Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 102: "The Italian Beauty Judge" Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to stop my existence as the 'Italian beauty Judge' Character, to stop believing that due to my Nationality I have special rights and exclusivity on Beauty ideas, opinions and con-cepts that I have a duty to pass on to others, spreading my own enslavement like a disease onto the new generations as beliefs and con-cepts for which I commit myself to stop

I commit myself to take back my own Value as the investments I have made into Beauty and the Beauty Industry while looking for my own Value/ Worth, in separation from myself as Self Value and Self Worth

I commit myself to give up the belief that Beauty is a Value and to dig into this Character as The Beauty Supporter to see where and how I started to believe in the Value of Beauty so I can delete my energetic attachments through self forgiveness and correct myself as the Directive Principle of me, to stand as Self Correction here in and as Breath to no longer be run in automatic by Beauty Constructs

I commit myself to forgive myself for my judgements about Beauty and what is beautiful and what is not, as I see realize and understand, that Beauty is a Desire and a Trap, that Beauty has not added anything of value to this world except for testimonials of the price/prize we have been willing to pay for Beauty, all the way to Human Lives as in all the ones that died in building symbols of a Beauty that we were taught to appreciate and value disregarding the Lives that disappeared into such ludicrous pompous efforts to build what would outlast us as the worship of nothingness.

I commit myself to stop my participation in unexpressed comparison Beauty contests in which I use Beauty to make myself more than others, using Beauty as the wedge that divides the world in Beautiful and Ugly, denying each other the Equal Right to Life as we uphold beliefs in and as separation from each other as Images of ourselves and not ourselves as Life as All of Existence, Equal and One

I commit myself to stop my energetic reactions to comments about Beauty and Ugliness, to anything that is Picture related and supports the Image of ourselves vs the Substance of Ourselves

I commit myself to no longer invest in Beauty as a Value System and when and if I have to walk the Character of 'system acceptability' I won't invest anything of me and remind myself it is just a Character that I play as an Image Acceptable Character, until we bring on a system that dignifies Life and not the Image of Life that supports All Equally from Birth to Death

I commit myself to stop feeling guilty for the Image of me, as I did not choose how to look or the lenght of my legs as I was genetically engineered to play as a Character in which I stepped in and accepted and allowed myself to believe this Character as the Image of me to be me, and to abandon any idea of Beauty as Merit, that we have deserved it and some did not, that we have earned our physical appearance due to previous past lives in which we were good, while some were bad, as I see this is all nonsense to justify why some have a right to have more than others within a Value system as the Beauty System, and that any system of Value I support above Life, gives my implicit permission for the Value system of Money to exist One and Equal as a system of Value in separation from me/ourselves to abuse Life

I commit myself to see through all the layers of self deception as beauty, as something that I have used to cover up what I believed was too ugly to look at, which was this world as our Creation, where we allow other beings to suffer and deliberately make some beings such as animals the preys of our experiments for our ultimate pursuit of Happiness as Beauty as Value

I commit myself to stop believing that the ones that are considered system Ugly have less value than the ones considered system Beautiful/Pretty, as I see realize and understand we have created just another way to play the comparison and moreness game, while we lost ourselves into a Character game that we now have to walk backward to return to Life Here in and as Breath for ourselves and What is Best for All, Equal and One

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