Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 302: Why Is Life not a Human Right?

Today on TV the President of the Chamber of Parliament almost cried as she spoke about the man who tried to shoot the politicians 3 days ago. He said it didn't even matter which one, anyone of them would do, they are all equally responsible for what is going on.

In her speech she said that desperate people resort to desperate acts against themselves and others and that we are the ones pushing this world in that direction, the direction of Despair.
This admission of our collective responsibility caused an outrage as people who are struggling and NOT shooting politicians or attempting to, stood enraged against her words, we go back to the enforced belief of the dignity of honesty, meaning we see Beauty, Dignity and Honour in starving to death vs committing 'a crime'.

Isn't this ironic? Is there a small chance we may instead see that such belief must have been driven into us by some fake morality, the same morality that stands Pro Life in the womb and allows starvation out of it or as Napoleon said 'Without Religion (or Hope or the Law written to protect those that were always in power and wrote it, or Positive Thinking etc) the Poor would have already killed the Rich'. There is much truth in this, we are not killing them just because we have better, higher, post mortem plans.
Desperation leads to tragedies, we can see the consequences of desperation more clearly than desperation as a consequence in itself.
We are able to understand that desperate people are forced to desperate measures, the best choice they have to feed themselves and their family would be a neat crime, we have an increase of those as well, robberies, thefts, those are the middle desperate choices, if we may say so, it's the Entrepreneurship of the Poor since if you don't have Capital in a Capitalistic system, you first have to get your hands on the Capital, so robberies are just the Poor's way to withdraw the Capital they don't have access to and that they need to play the game.
Obviously banks don't lend money to the Poor, there is nothing they can be stolen from the Poor with a bit of patience because the Poor own nothing, hence not only lending to the Poor is a bad investment, it's plain stupid.

All this makes sense of course only if we embrace the belief that what is worthy, valuable the 'Capital' that we have to protect and defend is 'Money' and not Life.

And how clever is that, let's pile up Money to buy back our lives when we have a foot in the grave.
Can't do that, so where is the real value and worth of Life if not in Life itself considering that when one's Life is in peril we say 'we would give anything' for a chance to not in fact die.

There is no reason why we can't correct our miss-placement of Value and Worth, it happened one step at the time, either through agreement or while we were sleeping, now we just need to agree on something else, like the point that if Life and supporting Life is not the 1st of the Human Rights we embrace and agree on, all the others we fight for just don't make sense, it's like fighting to not allow rabbits to have their nails clipped in the face of an animal holocaust, or have demonstrations about forbidding people from carving hearts on tree trunks while we take down the amazon forest, we are kind of heavily, insanely out of perspective.

We can restore sanity to this world by standing and voting for a system that embraces Life above Money and Profit, the system is being designed, it's made of the Matter of each one that stand for it stating what Matters for Real, so if you don't Stand, what is The Matter with You? What is it going to be, Money or Life?

Stand up, Life is waiting.

#EqualMoney, where Life is the Capital and Money the temporary tool we will use to equalize the Value and Worth of Each one to Equality and Oneness.  Join us.

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  1. I find it hard to understand the outrage. Could you explane it a bit more? What are they outraged about? Do they feel that she sees them as potential criminals ready to shoot politicians?
    Thanks, cool writing by the way.

    1. No Martijn, they feel they are not responsible because they are not committing the crime, we fail to see our collective responsibility in a world of despair, we don't see that by not participating self responsibly what comes out of the system is our responsibility, not doing is a choice too, no one is good just because they don't steal or they don't take a gun, they have just not yet reached such a degree of desperation.