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Day 305: Life - A Title on the Stock Market

Three people in chains, probably somewhere in ...

It is hard to imagine Lives getting better for All.
We resist the idea of a system that would support everyone Equally, regardless of their gender, culture, education or starting personal wealth. It is unheard of in fact.

This is why my mum perceived herself somehow as unwillingly dragged into the idea of Equal Money, not because she would not like everyone's lives getting better, she just fears hers getting worse. 
It is the logical consequence of having accepted a system of winners and losers, we hears the sayings 'some win some lose', we know that 'you can't always win', that 'winner takes all', we under-stand the idea that not everyone can have it good, we have become this idea in the flesh.
So, the winners, those who somehow managed to get access to a dignified life, including those who barely made it there, fear that having everyone's life improve would mean that something 'has got to give', that We might have to give something up of what we managed to store away through a life of sacrifices within a model of  Mutually Agreed Abuse.

In a way, as sad as it is to bcome aware of it, we don't want others out of the Rat Race, we want to stay Equally Rats or Slaves, even when a chance to buy back our freedom by granting to all others a dignified life presents itself, we have to battle with our internal psycopath that states that 'since I had it hard to earn what I have, now I am worth More than those who didn't', we fail to see that what we are actually doing is to glorify the abuse we had to endure to justify why we accepted and allowed it to just then pass it on.

One interesting discussion took place with my mum, as she stood for her right to a dignified life, she found logical to insist that those who did not endure what she had to endure to earn her same dignified life and, for example, wasted their wealth at the beach -that would be me on my Law of Attraction delusional trips by the way- should not be granted her same rights, it was interesting to see how we go about manipulating the words we use to make them sound right(eous), common sensical, because it's OBVIOUS that those that have not slaved should not be granted a Life, as not have access to Money, which has become the entrance key to the Pantry of the Earth resources such as food and water, electricity as heating, healthcare as being able to take care of one's body -is in fact a condemnation to Death, a real Death Sentence, we have Mind Dichotomies in which some can't imagine Abortion or Death Penalty but we can gingerly go about saying that not everyone has the same right to Live, to Life because granting that to all would diminish Me, my efforts, my precious accepted Slavery and this is not conceivable or computable and therefore we will not take a chance to see the possibilities of a New World, we won't allow ourselves to consider being diminished or belittled in this Casino of an Existence, we are treating Life like a Title on the Stock market, the more Titles are put on the market, the less value MY 'dignified life' has and as such, I rather have some starve and die than give up my exclusivity, not forgetting that 'I earned what I have', meaning I did accept my Economic Slavery and By God, you'll accept Yours, you won't get away with it!

SO, let's ask each other this simple question 'do we think that there is anyone in the world that doesn't deserve the right to live?', then a blip of 'cannot compute' goes off, because no one in their right mind would want to be the kind of person that says such a thing and in that moment we become aware at some level that we are holding conflicting beliefs about what is The Right to Life in a world that can't guarantee a job for all and refuses to give a basic income to live to all, just because we don't want to push beyond our imaginary Mind limitations and expand ourselves and, with that, all others to a new way to live together in Harmony and Peace.

Maybe something that can help us walk through this point is the recognition of our Slavery, yes it sucks to see how we have fooled ourselves about being Free, if we could see for real how we are all indebted to ourselves, to each other and then to this system, we would consider solutions to break free, we would consider that those that are not in a position to access the money system have not all been on the beach like me for some time, some have slaved without a pay, some don't even know that there could be another way to live and so this task falls on those who have the ability to see that there is no reason to chain others to the same chains we endured, we can All Break Free Together, redesign a system that works for all, that considers that nothing can be excluded from Life as that would exclude us from it and push ourselves to learn what it would mean to give to others what we would like for ourselves vs forcing others within the same slave system we endured and sacrificed for.

A lot of for-giveness is thus required, to for-give to everyone, including ourselves, to for-give back to ourselves our sorry lives and as we forgive what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to live, others won't have to live it too and yes, some who find themselves at the end of their Life cycle might resist the idea because there may be no chance that we will see this new system through, but if we want change just so we can benefit from it, it's not the Change that is required. The required Change is to will in place a Global change for all regardless of how 'I' may benefit from it and that will be the key to Life, as we grant to others Life, so we shall be Life too and our pasts will be for-given and on their ruins we will build a New World to be done with Slavery forever to never, ever, look back.

EqualMoney: the Life we said we dreamed about, available to All, no one excluded.

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