Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 276: "La Dolce Vita" - Anyone Seen It?

I am engulfed in the aftermath of our elections.
I was suddenly devoured by doubts, what if this 5 Star Movement is a System Design?
This reflection was triggered by something I heard from one of the founders 'They have to thank us for having 'channeled' the Anger of the Italians into a Pacific Movement', this is indeed something to be thankful for, because as Austerity measures increase around the world for just the ones at the bottom of the Pyramid of Power, Anger is boiling up and unless we find solutions we have to prepare for the revolution the system has already prepared for, didn't we notice?
It's enough to look at the USA and at the Military State that has been setting in while nobody was watching, we have to consider as well that this system is set up so perfectly that is is like Las Vegas, it never loses, Revolution is fine too, they are ready, plus, anything we buy for it, they are selling  and will make money on it, including the Anonymous Masks, there is no way so far for the people to move without fattening up the already Extra Fat Top Cats.

Another consideration about the Italian election is this government stalling, our 3 main parties have received 46 million euros more or less each for their electoral 'effort', only the movement 5 Stars auto financed itself and refused the reimbursement, but, if we go back to elections due to our inability to come to an agreement and grant Trust to the government to allow it to reach the Quorum Majority, we won't be able to put the most important and urgent changes up for vote, such as BIG, the law against conflict of interest, the law that will exclude criminals from parliament, the law that will reduce the ability of a politician to run for longer than 2 terms, the law that ends the elections financing policy  for the parties, the cuts to the wages of the politicians and their golden pensions and free wifi to allow everybody to be virtually connected to establish a direct participatory democracy, we will waste another few months to 1 year to the next elections, PLUS, the next elections the same ones will cash in AGAIN the elections reimbursements!

Tonight the most important political show that we still have left, Servizio Pubblico (remember Italy is 61st on the Freedom of Information 2012 report) made a summary of the elections and the reasons why Italy went this way, it seems that people at the top didn't have the pulse of the actual situation of the country.

It is understandable, when you don't take pubic transport but your government blue car paid by the people to go around, you won't understand the problems of public transport, nor the fact that people who are now paid 420 euro a month through the unemployment dole (which is financed by public taxes we pay while we never get to share the profit of the Corporations, isn't it strange to share in the losses and not the profit?) can't make it to the end of the month nor guarantee their children a different future by sending them to university (?), people are not just angry, they are furious, people who go to work and don't have enough to buy food to the end of the month and have to go to Caritas for the free charity Meals are humiliated and people like my friend neighbor that throw themselves under a train because they can't face not being able to bring home the bacon, have obviously come to the end of their already very very short Rope.
It must be hard to miss out on all of these signs, including a man climbing the St. Peter Cupola to shout to the world he can't support his family or a Major going in his underwear out of Montecitorio to call Politicians Criminals and what they do Crimes against Life and that he will not join in as an accomplish -when you sit at the top and you look down, you just see the worker bees, not human beings just like you, equal in rights, equal in the right to not have to live the Austerity that is designed just for them, equal in the right to not have to live in fear, to not have to cry when you tell your story of misery as an honest man who always worked and are now asked to take a basic income grant - because as we have created the delusion that our worth lies in our work as stated in our Constitution, those who have none are now, in their own eyes, worthless, and they would rather die at the Ilva Plant while the factory pollutes beyond repair and kills as many as it employes over a 15 year time frame, than contemplate change. This is how screwed up we have become and we better realize, the screw up is Equal at the Top and at the bottom, without the bottom accepting what we have accepted and allowed as we gave up our self responsibility to participate in designing and supporting a system that included all in the equation vs always only just shortsightedly, thinking about ourselves.

This is WHY Berlusconi was voted again, we wanted to get back the last tax paid on property as he promised, no matter how long his nose grew while he said he would return the money and even when he wrote a letter to all Italians, including Churches who have NEVER paid the property tax, like never ever, as to point out that the top is disconnected from the bottom, from the left, from the right and even from God and his temporal powers. And 1/4 of the voters believed him, obviously those that do not read the papers and missed out on the Swiss Minister saying the money to pay back that tax won't be released any time soon and then proceeded to publicly discredit Berlusconi's promise, but hei, it was like a lottery ticket, missing the Las Vegas point of the Casino never losing, we still placed our chips on the table, because, You never know.

Are we being led on a wild goose chase now by the 5 Star Movement, maybe even without the knowledge of its founders? Why are we no longer tackling the point of the Sovereignty of the Money System? Grillo used to joke about it in his shows, until a few years ago, when he stopped mentioning it altogether. Are we trading a place in Parliament for keeping mum on the Money Point? Have we been given a path to follow by the Bankers and the controllers of the system so we would not implode and cause REAL damage? We won't know, for sure for now the anger has been contained into a Hope, into a Dream, another few months of looting are assured without watch, because we believe that we are now safe, that we have crossed the Power line into Direct Power.

