Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 108: Bury me Richly/Fear of Death, Self Commitment Statements

When and as I see myself move or about to move into a reaction regarding Death, I stop, Breathe, remind myself I am experiencing a preprogrammed Fear of no longer existing as the Mind and the Fear of still existing after Death, and having to face whatever it is that I am still accountable for that I have not addressed in Life, and remind myself that either joining the Fear of Death brigade or moving into my Mind to scare myself about the Here After, are just 2 ways to not be Here, where in fact my only power to change myself exists, within Breath as the accumulation of Breaths that I build up not as The Mind but as The Physical, for myself as Life and What is Best for All, Equal and One

I commit myself to investigate the ways of Death that I have filed under the Death File in and as my Mind, so that I can take back my investments placed upon Death and not upon Life through Breath-less Fear, to stop my existence as Fear of Death and what will happen to me as both The Physical and The Mind

I commit myself to disengage myself from the Cult of Death, not through discussions with others sharing Opinions regarding Death and Dying and what will happen to us in the HereAfter, but by stopping my emotional participation as reactions to Death as Ideas, Opinions, Concepts and Beliefs about Death and what Death is in fact, since we will only know first hand when we do die, and we can either Live until we die or die a little every day through Fear of Death, while we miss out on living Here in and as Breath

I commit myself to stand as Common Sense to stop the Cult of Death, to point out that worrying about what kind of grave we will leave behind at Death is just another Consumerist point that will follow us all the way to the Grave, but not beyond, as Death will come as the End of our Consumption of ourselves as Life and this planet and all the Life forms that we share it with

I commit myself to the Common Sense of Life as Breath to stop the Cult of Death, pointing out whenever I see a chance that we have not in fact Evolved since each one of us hopes to leave behind a grave that testifies to the Life we have been, failing to see that all Graves are the same, be them pyramids or just humble Stone tombs as they stand to testify humans that have not transcended Death, no matter their status or money that only allowed for a better display of a wasted life that was NOT used for the betterment of Life on  Earth and What is best for All, but just as a pass-time, in which time passed and then we died, no matter if some'body' will take longer to rot and return to earth or less as the corpses of rich and poor are still corpses all the same

I commit myself to no longer pass on terrifying stories of disasters and murders to Children, thinking that I can make myself interesting to their Mind as a Mind, as I bring up 'exciting/thrilling ' stories, and to remind myself that what we call exciting/thrilling is in fact an adrenalin shot, that is released by Fear, and that when I pass on exciting stories to kids I am no different than a drug dealer hoping to get them hooked on my specific drug of choice as excitement, and that the passing on of Fears to children is in fact an act of child abuse that we must remind ourselves to stop, as the excuse that it was done to us is no excuse to keep it up, damaging the new generations and crippling their chances to Live as Life and not live as Death as we have been living so far, just awoken here and there by self released chemicals that gave us the 'Illusion to be Alive'

I commit myself to stand as a point of Common Sense for Life, and not as a point that justifies death as The Only Way to get Out of Here, because there is another Way and we need to teach it to Each Other, and the Way is to get out of our Minds, to return to the Physical in Oneness and Equality with Life and All of Existence, and then Death will be no More, as Death will be transcended by our Hereness in every moment of Breath and beyond, to return One and Equal and establish Heaven on Earth for everyone

I commit myself to stop my fascination with death, skulls, bones, as I see realize and understand, they were always symbols of 'excitement/thrill' as the At Most Fear we lived in, and not symbols of Life, and that Death is not to be feared since what is going on of atrocious in the World is NOT done by the Dead, but by the Living Dead and that only through Stopping our existence as the Living Dead we can come back to Life and see, realize and understand, we could only see who we were as Death, and so Death we became, yet Life is waiting in and as the Physical and our Breaths will be the steps to close the gaps between us as Death and the Body as Life, one Breath at the time, until only Life remains.

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