Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 105: Parenting/Patterning - Just One Cross of Separation



with one 'T' left over . The Tau, as it's named in the Greek Alphabet, or the Cross.

In Italy we are familiar with this symbol, it is the Cross chosen by saint Francis of Assisi, the monk that started the Franciscan order of renunciation, renouncing possessions, any possessions to go back to Jesus Teachings of Equality and Oneness.

So we could say that the Tau is The Choice, the Choice to Pattern our Children as Ourselves, regardless of how poorly we can in self honesty see we came out, or renouncing that Choice, giving up our Possessions as Parents to allow Life to live, to stop the Patterning of Life into infinity, creating the same broken patterns of Characters Interpretation from one generation to the next.

Two days ago I was sitting with my mum, as I said she is now 'fearing' my going away, she is aware of this fear, yet what she was 'jocking about' is that when I will be far away again, nobody will help me clean the oven burnt peppers like she was doing.   Imagine that.. and tremble :)
It was a weird moment because I saw both, the potential to laugh, which I took regardless of what she was really saying, or the potential to depattern myself from what she has passed on to me, as a joke or as something serious, menacing, the Fear of Aloneness, that she herself lives and that she can do nothing about, according to her, but pass on to me. 
In fact in her mind, she means and has always meant well, Her Intent was Good, to prepare me for the ugliness of the world, for everything I will have to face, the untrustworthy Humanity, the sadness, the pain an the abuse and the Aloneness, that Hole that sucks All of us in, for which no one has found resolution if not to warn the new ones coming into the World, beware my Child, Aloneness will haunt you until you Die.

So, FamiLies, hold their children not through Love, but through Fear, the most 'successful' relationships are the ones in which the children are so fucked up by fears that they don't go away from their parents, in Italy we have a phenomenon called "Mammismo", meaning Mama's Boys, we blame the Boys for not having made the jump out of the nest, but where lies the accountability of Parents, of their Patterning Fears into their children, so BIG and scary that staying close to them remains the Only Choice, The Cross, The Choice, The Cross, how many choices are we making as Free Human Beings ?

If All Our Choices are still driven by fears, how can we stand up for one another if Survival of the Fittest has been driven into the Flesh of each Child as The Cross to Bear, that Equality is just no longer considered as Equality implies that everyone gets to survive, that we give up the Winner/Loser Game for What is Best for All, why are parents passing on their diseases to their Children and call their dis-eases LOVE ?

Why are Parents not seeing that in order to Change this World and allow each One to face the Only Choice there is, Life or Illusion, they have to rid themselves of their dis-eased Minds of Patterns so as to NOT pass them on, because what we call genetics is in fact just the shuffling around of what WAS into what IS, to never allow what IS to just BE, but tampering with every new Life that comes to this planet to cripple them in our own image and likeness, until they too participate as we do in this system without asking too many questions or having the 'preposterous' idea that things CAN CHANGE, because we'll teach YOU, THEY CAN'T, STOP THIS NONSENSE DEAR.

Today I have listened to 2 Eqafe Interviews, One was called "Compromising Dreams for Money", in this interview someone who belonged to an Elite family shares how his Life Path was predesigned for him to follow into the footsteps of the ones that came before. he had the privilege of Money, meaning he did not have to fear for his survival every day of his Life, yet he could not just live his Expression or what he would have liked to be and express because 'there was a Life ready for him to be lived out', footsteps had been left for him to walk into, there was no Choice, just THAT Choice his family had designed for him. In our 'Money smaller' lives, we have all gone through the same points, the difference between me and him is that he knew he loved to paint, I don't know what I love to do, I love organizing, is this Me or a Pattern I live out ? A Parent I live out ? Because when I look at my mum she loves organizing too, she gets great satisfaction from organizing, me I just do it, enjoy the feeling of 'task completed' but was this my dream, my self expression ?
Hardly, the oldest memory I have of expressing what I would have loved to do was to be a veterinary, then since I did not enjoy schooling and my family could not support me until I was old at University I had to find something else I 'enjoyed' within the Money bracket in which we were confined by the World System. My mum said I would have to work to live, she did, my grandma did, she told me that unless I was born lucky into a rich family I would have to work to live, to pay to live. She never actually questioned if it is normal to PAY for YOUR LIFE, BUT she passed on the knowledge, this is what we do, within our Caste we work for a living, please get it and tag along.

The second interview I listened to was How Addiction to Suffering and Pain Killed Me, this too is a pattern I have lived, not dead yet, but the pattern of suffering and pain existed within my family, in my teenage years I would almost look for it, as a way to feel alive, because for certain having been patterned into a Caste that has to PAY to stay alive is not something to look forward to for the rest of your Life and slipping into self Pity and Victimization as a Family Pattern is a cool choice, if the Pattern has been passed on and provided by Loving Family members as the best 'thrills' I can get for FREE.

So, really, where is the LOVE, why do we keep kidding ourselves instead of just looking at Reality in the Face, moving out from the polarity of good and bad, accept to see the World AS IT IS, so we can stop and Change ourselves to realign to the Only Choice we Have ever Had, Will I live for me in my Alone-ness or for ALL in my ALL-Oneness  to guarantee that I start to be the Creator of new patterns that will leave footsteps in which future generations can step into, until this Horror Show that we have put on comes to an end and Heaven will be manifested on Earth, as Life Equal and One for everybody and All of Existence.

Join the Journey to Life, De-pattern/De-parent Yourself to birth yourself as Life and to leave behind a better world than the One we found.

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