Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 126: Giving Up Hope requires Self Commitment

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of F...

When and as I see myself desiring to move, or moving into the Hope-full Character, I stop, Breathe, remind myself that this Character is My Creation born Out of Fear and that indulging in Hopes means I am not capable of taking care of myself and standing as The Correction/Solution of/as Me, instead I no longer accept to see myself as 'in need of Hope' as Hope is just a fabrication of the Mind and thus Not Real unless I accept it as real and as something I need as I Believe I am not able capable of directing myself as What is West for All

I commit myself to drop the Hope Act when I see myself about to approach or having approached the Hope-Fool Character as I see realize and Understand that Hope is Not What is Best for All, as Hoping has kept us just Hoping that something would Change, that I would Change, instead the Change of Me Inward and Outward requires My Self Direction and my being Here in and as Breath and not lost in and as The Mind, as Thoughts Feelings and Emotions

I commit myself to investigate where and how I have invested myself in HOPE as The Solution for Change, and to remove my investments as they bore no fruits but the separation of Me into Hope-Fool pieces that I need to bring back to Self so I can Earth myself and the Energies I have stolen from the Physical while entertaining myself with Hopes, Hoping that I would Not Have to Change

I commit myself to stop charging Hope as something positive according to my past definition of Hope, as "Good", As having smething to Hope for, because 'at least' we have Hope as I see realize and Understand that this System is extensively manipulating and promoting 'Hope as The Solution' to make sure no one in fact stands to say, Fuck Hope, We need to be this Change that we Want to See in the World and keeping on Hoping is not and will not accomplish that

I commit myself to show others One and Equal to me that Hope is a Trap, and as all System approved Traps, it's insidious and while we believe we are Not Doing Any Harm by Hoping, we are in fact crippling Ourselves and Existence waiting for something or someone to Change and Change Us, instead of embracing Ourselves as the Change as The Solution for This World

I commit myself to show others One and equal to Me, how Hope Promoted by The System under Fancy Titles such as 'the Audacity of Hope' are misleading with a purpose, as Hope is born out of Fear, and there is so no-thing Audacious about Hope that is scary that we have actually believed that, unless we stop and look at WHY we bought into the blatant Lie that was sold as the cover up for the Fear that those that sell Hope are first creating and promoting while they sell Hope as the Anti-Dote that is no where as effective as The Fear that was sold and bought By Us in the first place

I commit myself to share with others One and Equal to me, what I have come to realize about this System and everything that seems "Good" about it, such as Hope, so that others may see how we have been taken for a ride through our own desire to Not Ever Have to Be Responsible for ourselves and Our World and How Only through ourselves disengaging from the Energetic Blackmails that we have signed up for, we can start to see with Clarity What is really Going On so we can abandon Hope Forever More and Stand as Self Directive principle to Change Ourselves Inward and Outward

I commit myself to share with Others why Hope was created in the first Place as our desire to Not take responsibility due to the extensive Fears we Exist and Live As, that were born from our separation from each other and everything that exists, Hoping that we could in fact leave to someone else the tiding up of this Mess that has resulted from Not Having Started Our Creation on the Right Foot, so we may make a Turn into Self Correction to realign ourselves to Oneness and Equality and What is best for All.

I commit myself to share with Others what I realized about the Lie of Hope, as Hope has robbed us of our Time as we waited for something to Change just because we Hoped it would and yet Nothing has Changed, which is a self evidence point showing The Utter Failure of Hope as a Solution, and that unless we stand and say NO MORE to Hope, we'll end up the Hope-Fools that this System has set out to turn us into, and yet if we give up Hope as the Solution to our Fears and then we apply Ourselves to give up Our fears, we could stand United as One, Moving as One toward the Solution that is Best for Life and Best for All such as what is proposed with an Equal Money System

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