Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 114: The Loving Character Self Corrective and Self Commitment Statements

When and as I see myself moving or desiring to move into the Loving Character as a way to get my advantage toward another by speaking the FEAR-FULL word 'Love", I stop, Breathe, investigate what I fear to lose that makes me desire to up my chances to Not Lose and do not speak this word as a tool for manipulation

When and as I see myself wanting or desiring to reply to someone that speaks the words 'I love You' I care for You with 'Me Too', I stop, Breathe, realize that I am just wanting and desiring to square the books that I perceive the word 'Love' creates when it is spoken and I do not speak this word as a Tool for squaring books of imaginary debts and credits

When and as I see myself moving or about to move into fear when I anticipate that anothr is about to speak the word 'Love' as I fear being manipulated by it, I stop, breathe, remind myself that I am the only one that can manipulate myself through reactions such as emotions and feelings and breathe to stop my participation within and as Emotions and Feelings

When I find myself within a situation where I see another speaking the word 'Love' out of Fear, I stop, Breathe, see if I can support the other out of that moment of Fear by asking to the other what is it that they fear, if the opportunity is Not there for the unconditional support of another I Breathe myself back  Here to stand as an unconditional point of support for another One and Equal as myself as they move through and out of their Fear

When and as I see myself longing for the time when I was a 'loving person' as to suggest that when I was a Loving person I was Better and More than now that I am no longer willing to play the Loving Character, I stop, Breathe, remind myself that I was always just a Loving 'Character', and that every 'loving' I have done or spoke about in my life I did in Self Interest and was therefore not real, and that Real Love is finding a solution for a dignified Life for All, Love is abandoning the play within Characters that only seek to win over others who must lose and that Love is not a feeling and the feeling is what I am really after to prove to myself that I as the Loving Character identified by the Loving feeling Am still alive and that there is no Real Loss but a make belief Loss of Who I have embodied out of Fear, trying to up my chances to Survive within a very unloving, abusive world as all the others using the Love word and feeling are busy doing too

When and as I see myself engaging or about to engage in the desire for Love as either a memory or a future play out, I stop, Breathe, remind myself that Love is just FEAR and that what I am seeking is to 'feel Alive' as how I have so far defined being Alive as within an energetic charge, a surge of a movement within me to define my aliveness, my being Alive and I remind myself that being Alive is NOT in fact what I have believed Aliveness to Be, and that when I do feel a surge of Energy I am engaging myself as a system and consuming my substance for an imaginary Experience instead of being Here in and as Breath as Life

When and as I see myself desiring a loving experience such as being hugged, I stop, Breathe, remind myself that I am desiring what I am not giving to myself, my unconditional acceptance and loving presence Here in and as Breath and I bring myself back Here to be for myself what I seek out of myself

When and as I see myself moved by a story or a movie that depicts 'a loving relationship, people growing old together, friends laughing and hugging each other' as things I will never again experience because I am still only able to conceive life within polarities and so if I associated love with hugging and support, I discard love AND hugging and support by moving in the Loveless experience of my self definition of Love, instead of seeing and realizing those were NOT my definitions of Love, those were system definitions of Love meant to sell me a desire as an experience of myself and that Love is physical which means I can still hug a friend or support someone and be supported, just no longer within the confinements and restrictions of an energetic mind drawn and designed experience

I commit myself to let go of Love and of myself as a Loving Character, as I see realize and understand that nothing I have ever done as a Loving Character or as Loving has even been Real, because I was NOT ever yet Real and because I was not One and Equal to Another Here in Breath to offer the unconditional support that I could not give because I have yet to find it for myself

I commit myself to support myself unconditionally to walk myself out of the Mind, so that for the first time I may experience Love as Me, no longer as a separate projected word and experience of my psychotic Mind, but One and Equal as Physical Support of myself and another Equal and One

I commit myself to stop the existence of me as the mourning of the Loss of Love, as I see realize and understand that I am mourning something I never had or experienced and thus this mourning experience is a creation of my mind to tempt me back into Character, into an energetic experience of myself vs the physical Experience of Myself here in and as Breath walking my self correction and my realignment to Oneness and Equality

I commit myself to show others that the LOVE we exalt and mourn is Not real and that what we always sought was our Self Acceptance beyond the Criminal activity of Our Sick Minds that turned ourselves into Fear Mongers and existence into a Fearful/Love-fool place where Life is abused for Energy while we waste away on the wings of Hope for a Life we never had.

Support yourself to walk out of your Mind with Desteni
Support a system to Love Yourself and your neighbor for/as Life Equal and One with

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