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Day 122: Stopping the Slavery of the Debt System

Breathe and Stop
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When and as I see myself moving or about to move into one of my Hopelessness Characters, such as the Indignation Character or the FuckItAll Character, I stop, Breathe, remind myself that this is NOT how I will Change myself, as All the Characters born of Hopelessness as FEAR are in fact Powerless as they have already accepted and allowed themselves to believe that there is no Hope for us as Humanity because we will never Change and they exist to find evidence that this is in fact so to protect their existence in and as The Mind, instead I Breathe and tell myself 'it's just a Character, with no substance, unless I give it substance through my thoughts, feelings and emotions' and so I won't, I direct myself to not participate as a Slave to my Mind into the Play titled 'Why Humans Cant' Change" as that play is just about Me and the excuses about why I don't Change and so it is Me who has to STOP, Stand and Change into and as The Physical for myself and What is best for All

I commit myself to stop my justifications and my existence within Characters that have so many reasons why I can't Change and just push myself to Change, without bashing myself when I see I have done it again, whatever it is that I do as in following thoughts, feelings and emotions of myself as The Mind in a endless not-so-merry go round, and I push myself to Stop, to gain terrain and space for myself as Breath within the amazing maze of My Characters and Personalities, until I become more and more consistent in being Here in and as Breath

When and as I see myself desiring to take a baseball bat and walk out the door to go to smash it all because I have allowed myself to react and get angry, as the Self Righteous Character, BeLieving that I am not in fact part of the Problem just because I am walking a process of Self Correction which makes me better than others and entitles me to Blame Others for Not doing the same, I stop Breathe, tell myself that my Self Righteous Character leads to my Hoooligan Character and both have never amounted to nothing, nor have they ever changed anything if not the relationships around me for the worse, and that it is pointless to direct the anger that I feel for myself, for Not Standing Absolute as The Change that is in fact required to Change the Inward and Outward reality, onto others as the reflection of Me being absolutely angry at myself for having enslaved myself to and as Me as the Mind while I found ways as Characters to not stand up in and self responsibility, instead I forgive myself for having participated in Anger as Me, and Stand Up Again and Again, in and as Breath, reminding myself that debts are over when I decide, because I am the One that decides, and that I have made the decision to Stop my existence as a Debt/Credit System and  now I just have to walk it consistently to stop the Slavery of myself to the Perceived Debts of my Life that I have not yet let go but I can let go as I identify them through Self Forgiveness, Self Correction and Self Directive Application

I commit myself to stop existing as Anger in separation from this System as myself as I see realize and understand that until I am separated from The System as myself I cannot Change or stand as a Piece of The Solution, instead I breathe through the points of The System that I become aware of as I walk my Breath by Breath process to stop the enslavement of myself to the Mind and to the Slavery/Debt system of this world, One and Equal to me

When and as I see myself becoming overwhelmed as I see how extensive is the Slavery we have subjected ourselves to through a new point that I show myself, I stop, Breathe, remind myself that it is not to blame or judge this point as I see realize and understand we are walking the Con-sequences of what we have set in motion as a Life of Cons as the Lies we started to Create as Characters within a sequence in Time that we have layered ourselves with and we can STOP, because we were the Ones Creating such Cons and as the Con Artists we have become we can step out of the Cunning/Conning Characters to walk ourselves as Self Correction out of The Mind for ourselves and All of Existence Equal and One

I commit myself to stop conning myself in cunning ways from one Character into another which leads me into the Character of 'I'm fucking overwhelmed here' as I see realize and understand that that is just another Character that I have created to justify Why I experience myself in certain ways so I don't have to take responsbility as the Creator of my experience, instead I push myself to walk consistently to stop my participation in and as The Mind so I can gain stability as I walk in and as Breath my Self Correction to realign myself to Oneness and Equality and What is best for All

When and as I see myself thinking about Slavery as 'The Way things are' I stop, Breathe, remind myself that what I am seeing reflected in the world is My Own Slavery to Myself as The Mind, and so I stop, participating in and as The Mind to stop the Slavery of myself and Existence Equal and One

I commit myself to stop being a Slave to the Mind, to give importance to what the Mind whispers or comes up with to entice/tempt me to just walk back into the familiar terrain of my Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions without which I fear I don't exist as I have embraced the thought and the BeLief "I think therefore I am', and con-sequently prized my thought as an achievement of my beingness as a Mind System, while I see realize and understand that when I think I am The Mind and that's about it, a conglomerate of Schizofrenic Characters fighting for their own survival, using me as the Slave to provide and fuel the Mind, robbing me of my resources, as my Substance as The Physcal, cunning me with lies into believing that everything is under control, no more and no less than the absolute untrustworthy Outward World we have created and conned ourselves into and that we are now walking to leave behind for Life, for ourselves and All of Existence Equal and One .

When and as I see myself looking for external reasons to justify Why this System of debts exists in the first place, I stop, breathe, remind myself that WE ARE The System of Debt and that there is no Need to look outside as this System exists with the acceptance and allowance of All of Us, as we chose to believe that this was how the System worked and to not make waves but instead to carve out of the system our Place in The Sun, without seeing or realizing that if some take ALL the Place under the Sun and Justify it as Their Right as they are the Elite as the ELight of Existence and we believe and accept it is in fact so, why would we All have any less responsibility than the Con Artists that were more skilled than we were in making up bigger and better lies than the ones we came up with to abuse ourselves and existence, including the lie that Yes it was true that it was their Right, as Our Parents taught us that 'This is The Way Things Are' and to not question the sanity of our parents in FEAR to find out that we were just as crazy, we accepted The System, and then defended it as to WHY I Have the Right to have More Rights than Another that apparently doesn't have the Right to eat every day like I do, and since I am the One that decides I made my bed and then Lied in it, ending up Not Having The Right to Life as I denied it to others, because I failed to see that there was never any choice but One Choice -as All other choices create Con-sequences as a Debt to be walked- to do to others what I would like done unto me, and until we stand as One doing just that, we'll have to Lie together in the beds we made for others that we Hoped we would not have to Lie in, One and Equal to our Creation and The Rights We Granted to Others

I commit myself to eradicate from myself the Right to Inequality that I have breathed into Existence as I stand as the Righting of the Wrongs we set in motion within our Fears and Separation, claiming that we had More Right to Life than Everyone Else, instead of standing as One for All Life and Existence, Equal and One

I commit myself to show others in Common Sense, why what we have built and breathed into existence is an abomination and a Crime against Life as we have denied access to Life giving resources such as Money to 1/3 of the World, pretending it was an Economics problem that was disconnected from us and not in fact our response-ability and to show why and how the implementation of an Equal Money System is the Grace that will save us from our Damn-Nation, a place in which we believed we could be prized, valuable VIP Citizens of our Mind while we told the rest of the world to fuck off and die

I commit myself to show others that an Equal Money System is not in fact about Money, but it's about accessing an existing Tool that we have used and invested with the Power to decide who lives and who dies for What is Best for All, using THE Life resource that we have placed above Life, to return Life to an Equal Worth and Value, so that we may stop being con-fused about How we have to go about building The World, as Life at the Centre of every Equation will show us how to do that and we will be able to correct every Field of Existence and return it to the Sovereignty of Life, for Life and All of existence Equal and One

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