Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 77: I am a Real Character...

This point that everything we do within and as The Mind is a character that we have created and is supported through memories to which thoughts that feed it are connected to, took a new twist yesterday while reading Creation's Blog plus all the other Blogs relative to this topic from the Journey to Life, including Earth's Journey to Life and Heaven's Journey to Life, Looking for More of Myself, which were all positively Mind Blowing.
Because then a few questions came up such as 'who is doing the Self Forgiveness then, me or a character, and how can it not be a character if I do not even exist yet outside of a character play?' Which is just the question of a character, of one of my 'not so bright characters' because when I am Here I don't have questions as silly as this to ask myself because I am Here and not lost Up There into a character that asks questions about what characters do pretending to not be a character.
I saw as well that The point of Wanting What is Best for All, is in character with a new character that I have created, it's the follow up to the 'I want to be a Good person' character, the natural evolution where I took, being Good and doing Good to a whole new level.
So how do we discover WHO we ARE outside of our character Play ?
We stop, we realize that when we Think about something or Feel something we can only do so based on our Life of Stored and Filed Memory Experiences, in which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to define us and believe that THAT is what it means to be alive, to have lived, because we set up this world  just for that, we keep moving throughout our Lives, taking snapshots of moments that are charged (by us) and then use them to mold who we are or who we believe we are supposed to be according to the huge pile of acquired memories/information that are alive with emotions and feelings we filed with them, and slowly but surely each definition we have for ourselves becomes a cage, a place in which we enclose ourselves and then play from that position that we have ourselves accepted and stated that we hold, and then go out and fight others who are playing the same game but within an opposing character, when in fact all that exist and has ever existed  is Me, was always ME but I believed I was not enough and multiplied myself into an ever increasing number of copies, having never corrected the starting point of not being enough of searching for More of myself and More of Here, resulting in what we have created the Moreness of Nothingness, because none of it is in fact Real, because a character that creates characters is still only a character and at best can create a Stage and the mockery of Life, but never Life itself.
Yet for a moment I have been con-fused, if I am none of these characters, why don't I just stop feeding them all  and step out of character to be Here ?
Are we using self forgiveness to fool ourselves out of characters or are we using self forgiveness to delete the energy play that we created to feed ours and others characters (oops there are no others, that is the misleading belief of many of my characters) while we were in character that the characters took on a life of their own and now they are driving us ?
But guess what dear, if you are thinking about these questions, you are creating an inquisitive character searching for explanations about how did all of this happened, yet you are not STOPPING yourself yet.
SO, exercise for today, stay in Breath and watch, be Here as to not create or feed new characters and stories, apply self forgiveness to STOP the existing ones and Step out of Character, out of All Characters, even the one that wants to do what is Best for All, it's just a character that one too, because doing What is Best for All is being Here and not off into designing and feeding a Character that wants to do What is best for All as thinking about doing What is best for All puts me in character, there is only Here in and as Breath where character feeding and building is NOT taking place, so time to walk the stopping of the memories that are keeping this insane game alive, it's not Funny anymore and is causing a lot of suffering to those that have not managed to design for themselves a character that gets fed and clothed because in our desire for More some parts of ME got cut out of the system of support and are being starved out of the Game.
So it's no longer Time to design a character that takes care of All Equally but Time to stop and Be Here as Life where taking care of Me as One and Equal is just what I would do without thinking about it or thinking about how would I go about it.
From next blogs dismantling the characters I have embodied that are Not real so I can backtrack what was the point that generated them to let it go through Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application for myself and All of Existence, Equal and One.

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