Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 267: Abundance for All - No Faith Required

Do you have Faith? Do we need Faith?

Instead of seeing this world as our Creation an as such something that we can correct and make it work in a fair way for All by getting down to fixing the few things that have gone really wrong -starting with  Famine and Poverty in a world of plenty-, we go to church and Pray for a change, or for some $Change$ to take care of the Changes we pray for. It takes Faith and the results are in no way guaranteed. This is if we are religious.

If we are new Agers or Love and Lighters we go and meditate, we visualize, we design mantras, imagine positive outcomes, chant, do not allow the 'negative' in our lives (we manage that is by shutting out half of the world, including family and friends - this requires discipline - to be disciples of a Faith in Positivity and Love and Light and things that have not proven effective in guaranteeing a Life of wellbeing for All)

If we are Economists, we preach the 'trickle down' theory, this too takes Faith, possibly even more than the other 2, God and Love and Light belong to the Invisible Realm, we can twist and turn outcomes in any way we want to prove that God/the Universe didn't give us what we wanted because he knew better-had other, bigger plans regarding what we really needed, the loops to justify the Non -outcomes here are quite creative.

But as Economists, the support of the trickle down theory is pretty absurd, when has anything ever trickled down so far? Anyone has a memory of such an event?
Or about Rich People investing in the wealth of All and uplifting Humanity with their Philanthropy? 
Anyone home?? When have the Rich willingly done something that didn't pay back an hefty profit -see philanthropy-, so how is the Faith in this one point even sustainable, what do we feed this faith to keep it Alive, images of Saint Rothschild, Saint Rockefeller holding Baby Jesus?

And yet we busy ourselves with those trappings, not just that, we wear the Crusader Uniforms, the 'Proud to be' Knights of Mall-to and Consumerism, why can't we see that since We are The World, as The World, we can take a U Turn and just redesign it for the Good of All vs going to Church, Temples, Retreats or futile Economics classes to reinforce myths and dangerous departures from Reality.

We propose a system of Abundance, for All, yes, that is the hard part to come to terms with, we proved that we value having more than others above having more in general, 

The Fed study is just one study in a body of research pointing to a link between happiness and how we measure ourselves to our peers. If the findings are true, then wealth is nothing more than feeling like you have more money than everyone else.

because we have invested ourselves and our lives in a make belief Tool that establishes in monetary terms the value of everything that exists, Life has a price too, and it follows market trends, cheaper in the Third World, more expensive in the First, in poor countries everyone knows the price of a life, it's cheap, dirt cheap.
Today a guy on the Italian National TV said he has contacted Romania to sell a kidney because he can't make it to the end of the month and can't live with this sense of oppression as Lack of Money - as Support as the LifeLine of this existence. Isn't this weird to say the least? 
Is it enough that we made selling body parts illegal or should we make withholding Vital resources from 1/3 of the World ILLEGAL and a Crime against Life?

We are redesigning Capitalism into a system that guarantees the Right to Life for All, yes, it's very revolutionary apparently, since most oppose it on some principle, no one is clear about what principle is it that we have to hold dear about NOT giving to All an Equal Right to Life -specifically the Spiritual one and the one on their way to Enlightenment, seems we are too busy, hoping, praying and chanting for Life to get better, or waiting for the trickle down that will finally change our lives.

If we could take a good look at the design of why we are not even willing to consider a Change in support of the Whole, we would be unable to come up with any good answer, even as we speak our excuses, they sound funny even to ourselves - WHO is holding these views then, having thoughts you don't agree with??- , simply because there are no good reasons for our standing, we just insist on wanting this change to happen without our intervention, we post notes on social networks to scream about how everything sucks, how corruption has taken a turn for the worse, how the lives of everyone are chained into an economic system of slavery and then...yes, this is the point, there isn't a THEN, there is FAITH instead in the way of letting things happen, faith that one day we may all have enough Money which is what all those doctrines are all about and promoting at their core, wealth as MONEY, not that we like to talk about Money, it's vulgar, demeaning, what if others thought I care about Money? 
I rather be Holy, Spiritual, an Economist, anything that will give me access to Money without having to mention it, like ever.

Within Equal Money Capitalism, we have accepted the truth that Money so far has become the key to access Vital resources and services for everybody, and we are not scared to call a spade a spade, hence the system is called Equal Money, not Equal Wealth, or Equal Abundance, or Richness of Spirit, or Enlightenment, because we want to return the focus on Money as what it has become as the God of this world, the giver of life and death, and as such everyone must have access to it, because Life is the only real Capital we All Equally share and we must return Life to its place of sovereignty and make sure we will never again abuse Life for Profit.

And so we start with bending Money as a system of abuse into a system of equal support, a tool to redefine LIFE as the value that we must honor above anything else, and when this point will have hit home for everyone, we will be able to transition to a Money free world, because Money was our Creation, we allowed it to become our Master, we return it to the service of Life and then we move on, into a world that works as it always should have done, in the mutual respect of each other, of Earth and all other living beings within the understanding that nothing material is of any worth when Life, as Breath, is no More.

Join us at Equal Money, no Faith required.

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