Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 303: Death Becomes Me

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Last night I listened to Sunette's interview called 'Death and Life'.
There were so many good points to look at about Death and how we have created a world full of it, funny, as a consequence of our fear of the responsibility of Living for real we embraced Death more willingly than we embraced Life.

As I looked back at the past week and my interactions, there were so many talks about death, almost none about Life, we have given Life up to Money without and the Mind within and Death ended up being so much more entertaining, so much more something to look forward to than living or at least, as we are clueless about how to go about living, we transit the Planet in a Haze waiting for our AfterLife, no longer making big plans like the Pharaohs for the trip and the goodies we wish to take with us, possibly due to Austerity, but still hoping to be able to plan for a peaceful Death, as if, one like the one a lady told me I would have, meant as a gift I guess, good karma to wish a peaceful death on someone, she said that being a sensitive she could see both me and my mum will 'go' in our sleep, no diseases and no traumatic Deaths to be scared about, surely something she wishes for herself but believes won't be able to get, she has by now accepted herself as already dis-eased and with a foot in the grave.

My mum one week ago said that she went to visit my grandparents for a small chat and to change the flowers on display, she meant at the cemetery, those are by far the least controversial visits she had with them, finally she is the only one talking with no rebuttals or things said in return that could trigger some wild automated response. 
We ended up having our best relationships with the Dead ones while we forgo our responsibility to fix the ones we have with those who are alive, how amazing of us.

Today on the news the story of a woman condemned to 12 months community service for unlawfully preventing the burial of a child that was born still born for having been kicked in the belly by her partner while she was expecting, we condemn the disrespect for Death, what about the disrespect of Life, how did THAT become Normal? Are we aware that we have created a world where Death has more value than life? Are we aware that there is something disturbing in making Laws to protect the right of the Dead and not the ones of the Living? Given that we only operate in Self Interest at the moment, are we Dead or Alive?
Solving the Death point, our fear of Death -and our fear of life-, changing our Investment Plans from Death to Life would be one of the ways we can reestablish a chance to live, not being so worried about something we cannot plan or orchestrate or, for once, manipulate, would not only bring us back Here but would allow us to have a chance at working out how to live and self express, because honestly I am just realizing how I don't have a clue about it and how much I will have to dig still to start to see a sliver of Life in me as I write out the kind of Life I want to be in consideration of the whole, something I have realized I am alien to, and  I work at how to build good relationship with people while they are still alive and how to change while I can do so for sure, because honestly no one knows what is waiting on the other side, Heaven above and Hell below seems a bit far fetched, living the Hope that magically by leaving behind the body we'll rid ourselves of all the crap we have participated in/with would mean that we are innocent and the body is guilty, the body is the carrier of the crappy life and experiences while we are all spiritual beings just momentarily trapped within it.
Yet what Breathes and is in fact alive is The Body, The Physical, when we'll move onto the Afterife what we'll leave behind is Life, an oxymoron to even have to say it, but as we became used to living words with other mean-ings, the original meaning of words just went lost, we guesstimated afterlife to mean 'afterthislife' where another, better one is waiting for us for the moment we'll finally will be saying our farewells to our shriveled up raisins like empty 'evil' bodies.

Do we bellieve our bodies are just our place of residence? Our flesh is who we are, if the house, The Temple where we live has become all dirty and mouldy why not consider cleaning it up, why not clean up our acts, redefine the starting points that move us to action or inaction, why not redefine this hellish existence of Death into one of Life, where we can all thrive, expand and share a dignified worthwhile existence.

Life is not what we manage to own or put our hands on, it's not our possessions, Life is Self Expression within self Responsibility, we can't have the Life cake and eat it by not taking responsibility for ourselves and everything we are connected to, we don't live on an island alone unless we live in our minds, so it is time to learn what Self Expression as Life means, and this will happen only by deleting what self Expression is NOT until we come to a blank slate and from there redesign who we decide ourselves to be vs what we were designed to be.

A process to undo what we have done so far that hasn't worked for ourselves or the Whole as One is available at, Death became us, we have the choice to stick to it or work to get our lives back and learn to live for the very first time as Self honest, self responsible Human beings that consider themselves as part of an organic Whole that can thrive with each one's ego-less participation.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to glorify Death as a teenager by saying and writing that 'Death is paid with Life'

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be fascinated with death and the AfterLife vs participating in Life Here as an intrinsec piece of the puzzle that must stand in and as self responsibility for myself and all of existence as One

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear Death and dying in a violent death when I have no direct information about how the death experience is and therefore everything I think about it is just an assumption with no foundation in reality and I will have to live to see it through when the time comes, which is something I have no control over in any way and is therefore time to let go all and every worry about it

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that the AfterLife was more important than Life, because within this belief I accepted and allowed a World of Death to exist as I glorified what may come vs what is Here where I can infact learn to live and experience mySelf through this opportunity to do so and within this for accepting and allowing myself  to waste my Life in the pursuit of a worthy ticket into the AfterLife, disregarding what is Here that is not yet living in Oneness and Equality the dignity that we could grant to each other by standing as One beyond our Egos for what is Best for All and All of existence as One.

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