How did we come to this point, to the point that we don't even trust, can't trust, even the changes we vote for? Well, we know how did we do it, one disconnecting step at the time, we are just as disconnected as those on Top, our network of disconnection is just smaller but not less dangerous.

Meanwhile, just for the result of this elections, the Government titles we have put on the market to cover the Imaginary Debt that builds up on Imaginary Money created against real Stock and Bonds with which we pay the most expensive Printing Agency of All times, the Banking System, have lost credibility due to JP Morgan advise to sell out all Italian titles and buy the safer German ones, in just one week  we owe 2 billion more in interest to the Bankers by the end of the year, to the Un-nameables, the ones we have not yet pointed out publicly, we dance around them in a surreal movie in which we are, so far, just cameos.
Now we have been advised -like Greece...- to not exit the Euro, even though we are the lowest risk point in terms of consequences in the chain, we are now told that Italy would devalue of 30% if we took such a decision. FEAR FEAR FEAR.
Isn't it great the Euro idea, you set up a system through which you intertwine all your Slaves and their Self Interests, and anyone of them who pulls the Chain, is going to harm the others, so you'll have your Slaves looking out for You, without lifting a finger, you just press the FEAR button and have them jump, one against the other.

Now, today I watched a video about the Italian 'Dolce Vita' which enraged me so much I had to go and walk it off, a gentleman from Poland talked about how Italians don't like the Austerity that everyone is swallowing and this is because of their 'La Dolce Vita' attitude, not wanting to bite the bullet, we gained this fame through our 'I Screams' and Parma Hams, spaghetti and mandolins stories, we have been 'pictured' like people who spend their days in leisure in front of a glass of wine on the seaside, chasing women/men and having wild (romantic) sex everywhere.
I want to ask this gentleman, where is this 'Dolce Vita' to be found?
Is 'La Dolce Vita" even Real?


I grew up in Italy with NO access to 'La Dolce Vita', my family had enough to send me to school and get to the end of the month saving a little.
Most Italians didn't even have that then, and certainly in the past 10 years many couldn't even make ends meet, but we can't shake off the storytelling about Italy, it stands as one of those Implanted Dreams in people's Minds, another desire to aspire to, to fool-fill.
So, before embracing myths about a country you have not experienced in the flesh, stop, inform yourself, go and live on the minimum wage of that country for a while because THAT is the lowest point that we claim is FINE for some, and then write about it.

This way, one plus one we'll demystify this world, we'll take down the veils, hopes and dreams that prevent us from seeing what we have done, 'La Dolce Vita' is just another product to buy, it's an Idea of beautiful half naked women walking into fountains in their evening dresses with their boobs spilling out, pouting to be kissed, not a care in the world.

'La Dolce Vita' is a myth, if you walk into a fountain in Rome you will be fined, this is how far from reality we have taken ourselves, we hold dreams that are not even liveable, and to be clear not many have had it 'Sweet' here since the Roman Empire and before we started recording our grandness, when we look at Italy and all its beautiful art, those palaces and bridges, imposing useless Cathedrals where funny men wearing skirts and red shoes walk on red carpets toward altars where plenty jewellery is on display - while people out of those places starve - who built those, if not slaves, the same that built the pyramids a few lives later, are we under the impression that those temples of vanity came up through magical thinking or were they the labor of the sweat of surely underpaid -if at all- people who were just living what we live now, extreme inequality in a world of separation where we ended up unable to trust each other even when we seem to come together, how sad is this world we created and keep justifying?

Not All is Lost

If we wake up to the Truth of this World, it will be unpleasant, I can guarantee and it won't feel good either, realizing we are on a not-so-merry-ride and we have not gotten off it for quite some lives can come, conceded, as a shock. But what are the alternatives? Chasing dreams and hopes of a better future, of some savior, of some solutions that will fall on us from the outside just to miss out on our very Own Power to get back on the steering wheel and  Change ?

Life doesn't have to be Austerity for Most and a Dream Life for just a bunch of us, we can start by giving to each other what we would like for ourselves, we have the will, we showed it with this elections, we have the drive too and are starting to see that considering what is best for All will include, well, ALL, and that includes You and me, in fact, the only way to create a world that works for Real is standing for the Good of All, the Whole is a Force to be reckoned with, there will be no need for revolutions or rebellions, but waking up is no longer a choice, to keep believing in the Images spread around by Media and Movies that do not reflect reality, we are condemning ourselves to Imaginary Better Lives vs Real Change, Real Lives, we have to take a deep Breath, a truck full of them maybe, and dive into the Truth of it all and One breath at the time, change ourselves into Trustworthy beings and the World with us, as Us. Join Us.

Equal Money - The Future of a World worth living in.

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  1. Fantastic reality check, Ele, thank you very much for writing

  2. Great writing,.Unfortunately for some of us(and fortunately for we-know-whom) Italy will be sold out .Soon.17 billion sale of public assets as M.Monti had already signed with EU Central Bank. Isola Budelli is already sold.Guess what comes next?