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Day 311: New World Order? Les Miserables.

Arrival of immigrants in the sea of Lampedusa,...
Arrival of immigrants in the sea of Lampedusa, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today a lady came to visit me and sat down for a chat. She meant to warn me that a thief had broken in yet another apartment in our building but he was caught on the act and fled like a circus acrobat from the roof of the garage.

In 2 years there have been 5 break-ins within this and the next building which are connected by the bottom floor drive way into the car park.
These buildings are targeted because they stand out in the misery of the surrounding area and no matter how rocambolesque the thefts are becoming, they will not stop for sure. There is no point in informing those that are struggling around here, that the good old times are long gone and many are now living on their miserable pensions and barely making it to pay the monthly managements expenses.

The lady viced as well the opinion of many Italians, never more appropriatly than now when I have, on the other side of the fence, made friends with some people who have actually come here on the famous boats from North Africa, looking for a chance at a better Life.

The shared consensus is that we should not allow the boats to berth, this even in the face of the maritime Law that says it is compulsory to offer help at sea to any boat in trouble, and I cannot imagine any boat more in  trouble than one full of poor thirsty and hungry people that travelled for days holding their pee and poo and their breath as they dreamt to reach 'The Promised Land' of Europe.

The reasons why we love to hate them are economical, we fear losing our standing which is already extremely precarious in an ever deteriorating society that offers less and less protection and hence, anything that we can identify as the cause, as the reason why we are getting worse will get our attention and wrath.
This is how we have developed urban legends about immigrants and how they like to steal in church or inside apartments like the ones where we live.
Other Urban Legends speak of those monsters who threaten women and are a danger to society and highlight their ethnicity and religion, we don't want to read the statistics that say that the majority of those crimes are committed by Italians and that specific forms of violence such as rape are committed by Italians too with a minority of crimes  ascribable to immigrants who are moving dangerously in a Mind Field of emotions and suppression that explode into the fantasies that are encouraged by our national television, our media and the way we live.
It's easier to blame the stranger and the outsider than to look at what the fuck are we doing and what kind of society are we raising that we justify standing to send back the boats of migrants so that we don't have to live in fear that our very little possessions are going to become even less, that our few privileges are going to vanish in the face of the increasing dis-ease from which no one is exempted.

And we don't notice that yes, the world was safer a few years ago, but not because of migrants, because there was less desperation, because people were not driven by hunger to leave their country looking for the 'European Dream', we were still allowed the chance to comfort ourselves in our own country's dreams, hoping to grow, get out of the black tunnel, have access to some wealth, have another renaissance.

Regardless of what we like to believe many of those migrants are university graduates that don't come with any desire to harm and that they themselves had been fooled into the dream and it would be educational for us to understand what kind of depression overtook them when they finally landed here, when the dream bubble burst open to reveal a life ahead of them of no documents, no job, only finding openings to be exploited over and over and warned to shut up because they were 'illegals' and Abuse is the name of the game they unknowingly entered -but I couldn't because the belief went too deep and I saw it was no fault of her own that she believed what she believed, it's our brainwashing, it's the idea that we are worth more because we need less and I didn't as well because just last night I was told that for a poor man a relationship is like a bank, no one wants to give you one until you have one, a relationship with your own status, a home, some money, Italian women don't want to take on a man that has nothing to give, they will when he has a house and then he will be allowed to leave it behind and move in with them, he has to build up his worth first, his value, and I heard the truth of what he said of our individual banking systems and loans and credit rates and interests, $kaching$ -and then we have the guts to say that this world doesn't run on Money, that Money is not our God, that we have bigger and better 'I'deals, when in fact we live and breathe Money and in so doing, we keep alive the system as it is to the detriment of all that exists.

This system is designed to implode, what many do not consider is that it will implode from the bottom up, those that designed it created many buffers to the Olympus to make sure they would be the last to go and it will have no reserves into turning every lowest layer into Misery and watch it turn on itself, as we don't see, we are blinded by our own self interest into protecting our little nests in the face of a Humanitarian Holocaust that we justify because we can, because we see sense in pushing back, in telling the ones who found themselves lower than us to not even try to come up for air, just die please, die at sea, not on my land, not on my watch, away from my Praying/Preying eyes as I vow to pledge to MY God for your life, just don't ask me to help you, or share what I have, I have earned what I have and if you lost what you had, tought luck, pick a better God next time, try the Money God, it worked for me.

We are moving toward the failsafe of the system, toward the wars of the miserables, there is nothing to be proud about, in fact, everything we do to justify our hatred is just one step lower on the ladder of our Humanity toward which we move in Fear, failing to see the Solution of which we could be a part, for All, as One, for a World that is uplifted from Misery for All Equally.

The Equal Life Foundation has rewritten the Bill of Rights, to grant to all what we never had, the freedom to embrace each other as brothers as we give to All what we would like to have, a life free from poverty and fear, we are not dreamers, those dreaming are the ones that believe we can pretend that we are right and that there is sense in pushing back vs pushing upward together, we are locked into a nightmarish creation that is moving up and will reach those that could not hear the call to give, until they do and we will give to each other the right to Live for All by pushing to overcome the pettiness of our existences of separation hoping to be more than those who have nowhere less to go.

Equal Money, stand up, a solution is waiting for all of us to see it, real-ize it and embrace it, it's so simple we'll wonder why we did not see it before. Join us. 

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