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Day 275: Hear Here - Italian Elections 2013 - Direct Democracy vs Alzheimer

The Parliament belongs to the People, we can't be Excluded from it.

Our Elections are over and the results have been scrutinized.
The new People Movement, 5 Star, has won, we are now the 1st Party (no coalition)  in the Lower Chamber with 25,55% of the votes of the whole country.
The party is populist, ecologist, and partially Eurosceptic. The "five stars"  are a reference to five issues championed by the movement: public water, sustainable mobility, development, connectivity, and environmentalism.

The movement has been attacked in every possible way, like all groups who are trying to bring people together to build vs than destroy (see Desteni and Equal Money), to find solutions together vs undercutting each other, to seek for transparency and the end of this Monopoly system, this is a reply from Mr. Grillo, one of the promoters who did NOT participate in the elections but just stood to guarantee the integrity of the people to be elected for the Lower and Higher Chambers.
" Sir, I’ve read your June 5 Comment piece “The chirruping allure of Italy’s Jiminy Cricket”, talking about myself and the Italian Five Star Movement.
The article is a deliberate attack on the democratic movement that I represent. The Five Star Movement does not have “simplistic solutions to difficult problems”, but a complete programme that has been discussed on the internet for months and published online at www.beppegrillo.it.
Any journalist can read it, even Beppe Severgnini.
I have been compared to Benito Mussolini, a dictator. To me, this is an outrage.
The Five Star Movement is accused of being “Populism 2.0”. It is exactly the opposite.
In Italy, the political parties have occupied every space in industry, in the banks, in the media, etc.
We live in a partitocracy, not in a democracy any more.
Unlike the political parties, the Five Star Movement has refused any public financing.
It is actually predicted to be the second political force in Italy with 20 per cent of the votes (we are now the First with 25%), after only two and a half years since it came into being.
It has the goal of achieving a real democracy and of giving the opportunity to citizens to be involved in any decision that affects their life without the inter-mediation of the parties.
The spirit of the Five Star Movement can be summarized in two words: transparency and participation, both possible thanks to the diffusion of the internet.
In the future I hope to read more qualified and objective articles with reference to Italian politics in your prestigious newspaper.
Beppe Grillo, Genoa, Italy


While we knew we were heading for a takeover, we didn't expect, like EVER, that Berlusconi would be taken seriously again, when he run to govern this country once more, here is a list of his past political/overlapping-personal life:

News Today and Reuters looks back at some of his most scandalous moments

  • 1990: Berlusconi found guilty of perjury. This came after he lied about his membership to a subversive masonic lodge, Propaganda 2. His conviction was saved by amnesty.
  • 1998: He gets a two-year nine month sentence for bribing his firm’s tax inspectors. The ruling was later overturned and was then timed out by law. This is something that gets Berlusconi off in five other cases.
  • 2002: A case of false accounting is thrown out of court after a change in the law by his own party.
    ( The Law was changed to allow what he termed "Creative Accounting' sustaining that a Creative country such as Italy should reflect in the lassez faire accounting system of its corporations - not making this stuff up, please do an indipendent search on this point ndr)
  • July 2003: Compares a German MEP to a Nazi concentration camp guard.
  • December 2004: He is cleared of a corruption charge after a four-year trial. He was accused of bribing judges in the 1980s. 
  • 2007: Magazines in Italy publish photos of him hand in hand with several young women. 
  • 2008: Mara Carfagna, a former glamour model, is appointed his Equal Opportunities Minister.
  • June 2008: A bill is launched to grant him immunity from law while he is in office. (by his own government). This suspends two on going cases against him.
  • April 2009: Berlusconi tells victims of the Italian earthquake -that he set up in tents while he prepared to rebuild a modern city nearby the earthquake epicentre, as he refused to fix up ancient L'Aquila just because he would make a pile of Money from his and his friends constructions companies- that they should pretend they are on a “camping weekend.”. Eat cake royalty approach?
  • May 2009: Photos are published of several nude women in his villa.
  • June 2009: Reports surface that he has paid women for sex. Berlusconi tries to squash these rumours. He is quoted as saying to Chi magazine that he “never understood what the satisfaction is when you are missing the pleasure of conquest.”
  • July 2009: He goes on record by saying he is “no saint” after taped conversations between him and a prostitute are published
  • October 2009: The bill granting him immunity from the law is ruled as unconstitutional. 
  • The cases against him re-open.The end is near for Berlusconi
  • February 2010: He announces his election candidates for the upcoming elections which include a Miss Italy contestant, a weather girl from one of his TV channels and a former showgirl.
  • 2010: Investigation opens into his bunga bunga parties and sex with minors in exchange of favours and Money at his Villa in Arcore.
  • November 2010: Berlusconi states that it is better to be a passionate man than to be gay.
  • January 2011: Police in Milan confirm they are investigating Berlusconi for abuse of office and sleeping with an underage prostitute.
  • February 2011: Over one million people in over 200 Italian towns and cities demonstrate against Mr Berlusconi, saying the current sex scandal has disgraced the country. (Not the bribing, False accountancy, drafting of Ad Personam Laws, nepotism, corruption and inviolability, no, Italy was outraged by his sex scandals with minors, 16-17 years old ladies..)
  • November 2011: Under heavy pressure from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, Berlusconi resigns after a collapse in market confidence which pushes Italy's borrowing levels to critical levels, but only after asking to be followed by someone who vows to make the plan required by the EU to put Italy back on track. Berlusconi is replaced by respected former European Commissioner Mario Monti ( a Bilderberg Man) who forms a technocrat government.
  • September 2012 - After months in the shadows, Berlusconi returns to the political frontline, attacking the Monti government and vowing to abolish a key tax.
  • October  2012 - Berlusconi suggests Monti could stay on as head of a new center-right government after elections. Two weeks later he says he will not lead his People of Freedom (PDL) party in elections expected in 2013.
  • October 2012 - Berlusconi is sentenced to four years in jail for tax fraud in connection with the purchase of broadcasting rights by his Mediaset television company. He will not go to jail until all appeals are exhausted. The next day he threatens to overthrow the Monti government.
  • November 2012 - Berlusconi says he will wait for the result of a poll on December 2 to choose the center-left candidate before deciding whether to run in elections expected in March. Party members say he is considering launching a new party.
  •  February 2013: he presents himself for Elections and his coalition gets 30,72% of Votes for the Senate and 29,18 for the Lower Chamber.
He did not present himself with fake nose and mustache 'a la grouch Marx', no, he put his face on a new political program, told Italians they will be given back what Monti took illegally from them, which is the property tax on the 1st house and he promised that he would do that even if he had to take the money out of his own pockets, he told the Italians he understood the public sentiment and the pledge of the working class, he pressed all the right buttons -in line with the instructions of his PR firms- on his own TV channels and newspapers and voila', he is BACK.

