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Day 109: What if I Ask and It is NOT Given ? - Character

One of the best things for me of Abraham teachings was that it all happened in my Mind, it suited me fine as I didn't really have to go out in the World and interact with real people through the Physical reality, I could instead  imagine I did  within the Imaginary Energy Field that we seemed to share.
When 'Ask and it is Given' was published, I was thrilled, finally we had the Answer about Life, soo simple, how could I miss it, almost idiotic, there was a Daddy Creator/Universe and I could just ASK for anything I wanted, Ask and It IS Given !
To embrace this new belief I had to struggle a bit with reality and wrestle it to the Ground, but I managed fine, obviously I thought, there must be reason why millions of hungry people who were not asking for anything else but food were NOT getting it, come on, it was the stick story, everything exists in polarity, one end of the stick is a-bun-dance, one end is lack, they were just holding the stick from the wrong end, they should have focused on having the food already, not on the Not Having the Food. Common Sense ? (Really?)

I have moved on since then and stopped to ASK to my Mind in my Imaginary trips, it helped when it became clear that My mind was actually talking back to me, a disturbing experience not at all comforting, as I proved to myself that what I asked for It was Not Given, One can try the point of Money for themselves, from whichever end of the stick they are holding it -of course if you have plenty of Money you are not holding the 'right end of the stick according to Law of Attraction, you are holding the right end of the stick of capitalism, because as the name implies with a Capital you can go places, on the right end of the stick of Capitalism, without a Capital, you get beaten on your head by the stick and then spit out and forgotten -and it will become clear that Money Cannot be manifestd, as Money has become a much bigger etanglement than we want and allow ourselves to see.

So back to getting a job, that is a pretty sure way to get the Money we need to survive, for those who. like me, have been away from reality for some time, it will help to remember that our Life System is based on Money and Labor, that Life is Not guaranteed Equally for All, that Life is Not Free, and that whatever we choose to entertain ourselves with to not look at the grim reality we created as a consequence of our separation, the more we will feel urged to abandon our 'trick or threat' living, this is how we have been functioning, it's Halloween everyday, some are tricking, some are treating, while none is assured a living as we insist on trying to become More and Bigger than our neighbors, from which pedestal we vow to Love them, down there, where we left them on our Race for Value and Rewards of the system we have failed to see is NOT the source of freedom, just because we call Free/Freedom everything that is system related, from Democracy to Free Markets, but it is the very source of our enslavement.

As this realization sunk in and I saw clearly that I need Money and not the will to ask to my 'Imaginary friends in the Mind' or to throw Dolphins at myself and each other through the Frequency Game of matrix Energetics, I put my home on sale but obviously that won't feed me NOW, it did though interestingly give me a temporary sense of empowerment, the idea that I would soon have Money again, as it is stated clearly in the series 'The Soul of Money", Money as Energy is so linked to us, has so much become us that Not having it makes The Mind - ad hence us who are not yet anything else- paralyzed, the Mind goes through some Apathy and shuts down as it accepts that 'it's all over' and sees the Lack of Money as the Mind sees it's lack of Energy, as The End, Death, it's all over. This makes sense as well as we try to explain WHY the Poor and the derelict are Not standing up for the Change, they so much need, they simply can't, they have run out of 'Energy' as Money as the driving force that keeps the Bunny Rabbits we have become going, just to the next tool/gadget/lifestyle/desire, that is advertised and then imprinted into us as 'the Value we seek and Shall Find' just as soon as we get to have that one thing/ that one lifestyle, that one experience of aliveness that is advertised and driven into us to keep the system going.

There is some support that we can use to suppor ourselves out of all this mess we have ourselves created but can't remember how or why, through the Desteni I process we start to become clear and see that as we correct ourselves as The Mind, changes have to be brought into and as The Physical as well, we have to change our automatic body behaviour, our body woven personalities that automatically step in within specific situations.

To bring this back to the ask and it is given, where is the lure of such a statement, what lifstyle is being sold and advertised through this statement that we desire and that is preyed upon ?
For me it is the desire to not be responsible for my Life, to be able to embrace the certainty that someone else will take care of me, will step up and tell me ''yes my Child, what do you need, tell me'' and I could pass over my list to Santa and as I strive to be 'nice' and get to have it All, Me, because Ask and it is Given is a teaching for this new Age, the Greedier Age, where in fear of feeling bad or guilty or shameful for wanting the newest Ipad, Ipod, the best holiday, the most delicious food, we looked for ways to stop our common sense nagging that questioned if and why were not All taken into account, why my list of desires included only me and not a Change for the betterment of the world for All, why had I failed to notice that what I sought was my atonement, my forgiveness, my excuse so I could be excused about WHY I was not standing up for myself as Life and What is best for All, leaving half of the world suffer while I chased my deluded demented dreams/desires.

As I approach reality, I am realizing all the things that I have hidden from myself, I liked a lot the 'Ask and it is Given' because I always feared that I may infact Ask and it would NOT be given. A lot of people were Not given what they asked for everyday, a roof over their head, food in their plate, that their children wuld not be raped or brutalized by wars.
So within this fear that prayers are NOT answered, and asking implies someone's right to say 'NO', I never liked to ask to real people, I feared fitting into the Italian word 'Cercone' which can be translated as Seeker with a negative twist, as it is considered bad and bad manners to 'ask and bother people' plus it's Cheap, since if one had enough of everything, as in being Rich, one would Never Need to Ask. And then of course, the risk factor, what if I were actually to be denied what I asked for? Isn't this why we do not ask for a raise, for better living conditions, for a more honest relationship with our partner, with our friends, what if what we ask doesn't meet the consensus/approval of the other ? Will they still like us ?
Will I look like a fool, stupid, undeserving, worthless, why didn't you give me that thing I asked for, what did I do wrong, what didn't I do right?

Embracing these ideas and making them Mine as Opinions had a very detrimental effect on my Life as I lived to Never Ask so I would Never be Denied Anything. So clearly fear of being refused something as in fearing the experience of being told NO as something diminishing, living by hoping, waiting and assuming it is other people's duty to work out what I really mean and what I really need and what I really want. This made for a great recipe for disaster in all my relationships as I would end up blaming my partners/friends for NOT having guessed right, not knowing me well, when in fact I did not even know me well enough to see I was the One having a resistance to asking in the first place and it was Never about the other.

As I am moving through the physical resistance to Asking I discovered... that the world of potential enemies holding the 'NO' card and the ''imaginary experience' I would be exposed to existed only in My Mind, so far I have been able to distribute my leaflet everywhere and had some inquiries and chances to chat a little here and there about how I teach and what to expect.

Life is SO much less scary Out of The Mind, we should All try it Out because as we walk out of our Fears and we realize we have always been the only ones scaring ourselves to Death, possibilities and solution for how to look at the world differently, owning up to the point that We are and have always been the Problem, will open up and Changing ourselves in and as The World won't seem so 'impossible' as it seems now.

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