Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 90: The Memory Dealer Character

Through the blog I wrote yesterday I saw this point of memories, what they really are and what I/we use them for.

Memories are Characters activators, they are triggers that I/we Us to Shoot Each Other back in Time, back into the Character we wish to play with or a Character that we have identified can be triggered and manifested ad hoc through the presentation of a Memory

Is this a Friendly Game ? Noooo, it is meant just like it is written Foever,
It is a toxic malignant Game  that we prepare throughtout our Lives to embody as the best Players, for this we have to accumulate the biggest number or memories, accurately check which ones are connected to which thought processes and which emotions will be recalled once they will be dealt on the Memory Game Table.

It is infact ruthless, it is our Con-Damnation to Hell, what keeps us and others in place, within Characters, it is what shapes kids into the Demons that they will have to embody to live in this world, ruthless, going for the 'imaginary' core issues of each one of us, as Characters,  it is meant to diminish, bring the opponent down, back into a place from where we feel comfortable confronting him/her.
And It starts in the FamiLie, where we are fed the memories of who we apparently were but don't remember, where all our Characters have a rating of acceptance and likeability, where the first Character Pop Charts start and are implemented for Life.

We are each others' memory keepers, later we become each others' Memory Dealers.
I am a Memory dealer, I have used memories to put people right back where I have decided they belong, filing their mistake and Secrets as memories, ammunition for our future confrontations.
This characters has the following entry lines:
Do you remember...
You said...
You told me once...
Last time I saw you...
I'll never forget the time...
I never said, did, thought ...
I thought you said/thought/meant...

These lines are introductions to the memories that are about to be dealt, each memory is filed under a 'purpose file', it can be retaliation, to prove a point, to show that I was always right from the start but it was not acknowledged at the time and hereisyourchance, to dismiss another point invalidating others' stance and themselves based on a time when..., just out of spite, yet the Main Purpose of this Character is to keep everyone in Character, including myself as the Dealer of Memories as each Character protects its own existence above all other Characters.

The Hidden Agreement between Characters to Perpetuate the Lie of the Illusion is “I’ll Support your Character if you Support my Character – therefore, we are Friends. And if you Don’t Support my Character we’ll be Enemies for Life, because you’re taking the Life from my Character by not Supporting it. I’ll rather Kill your Character First, before you Kill my Character.” It is the Survival of the Fittest Character for this Game of Life.  Bernard Poolman

There is nothing benevolent about the Memory dealer, it's a ruthless Character, anything goes to get back in Character the people I interact with, the Cover Up of this Character is the 'I let it Go' Character, a blatant lie because nothing can ever be let go, unless it is Self forgiven and deleted for good, until then The Memory Dealer is in charge, Memories are Currency, the lifeblood of Human Interactions/Ralationships, without Memories we would be unable to categorize, separate, organize, evaluate and freeze each other into this Life-Less Game.
The Memory Dealer never does What is best for All, it's just not built for that, it will always do and deal What is best for Me., what will give me the advantage that I seek in my own Illusory Energy Game.
The ruling password for this Character is Divide and Conquer.

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