Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 85: If God is my Shepard, am I a Sheep ?

Self Commitment Statement form previous post 'God is My Daddy'

I commit myself to stop my desires to be cared for as that would imply I need a caretaker and from there to God the step is small as I give away my responsibility to care for myself in and as self responsibility for myself and All, Equal and One

I commit myself to remind myself that when I desire to have someone bigger and more competent than me to care for me and my Life, such as a God/Universe, what I am actually accepting is that I am in fact NOT big enough or competent enough to care for myself as the Creator of my reality and I do not need to be Self Responsible for myself and the Whole as One, because I am just a small insignificant part of it, instead of seeing and realizing I can take care of myself standing in and as Self Honesty and Self responsibility, breathing myself back Here consistently and out of the Mind in which I am just the Creator of my own Characters and Delusions of Separation

I commit myself to stop my existence as the sheep Character that follows the lead of a Benevolent God/Universe, instead of learning to care and lead myself in Self Honesty through Self Directive principle as Life and What is Best for ALL

I commit myself to remind myself that any question or point such as 'I will be shown, get a clue, see the path' implies that I am not the Self Directive principle of myself but that I am relying on external 'signs' to tell me what to do and show me a direction, and that I am not seeking to be led by my own Self Created Characters who have shown to be the source of My Insanity leading me on Merry Go Rounds to nowhere for which I don't need to take responsibility, instead I commit myself to stand as self honesty as self directive principle for myself as Life and What is best for All

I commit myself to learn what Self Responsibility for myself and All means, facing the fact that I have never been self responsible but the opposite, following an imaginary God/Creator/Universe leading the way like an Imaginary sheep with the sole purpose to offload the responsibility for myself if something turned sour instead of living a Self responsible Life realizing my Oneness with All and the Consequences of my existence of separation

I commit myself to stop the Creation and the Support of Characters of Higher Being in and as me as the Mind, through my desires for not having to take care of myself and become a Self responsible Human being, seeing that what in fact I have always desired was for me to take responsibility for me, to stand as a self responsible human being for myself and All of existence Equal and One

I commit myself to show others what I myself realized, that we hold on to God/Higher Beings/Universe because we FEAR existence and ourselves and what we accepted and allowed ourselves to become and believed that having someone bigger and More Powerful in Charge would not be such a bad idea, yet this very belief is the abdication of our power to change and care for ourselves and others as One as Equal and that if we work on letting go and healing ourselves from our own self created fears, I/we can let go God and the Universe as my/our Guardians and Shepherds as I/we become Self Directive in re-aligning myself/ourselves to Oneness and Equality and What is best for All

I commit myself to stop being a Sheep seeing realizing and understanding that as a Sheep I am part of the problem of the misled by our own Self Created God and Universe as the escuse to fuck up and not be Self responsible and not part of the solution as a Principled living Human Being standing for and as Life while walking my own correction and realignment to Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All

I commit myself to stop my life of Fear of the Darkness of Me as Me,  which created my eternal searching for the Light, failing to see I myself created the Light as I separated from Who I really was as Darkness, fearing myself as separation from myself as the Whole and What I was willing to do to support the existence of myself as Energy fueled Imaginary Characters of my own creation, and I now stand to stop the existence of Me as Characters as the More of Me seeking for Energy as the More of Here, to see that I am All There Is, Here beyond the Characters that I mistook for Life and Living, failing to see that I was in fact consuming myself as Life which is Real for the Illusory trips of Energy which are Not real

I commit myself to Life for All as Me and to birthing myself as Life into the physical as the Creator of myself and existence, Equal and One

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