Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 306: Capitalism is NOT the Best System We Have

Anyone familiar with system or systematization understands that when engineering a system that is meant to manage something, the system MUST take into account all its parts.

If I design an engine and I only care about fuel management I may have a reduction in performance, if I only care about performance I may have an unreasonable increase in fuel consumption, if I only care about design I may overlook the best functionality I could access if I did not and on it goes.

The only place where we have blatantly failed is the system we have 'chosen' to manage our Lives, the Earth resources, the Planet, our relationship to each others and to all living beings sharing this planet with us.

This has gotten worse over time, maybe we can understand this problem better if we look at the Medical Field, when I was a kid I had a family doctor, she understood everything, when in doubt she would first give me something to purge, no heavy duty medicines, no special exams, she knew what kids get and do and how to deal with it, if I overate she told me to stop doing that, she would not give me tablets to digest, she was too holistic to be fooled and not specialized enough to be mislead.

Now that I have grown up I hear more and more often of people going on pilgrimages to doctors, they are bounced from one specialist to another, a simple bump on a hand is transformed into a national issue for which special costly exams must be done at the cost of taxpayers who end up footing the bill for our split skills and abilities to see the whole picture, basically, as we have become accustomed to, those at the bottom keep paying for the mistakes of those at the top.

Becoming overspecialized is just another form of separation,, we have lost the ability to see the big picture, to see all the parts of a picture, now we have Economists, Financiers, Wall Streeters, Bankers, Big Corporations, each piece is just playing their own music, as if it didn't affect anyone else, the prompt word is PROFIT at all Costs, and as such we fail to see that those Costs are Real, that someone is paying for them even though it may not be us.
When we use Food as a Commodity, as a mean to move Money at the Top, we overlook those at the bottom that will pay the price to go without, when we privatize water implying that those who don't have money can''t drink or have sanitation, we overlook our humanity, we miss out on the potential of considering that if Water is Vital, no one can own it because it belongs to All.

This problem started with the ownership of Land,  stating to be opposed to this will most certainly cause an uproar and yet there has been a time when the land belonged to all and so did the water, when we understood what could be own-ed and what could not, there was a chance to live for all. With time we created better and better ways to restrict those rights, basic living rights, the process has been so consistent and overall reaching that we came to believe that the abnormality of how we handle the world, its resources and the living right of all, is the new Normality.
Insane is the new normal.

We prove this for example every time we say something like 'Capitalism is The Best System we have got', oh yeah? For whom?
Amazingly, to this we should answer just a bunch of people and yet we all live the delusion that we would crash without it, terrible things would befall us if we attempted to change, like what? The sky would open up and swallow us? All hell would break loose? Incidentally for the latter it's way too late, All Hell has already broken loose, we have just not noticed yet.
We have polluted the air we breathe, our water resources, our food, our medical system, we breed crazy sciences like Psychology to manage the outflows of our accepted new crazy, or Economics, a spastic field that is unable to consider the effective management of a system of distribution that would benefit all.
But even though we insist that there is No Choice, we have a choice in fact, we can make a slow return to sanity by acknowledging we made a mistake, no one can manage a whole system within broken and conflicting ideologies, we are attempting the impossible.

We need to return to an whole-istic view of ourselves and the Planet, to consider that no system is perfect unless it consider all of its parts and what would be best for each one, we are not accustomed to think this way or see the world this way, this doesn't make it impossible. Who thought we could go on the moon before we did it?

We could start with getting to the root problem of how and why do we justify the idea that some must die so this system may live on, this is not negative propaganda, the dying people are real, desperation is a fact unlike the make belief props we use to exchange Life for Money and from there see if we can cross the divide that exists in our mind between our reasoning that excuse My Life as Worthier than another and re-think the whole system, We Can include all its parts, it will take us some time to redefine a worthy existence for all but it will be worth the effort to get over our limiting belief that 'this is the best we have' in the face of close to 3 billion living below the poverty line, because THAT is truly mad and not even close to the best we can do when we step up to acknowledge the Same Equal Value to All Living Beings.

A new wystem is being redesigned for this purpose, get involved, cast your vote, spread the news, we don't have to live this way, we are making a choice, albeit manipulated, we can make another One to realign to Life and what is Best for All.

Equal Money, to return Value to Life on Earth for All Living Beings.

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