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Day 312: Unemployment where Life costs Money is a Crime against Humanity

Women’s March on Versailles, 5-6 october 1789....

Yesterday 100.000 people walked through Rome in protest of the Austerity measures that are running the country to its knees.
We are close to 70 million, so the well meaning gathering was a drop in the ocean of those that got together under the banner of the few Unions with less and less power that keep believing protesting will somehow 'show them' that people can't take it anymore. WRONG.
People have been marching since I was a kid, not that we remember of course because we dress up each new march with a sense of finality, of 'this is IT', when in fact that is not IT at all, it's just another exercise in futility to allow an outlet for the rising anger of the crowds and as such we could say even welcomed by those that remember better than we do what happens at the top when people go hungry for too long.

Every time we hear news of protests or manifestations to push an agenda we have to remember that for events that are so far more popular than a better life for all and human rights, people have moved 'en mass', one (disheartening) example is the soccer championship, where without pushing or promtping, last year people gathered in the millions in the streets to watch the semifinal and hopefully share a moment of glory before returning to their hopeless lives.

But talk Politics and our brains switch off, everything becomes too big, too unattainable, too complicated to even consider, this is why we have movements who preach to NOT go the political way with many followers, we like the path of 'Not Doing', we want to Zen-ify Change in place, no one knows how of course but this is the beauty of it, we have joined to say how we won't do it, we won't go political, no no, we want to be different, we want politics to change before we enter it and consider taking part in the political decision-making arena, so, HOW do we envision a change that we don't want to bring to the 'Change Table' such as Parliament?

Possibly this is how the French revolution came about, we reach the point of 'that's it', stuck into our own belief into our powerlesness and then we see our best solution as 'knock them dead', that's quite final we must agree, but history has proved that there is plenty ones moving just behind those in power ready to step in, so why don't WE?
Why don't WE get ready to enter politics and vote out what is not serving All, replacing it with a new program that supports a dignified Life for All, why do we believe in pipe dreams and promises of a citizenship grant, when those who should be granting it would rather shoot themselves in a foot than see what they have carefully crafted into a world of slaves come crumbling down?

We have to really start to understand what is going on, Debt is not about Money, those we owe to don't need our pitiful pennies to add to their unthinkable wealth, it is about creating willing slaves, those that count the slaves in the millions are out of touch with reality, the slaves are in the billions, they/we are the billions with limited choices who stand in line to do what is required of them/us to access 'more choices' for just themselves/ourselves and this is the point where we all get to lose.

Each one standing just for themselves is just 1, and there is no power of 1, unless the power is +1 as the sum of all the 1 who now count in the single digits of this world and can only acquire value if and when they come together.

Quite ironically the only way to get out of the mess we are in and start benefiting from what the world is ready to give to all in terms of production and infrastructure (albeit not yet in will), is to start considering the interests of All as My Interests and work to see that All get what is best, because in so doing, 'I' will get what is best as part of the All (Whole).

Three days ago a man walked into a bar and shot his employer and his son for having been threatened about losing his job, a little French revolution has already started, we see shooting politicians or employers as The Solution to what we perceive as an abuse to which we no longer feel able to comply, but how is this a solution?
Just practically, even if you shoot one here and there, the system is not going to change, on the contrary, it will find ways to strenghten its resolve to make abuse more legal and to protect its interests in a more weaponized way (see the Patriot Act), each move one makes in isolation based on its fears to not make it, is an ammunition the system uses to shoot back en masse, it's a bit like in gym class at school, one fails and all have to do squats and rest assured, any single, individual attempt to square the books is going to fail because it is not The Solution and we have no further space for squatting, we have squatted ourselves into the ground.

The Solution is to come together, decide what are the Human Rights we want to see in place in this world, what we believe should be granted to all and as such to 'Me', to We, The People, and then walk the required steps to bring about this change, it won't come by magic or bullets but by association, by getting together overcoming  every single reason we see as  a good reason not to, and that will have to include culture, religion, politics, soccer, anything we have placed a value on and that now stands as a point that separates us from others will have to go.

100000 marching in Rome with the situation we have is a joke, Youth unemployement is at 38% and rising - Hell-o,  those marches are the circus for the Union Believers, coming soon we'll have the circus for the other Unions' Disciples, those that could not even agree in principle that having jobless people in a system where life is based on money and labor is in fact a CRIME against humanity and that we have to change what we have tied Life into, because it ain't working, and people who die because we as a system failed to provide solutions to granting to all their right to Live, to Life is a crime against Humanity and as such no longer to be discussed as an economical reform but as a Human Right reform, where we decide -because imagine, we are still debating THIS- that there can be No Value without Life and as such Life is The Value, The Capital that must be uphold and protected and honored for All beyond any other mental delusions such as Money which became the Ruler of this world with our silent acceptance and allowance.

Stand to count as +1, we are a peaceful group that is offering a virtual venue to +1 the world, be part of it, make your one digit self and life count by coming together for a Solution for Life and all living beings.

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