Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 128: Committing to stopping Justifications as The Justifier Character

Beyond Fear (album)

I commit myself to stop justifying myself when I perceive I have done something ''wrong' instead I remind myself that when I feel the need to justify myself is because I am aware in Self Honesty that what I have done is not What is Best for All, but I do not give into Self Blame or into Blaming others as a justification for my behavior, instead I investigate why and how I have done what I did, as everything I do as a Character is based on Fear, as this is the only reason Why Characters exist, so that I won't walk the same path next time I am faced with the same situation and I STOP the opportunity to step into the Justifier

I commit myself to stop my fear of judgement of others which is the Fear of the judgement of me whenever I do something that I perceive as wrong, which I can flag for myself whenever I see the desire to step into the Justifier again,, so I can dig into the Whys and Hows to stop this desire to justify myself in fear of my/others judgement

I commit myself to stop projecting myself in future scenarios of disasters, in which I start to Fear the Consequences of what I have done through elaborate visualization of the possible worse, as I saw that this makes my desire to justify myself in the light of something that has not yet happened and may never happen such as what happened yesterday with these two friends that today I discovered was all my fear projected into the Worse Possible scenario, that made me desire to Justify myself in advance

I commit myself to see the Common sense of being Here in and as Breath, as I have seen realized and understood that it is only when I am into Character Hopping that I experience fears and the desire to Justify Myself for what I believe and perceive I have done wrong, instead of just being here in and as Breath and Not accepting to take the rollercoaster ride that the Mind offers under the justification 'that is better be prepared for the Worse'

I commit myself to stop believing that it is better to be prepared for the Worse, as I have seen first hand how many times the worse did not come when I expected it and so I just wasted Time and Breaths lost within the Mind, scaring myself instead of consistently applying myself to become more stable Here in and as Breath

I commit myself to stop scaring myself as I see, realize and understand that every time I am scared, I am not Here, because if I were Here I would not be scared, as fear exists only within and as the Mind and that it just takes my determination and the deliberate Self Directed decision to say NO I do not accept this experience as Me and Breathe, to stop the fearmonger I have become and turned this outward world into, Equal and One

I commit myself to show others that fear is Not real, that it is a fabrication of The Mind that is fed to us by the World Systems as much as We feed it to ourselves, without mercy, non stop, no matter the manifested evident consequences of Our Lives lived in fear and separation showing us how much we need to Stop and bring ourselves back here to deal with this Physical Manifested Existence and realign ourselves inward and outward to Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All

I commit myself to remind myself whenever I feel the desire to Justify as The Justifier Character, that I have applied Self Forgiveness and stated my Commitments and that I have to walk this Correction in and as The Physical because this is what we are doing, rewriting our Code of behavior into a Living Code, into something that we wish to see in this world as The Change we are "Hoping" for, take as many breaths as I need before I speak and step into justifications and instead take responsibility for everything I do and whenever I make a miss-take stand up again to Self Correct myself until I have realigned myself to Oneness and Equality and What is best for All

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