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Day 121: Come My Child, Embrace Debt as Your Life

Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...
Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Original caption: "Overseer Artayou Carrier whipped me. I was two months in bed sore from the whipping. My master come after I was whipped; he discharged the overseer. The very words of poor Peter, taken as he sat for his picture." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I gave my first English lesson to a kid who has to repair the ‘subject’ in September, a term that means she tore the subject apart -and not in the recommended Orthodox way- and now she has to fix it ?

I went through her homework and found out that she did study and did her homework and she did not need to ‘repair the subject in September’ meaning study all summer to reach a vote that qualifies her as ‘sufficient’ to pass, she would have needed some help in sorting out the subject and An effective schooling system that we do not have.

As she brought me up to date with the New Schooling System, she told me that ‘insufficient marks’ which are unilaterally decided by mostly frustrated teachers who hate their jobs and sometimes children too, are now called ‘Debts’, they are given some Bonus/Credits as well to use as wild cards to pull out to walk away from an Interrogation or a bad ‘mark’.

As I write all the words that are now connected with an Education System strike me as simply just absurd, debits, credits, good/bad marks, Interrogation, honestly how did we set up such a system and called it “Education” without specifying into WHAT are we educating Children today, Slaves to a system that brands them mercilessly to Divide them from Day 1 into Worthy and Unworthy, getting used to a Life of Debts, A Life as a Debt System.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react when S. said that she could not repay her debt, referring to some homework at school

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel ashamed about this Creation of Ours in which we tell kids that they have debts to repay in school so we can prepare them for their dutiful Life of Debts

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to move into my backchat as the Indignation Character about the rights and wrongs of this freaking system that pretends to educate children while what we are making sure to pass on is our own Debt System as The Way Things Are

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create and embody the Indignation Character as a way to feel more and better than this System and in the specific this system of Education from which I desire to separate myself from

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to support a world in which children are born into Debt, where we want them to pay for our own Lives of acceptances and allowances within  a system of abuse

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think that we are a hopeless bunch of  fuckwits and that I cannot see how this can possibly change if the system is tightening the bolts on Education to deliver perfect slaves for the system as we speak

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think that it’s all hopeless if 14 years old kids are starting to be indoctrinated with the Debt system within their school curricula, instead of seeing how this highlights how urgent it is that we stand and take self responsibility to NOT accept and allow new generations of Slaves to come onto the marketplace where their Lives will be on Sale for Money and Profit

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel angry as I sat listening to how teachers abuse their positions of power to belittle children as an outlet for their frustrating lives of demeaning teaching of useless material that they have to teach because their livelihood depends on their ability to perform within their Role (Play), instead of directing this anger that I feel for this system as Abuse of Power, One and Equal to Me, to make my Change Real within a Breath by Breath commitment to make this system of Abuse STOP for All involved, which is just about everyone who is “alive” on the planet

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see that Slavery is in fact an Economics problem, in which we have come to the most logical conclusion after having turned Life into numbers for Profit, meaning that the cheapest I can have something as goods or labor, the best my balance sheet will look like and the highest my Profit return will be, which means Slavery is just the perfect business choice that we will  keep making until we stop turning Life into a Commodity on a Balance Sheet

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that there is a good news about Modern Slavery, and that is that it is diminishing in our World, failing to see that numbers are manipulated to show the Everyday Slaves that they are doing well compared to Modern Day Slavery of no pay, no rights, no dignity, long hours of work and being disposed once consumed to death, while apparently the NON Slaves according to the Dictionary, meaning the Ones with Free Choice, are just Free to get a job and the Money that will guarantee that they do not turn into real Modern Slaves when out of Job and out of Money, having to sell their lives because at the moment Life is For Sale and the Right to Life Must Be Bought

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see that the World is filled with Slaves, some have Money and some do not Have Money, and this divides us just into Richer and Poorer Slaves, nevertheless on a Planet ruled by Fear and Profit those who don't have the Money live in the Fear of Not making a Profit to buy their Right to Life and those living in the Profit gained from the Fear of others, live as well in the Fear that the tables will turn and they will have to face what we have done, while desperately trying to turn human lives into numbers to pretend that it was just numbers and that it was not personal, Just Business

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that things have changed/improved, since slaves times, as we bought into the pictures of how much harder times were BEFORE, as we allow ourselves to be imprinted with the History of Slaves, as the way things were, storing images and pictures from books and movies about the unfairness of the Old Time Slavery, failing to see that we are just being presented as kids with imaginary Changes of the world and the World system, so we may buy into the bullshit that Things Have Changed and have improved and how lucky we are and how great is The World that has recognized its faults, failing to see that we have just become more cruel and more cunning, and that when we saw that open-in-your-face-slavery-Egyptian-Style was no longer accepted and allowed, we went underground and built a Magnificent system of Slavery that never existed before, which, while it shows us and praises on our behalf  Our Freedom and Free Choice, it’s in fact holding everyone within an Invisible and Absolute Economic Slavery, where Life has to be bought and therefore we ourselves have become willing to sell it out to the highest bidder, making it our job to enslave ourselves as we accept and allow that there is No Other Way and so within our Acceptance and Allowance of our State of Slaves we hold the Masters in place, enslaved to their Creation as much as we are enslaved to Our Own, as Slaves

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fail to see that there is no one to blame or hate here as we see and understand we are ALL the products of a system of Abuse we have ourselves created out of our Fear and that we are walking the manifested consequences of eons of time in which we have hoped that things would change, that we could wait for the next shift, the next spaceship, the next energy change from 3d to other Dimensions, without seeing realizing and understanding that it is BeCause we lost ourselves in Alternate Dimensions that the World has developed into something we no longer seem to have control over and that our fear of Not being in control as the other side of the coin of our Desire to not be in Control and Self responsible for ourselves and Our Creation, has driven us here and from here we really have to stand and self honestly ask ourselves, how long have we heard the Hopeful salvation bullshit while the world was heading toward implosion and wouldn't it be time that we stopped believing such crap, so we could accept that, right, no one is going to come, a shift is NOT going to happen by itself and we have finished the Dimensions in which we could Hide, as we have consumed everything and are now left in/on the Earth as The Eye of The Needle and we better find our way through it, because a Camel seemed to have more chances than the Rich as The Possessed to get through, so we'll have to get smarter than a Camel, leave Our Possessions behind and really work out how the fuck did we end up here, how did we design this self destructing machine as ourselves as The Mind, so we can STOP, Stand and Be this Change that we Can see is required for this World, for What is best for All, for ourselves and All of Existence, Equal and One

Self Commitment and Self Corrective Application to Follow
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