Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 204: Powerlessness as Abdication of Responsibility

Everything that is going on in the News and Italian talks show these days is about ILVA, the Infamous Steel Manufacturer.
One of the workers interviewed today, after the Plant closed down again due to the Never-seen-before-Tornado, was that 'unless we stop delegating and allow others to decide for our future things won't change'.

We can take this statement to the bigger and see that while there has been a lot of advantage in this unfair race for Money and Profit by those that were the holders of Money as Power, the responsibility cannot be only on the hands of the perpetrators of Abuse. What about the Abused?
If we had stood together for what is Best for ALL, Abuse would have Never Been Possible.
Instead we are fragmented, first within our Minds and then without, resulting in this World of separation, where My interests must come before Yours, where I live and you die.

So, the truth about admitting to be powerless, fearing to be powerless hides the desire to not take responsibility and to blame others for where we find ourselves today, making the consequences of our participation the testimony of the one way responsibility that we abdicated in blame, instead of stopping and reassessing where is our Response-Ability in the face of Abuse and how can we find solutions for All of Us, stopping this world, changing what we ask just for ourselves into designing a Change for everyone as ourselves and then we as the system, change to a system of Self responsibility, where each is responsible for self as the whole and within our self Response-Ability we can find again the Power we have abdicated happy to be abused as long as we wouldn't have to face the point that this World would have never be possible without our acceptance and allowance and as such, as we Change our acceptance and allowance into a Self Directive decision to Stand for Life and All Living beings, so does the World as our Mirror, change with us.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from power as mySelf as Self responsibility

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear standing up because I feared having to face the truth that at this moment I have no power to change the world or any impact on the system and I won't either until I hold myself in separation from the system as myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear becoming responsible, fearing the LOAD of the responsibility that I perceive is not possible to be faced by just one, instead of seeing the solution that 1 + 1 means I am not alone, even though I walk alone the process of stopping the separation of myself from the system as me

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that the Rich and Powerful will always win because I wished to not have to stand up as part of the Solution and I could if I gave up before I even started by blaming the Rich and Powerful for where we are today

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to live as friction and Conflict against this system within my Mind for so long that I came to the 'I give up' point, feeling that it's hopeless to even believe we can change something that has become so big and has taken over control, instead of seeing and realizing that as each one takes over control of themselves as One of the Whole, the system must change, because the system is nothing more than the sum of its parts

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, that this world is a collective creation and as such, collectively, united, we can change what we created in separation to reflect our change as realignment to Oneness and Equality

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that stopping to vote is taking a stand, when stopping to vote is what is one of the points that is manifesting the problems we are facing, as we don't stand up to Vote as Self responsible Human beings for something else, such as a system that works for All and considers All Living Beings as Equals

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear Equality because I yearned to be special and more than others, not wanting to be common as I defined 'common' as the flattening of all self expression, instead of seeing, realizing and understanding, that only when we will be truly Equals we will have the freedom to self express, beyond fears and judgements

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to see the rich and powerful as 'the ones at fault' because they have more 'numbers' that could in a swift move make this change happen if they only wanted, instead of accepting the fact that they don't want, for now, just as much as I didn't want to give up my 'status' for equality and as such others like me who are still stuck in the brainwashing of finding value in their position and possessions are not in a position to make this move and that furthermore the desire for 'them' to make such move is yet again another abdication of responsibility in which I wonder and keep myself pre-occupied with questions such as 'why does this change have to start with me and not with 'them', why aren't THEY asked to change, why aren't They giving the example?", failing to see that I ask myself such questions looking for ways to keep abdicating my responsibility, seeking for Good reasons why I can still postpone because the ones who are creating the most damage -apparently- are still busy doing it, when in fact we are all equally participating collectively in the Creation of this world and as such we have to collectively disengage this support that we are giving through the abdication of our responsibility for this world as ourselves

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be moved by the anger of the people manifesting against this system, as being 'moved' means I am not Here, stable in and as Breath, instead of seeing and realizing the anger as real and valid without participating in it as I see, realize and understand that the anger we are using to moan about the system is misdirected, we are all angry at ourselves for what we have accepted and allowed, then, best stop diversions, own the anger and on the wings of this self honest Anger, stand for a Change, as the Change that we want to see in this world, for ourselves and all of Existence, Equal and One.

When and as I see fears coming up in me about how pointless it is to stand up given the extent of the problem we are facing, I stop, breathe, make a point of getting back Here through breathing as my 'thoughts' are not the solution to this world problem as they only exist of polarity that I use to find ways to be against the system as that gives me the momentary relief of the belief 'that I am doing something about it, I am opposing it!", when in fact I am just perpetuating the friction and conflict I exist as which is what is manifesting the friction and conflict that stand in the way of One Solution for the World that will benefit All Equally

When and as I see myself desiring to blame the Rich and Powerful for how we live, I stop and breathe, as I see realize and understand the Rich and Powerful are nothing else than manifestations of my own desire for moreness in fear of being less and that when I equalize myself to be stable within who I am I will be one less point of support for the Inequality of this world

When and as I see myself fearing that nothing will change, I look into the specific point I am facing to see why and what I am not willing to change about myself and why I accept the limitations of myself which reflect in the limited version of the world we live in and stand to address that point and change it

I commit myself to not give in to thoughts of assessment of the gravity of the system situation as that is already clear to me but instead to become more consistent in breathing myself back into the physical and Not participate within and as the Mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions as an excuse to tap into Powerlessness so I can abdicate my responsibility for standing for change as the change

I commit myself to, whenever I perceive myself toying with thoughts and feelings of powerlessness to STOP, breathe and bring muself back to Breath while I look at what I am trying to Not take responsibility for, so I can address it in writing and self corrective application until I stand Self responsible and no longer Powerlessness as a victim of my self created Mind.

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