the slavemanship available there for a pittance and the Kenyans hope it will boost their economy, because, being unaware of how the system works, they have not yet clear that foreign investments NEVER boost the economy for the locals, the money is made by the rich for the rich, the locals are there to provide cheap labor and to be given candies by the tourists and to allow their children to be embraced for snapshots that become testimonies of the compassionate nature of those photographed, who after the picture put the kids down, give them some candies to rot their teeth and move on with their lives.

The reasons for such Exodus are not just to save tax Money but the gain of living in a cheap country where there is cheap Human capital to be exploited, where they get to live the life of Kings that they can't afford in Italy, the life that doesn't know Laws, because even the Laws written by Money to protect the rich had to have some decency over time and forbid what was a clear infringement of Human Rights, such as Child prostitution and trafficking.

But not in Malindi, Italians rank no. 1 in Child exploitation in Malindi and in Thailand as well, anywhere where they could buy their way to their desires with Money, Italians are there, getting the grapes put in their mouths while lying down on a recliner from the hands of children, exploiting children as young as 9 years old -and maybe younger- for 5 euro, who are sold out by hungry parents and by mothers who have an heritage of prostitution and don't see any other way to make money and support themselves.
Some argue that Italians are loved in Malindi, but the journalists that have not sold out tell a completely different story.

They tell of the hate that they inspire by their big well guarded Villas in which, beyond closed doors, anything is possible, where children are delivered and used and while the Italians think they are the best because they don't beat them or don't push for the real Kinky stuff, the truth is that they are Predators of the Poor, and within their closed gated community, proud about it.

The Hate is hidden, secret, the Italians have become powerful in Malindi, they can get you in troubles, they buy out the police for 50 euro, they were covered up even by the Consul in Malindi in 2008, who said those were just urban legends with no truth to it, noticeably The Italian embassy is the only foreign mission with a resident consul in Malindi for which Italian taxpayer pay for, the taxpayers pay as well for all the missions to fight child prostitution in Kenya, millions have been devoted to this, money of course that disappeared into the pockets of the same ones who possibly abuse children. The irony of it All, taxpayers are unknowingly supporting child prostitution in Kenya and their cover ups

A mention of an untraceable report on the UNICEF site says that Italians are Top Abusers, they rank no 1 in Kenya, they brought so much money there that the locals learned Italian hoping to have access to some of it.
All the links to the UNICEF report from Italian articles about this are broken, on the UNICEF site as well its impossible to get to it, there is big money in the business of prostituting and trafficking children -not money FOR the children- and big money moves mountains. The only working link I found was through an article published on the Atlantic about Mafia in Malindi, can be visited clicking here.

So, the problem of government raising taxes to include the rich and powerful, to even out the fields for All and guarantee that those that are not paid for their work, do get paid, any attempt to curb this curve of Inequality cannot work, because we have gone too far down the line and now All the Money is in the hands of those that no longer accept rules of any kind because they see rules as an infringement on their right to abuse, they call abuse 'opportunities' that they give to both themselves and the needy, but guess what, we made the needy needy, if we stopped our lives that don't make sense to anyone but to us, to include all equally, we would not have the needy, we would All  have a dignified Life and an end to the Abuses of all sorts in this World.

This is just 1 story of Abuse, millions of such stories are going on everywhere in the world.
We need to Change what we have accepted and allowed, we need to change the rules of this rigged game, if we can't level the fields, we have to rewrite the systems, we have to make the current Money worthless and give New Money as the pass to resources to All, this is the only thing that will stop Abuses, the rising of All for the Good of All.

And then we'll see who sells their children and those who buy them will have to face that there is a problem with their desires that needs to be addressed, this world is not the Playground of the Rich, they'll have to rethink that one out, because while they played, while we dwindled, lives were and are lost, children are abused, and Acuna Matata is just the way of the Rich and Powerful to say Fuck You All.

There is a lot of Matata to address, we have to start with a plan, we have one, it's called Equal Money, it covers the whole system change, it will stop wars, violence, famine, abuses and the exploitation of children.

Get involved, cast your vote, we can do better than this if we stand together for Change. Don't wait.

Equal Money website for a System Change

Desteni for the individual Change we need to break through our fears and support a System Change. Pedophiles can find support for self support here too. Stop the Mind as the Source of All Abuses.

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