Obviously, the powers that be, which had put Mr. Monti from their own Bilderberg Clan up on Top, and have now realized that there is no way they can manipulate either Chambers with the entrance of the 5 star movement of Citizens, started to say that Italy is moving from Comedy to a Greek Tragedy -please note the Words, because WE are bound to take notice and picture ourselves following Greece's destiny into Poverty and Hunger, after All Greece was pivotal in the new wake of Fear that many have been exploited as the cradle of democracy folded in two and collapsed.
The Financial markets have punished Italy since yesterday morning when the polls made clear the game was moving back into the hands of your everyday people, financial markets shook all the way to Japan, the Italian stock market lost 5 points.

We created such an ingenious system, that, when the Fear of everything that has already been done is momentarily overcome, the aces come out, and we, having given up our right to direct democracy since...., since we never had it,  would subject ourselves to economics maneuvers and blackmails and allow ourselves to be stirred like one of Bond's Martini. Stirred and SHAKEN...

We better wake up to the game, it's too late to turn back, the people who voted Berlusconi are mental cases, in the technical sense of the world, at best they have Alzheimer, he was just outed 1 year ago through public outrage, today the left side, the liberals, have been flip flopping around in Humiliation because the people said that they Had Enough and that a change was required from left to right to center and that the 5 star movement is none, it's above and beyond the sitting place in parliament and the change we ask for is one  that would include what is best for all, as far as we can understand that so far:

A basic income grant
Free healthcare
Free internet
No privatized water
Renewable energies
No chance to evict people from their homes NO Matter the entity of the debt the Banks claim
Shut down Equitalia, the vulture arm of the Government
No condemned people in Parliament (78% of our politicians have been indicted and /or convicted - The Bronx has 75% criminality rate, making our Parliament more frightening than the Bronx)
No more privileges for politicians, no immunity
No more golden wages or pensions that now go from 12000 to 94000 euro per month, which are granted to all after participating to just 1 legislation, that in Italy can be 6 months long; public office pensions will be set to a maximum of 5000 euro per month and the surplus will be used for BIG and to raise the 500 euro pensions of old people
75% wage cuts to politicians with immediate effect
Caring for each other, no one left behind

and the list goes on.

So, as we push for pacific democratic change it is important to not bend, to stick together, to not grab the first lollies thrown to the people, give a fuck about the spread? NO, moving on from the disconnected bean counters reports to cater for Life, we are witnessing one of the first world attempts to access the right of Direct Democracy, if we can change the para-dime in our Minds we can unleash new visions, new possibilities, we need to change our Language as Grillo says -interestingly-, we have trapped ourselves within our own limiting words as limited visions, yes we are threading an unknown path, the known one is devolution, and unless we make a U Turn and care for each one as Equals with Equal Rights and Equal Value, we won't make it.

Does it matter that we make it THIS time? Not so much, it matters that we came up with a program that includes all, again, at the best of our current abilities, that considers that Life is The Value that we must honor and cherish, that we started to see what is possible by coming together, no violence, no harm, just demanding change united as One.

This is just the beginning, from this to Equal Money the step is very very small.
Understand the possibilities if we stand together for Life. Join us

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