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Day 115: The Purpose of Pain according to God

No Equality
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God has purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a compensation for your faithfulness. 
Don't give up

It is quite amazing the length to which we go to not take responsibility for what is going on within and without ourselves. The God concept is just a great example of Let Go - and Let God, an idea, an imaginary friend, manage our Life, while we turn into the Pontio Pilate of existence and we wash our hands of it -let them decide if it's going to be Jesus or Barabbas - LIFE or LIES?

The point is that it was never God's fault - I would skip the Credit Point without Mention, as it doesn't seem necessary to debate the Worthiness of this Creation as a Benevolent One and all 'The Good that is in it', in a moment where Humanity is displaying the best of its Demonic side for everyone to see-, if we took responsibility for ourselves and our Creation we wouldn't have needed a God nor we would have stood for one, we would have told whoever was attempting to sit on the Worship Throne to get Real, get Off, and Get Equal.

But what if we started This Trip in the "At Most Fear" as Separation within Inequality, within the forgetfulness that All There is Is in fact ME, as the 7 billion little pieces plus the Stage we use to play, what if the concept of all There is, it's ME, was not only scary in terms of the responsibility it implied, but was as well inconceivable, as we gave up our power and the domain of Our Creation to someone else behind which we thought we would hide, walk and be safe. Ironically we gave up our Power to step into the Equality and Oneness Equation in and as the Physical that would have unlocked the driving seat for All, to stir the world as ourselves back to Sanity. would expect that from in-sane beings.

I ask to All the BeLievers, really, have a look around, see the pain and suffering, the 2.6 billions people who do not have access to clean water and daily food, who are cut off from a system where God is really Money but we pretend  he is some Entity in the sky pulling strings for which he has a plan, a design, a purpose and then ask yourself if there is sanity in such a belief or if the FEAR that is eating us had to find a purpose, a reason and if God is not what Love is, The manifested FEAR of our existence and its antidote, all wrapped up in one Clever/Stupid Creation.

And we go so far as to say I WANT to be A SLAVE to God, so I can feel good about myself as I place GOD as the unquestionable Creator of existence and make Him responsible for this creation that honestly, mmhh, sucks, while I am a sick evil slave, if God was not around who knows what I  would be up to ?

So God becomes the Life Insurance Agent, selling the beLief that We are safe and Sound under His Omnicomprehensive Plan, and when something disastrous happens in Your Family or Your Close Circle for which there is no explanation WHATSOEVER (considering the bloody hours of worship you have volunteered and invested to the Plan, failing to see it was a One Way Equation, it was the safety of yourself and the closest ones, while the rest of the world could go to Hell, and did, and God should answer YOU, the bribe had been placed, come on God, step up to your side of the deal, give me a Hassle free Life, shift the Hassle to some fuckers far away from me, least I get to be hassle free BUT I have to feel bad as I witness the suffering of others too close to home, make it Africa, yeah, great, who the fuck knows them, we won't be able to relate, great, dump what is due from us to them, you Good God, you can do it, come on, Oopsie Daisy, that's it, keep walking, Africa is down on the right hand side) having safely insured ourselves against all odds, we can say, there is a reason for it that I may NOT see now, but it's there, it's GOD's Plan.

Actually ..... THERE ISN'T.
There is not a reason Good enough for being born a girl in South Africa and have 40% more chances to be raped than learning to read, especially knowing God's stance toward premarital sex, there is no Good reason for Children Dying of Starvation and there is No good reason for believing that there is A Good reason and a Purpose, unless we don't want to face the point that there isn't a Good reason and/or a Purpose and that this existence set up within Inequality and Abuse doesn't make sense at All except for those who are rich and are enjoying this experience while the poor slaves look for a Reason and a Purpose for their existence.

Truth is You just picked the wrong Character to play, too bad, within a Polarity Creation there must be Good and Bad, Suffering and Leisure/Pleasure, Tears and Joy, Death and Life, until we STOP, realize that this Characterization of the World is NOT working to What is best for All, and that it's delusional and sick to preach the stories of Reason and Purpose in an unreasonable world whose only purpose is to make and have enough Money to shelter ourselves from our Fear of the Future, Fear of Poverty, Fear of starvation, Fear of being Homeless, Fear of Death.

So the reason of this world is FEAR ,the purpose for this World is that some get to live out Heaven and some get to live out Hell, and that if we can sell Hell to those that live it, then we get to live a Safe Heaven, as the Elite and the Money Dealers, Hell Dwellers won't complain, they will sit and wait for their reward in Heaven. Ha Ha.

If this World is NOT Hell for everyone but is Heaven for some, what tells you that the Afterlife will be better for You, what if YOU just belong to the labour pool of existence and the After Existence, what if you used to build pyramids and now you go to work from 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week (if you are a LUCKY SLAVE inside a developed country or from 7 am to 7 pm for 6 days a week with 12 days of holidays a year if you are born in a 'developing' country? What if the reason and purpose for such an existence is you very existence within the polarity Equation, what if your life is ONLY useful as long as you hold on to the short end of the stick as the leverage for those who will get the long end and need you there to keep everything neatly in place? What if God won't be satisfied with just one life, but strong with your commitment to slavery puts you in the recycling bin of reincarnation and has you come back again and again, the same life, just different clothes, until you get off the merry go round and you stand for your Own and Everyone Else's Equality and Oneness and for a World that is best for All ?

Are you a Slave to God or is God a slave to You and your desire for daddy way past adolescence ?

Wake up, stand up, get off your knees. 
Life has One purpose and One reason for All, to establish a world that works Equally for All, where everyone has access to a Life of Dignity, access to experiences worth living and not the experience of starvation, war, rape, violence, abuse.

Your God doesn't agree? Ditch Him, you can be a better God than He ever was to yourself and your fellow beings and stand unwavering as The Creator of a Life of Equality and Oneness for All.

Want to hear the dead come and tell you how it really is: Visit Eqafe, there is plenty of Life reviews to tell you what is the Experience of the Suckers that Died and found out that they lived In vain, a worthless Life of Separation from existence as themselves as All There IS.
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