Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 272: Earth, Planet of the Dumbs

Apparently the world is full of intelligent people.
We have clubs like 'Mensa' who now test the IQ of kids, the youngest member was 3 years old a few weeks ago.
Obviously we are testing our IQ based on our ability to solve predictable patterns, such as number sequences, a favorite in any IQ tests. We have now introduced general knowledge, soon knowing who lady Gaga is will account for IQ points because the names of entertainers are now part of 'general knowledge' subjects. Are we rewarded for working with imprinted patterns and useless information ?
This must be why we are basically in fact pretty dumb.

If you doubt it, please take a tour on the Pro Capitalism websites, I attach a link here to one called CapitalismMagazine, this site advocates Capitalism as it never existed, a complete laissez faire system in which the government and economics are completely separated.

Apart from the point that at the moment we in fact enjoy an even more sophisticated form of capitalism, we have gone way beyond the laissez faire to a place where the economy is separated from reality and then the economy is separated from the government, meaning the people, because the government, for those that forgot, should be made by representatives of the People, Democracy would mean to be "ruled" by the People's representatives, but we never had one of those so far, we just had the Delusion of Democracy and as far as the Government goes, it's not a stand alone Ruling Agency that decides 'in lieu' of the people, it is always deciding FOR someone and as of lately, not for the People and what is best for all but for the Corporations, who have bought out the Government and now rule, keeping the government in place just for some ideologically decency and to avoid a bloody revolution.

What they state in the article that I linked is that Capitalism works both in theory and in practice, because, well, because it works in Theory, DUH?

I am not making this stuff up, here is the closing sentence of the article

Capitalism is good in practice because it is good in theory.

How many theories have we had that were not good in practice?

Slavery as a Theory was perfect, you get some people, tell them they are not worth like some other people, get them to work for free, no benefits, no holidays, once they expire you throw them away. Period.

I take this point specifically because today a gentleman tweeted me in reply to a Post called 'Slavery was Great, why did we abolish it, again?"to say this

"Just because we say it is, does not make it so. It is less expensive to hire people than keep them as slaves"

Really?? How would that be, unless we made a theory to say such a thing, used fantasy mathematics to prove it, then backed it up with an opinion and then believed it, how would intelligent people see truth in this statement? And if so, why aren't the thousands of slave owners of the world Not Hiring? Stupid Slave Owners? Did they miss out on the latest theories on slavery, did the new economics of Profit Slavery not reach them?

Back to the Capitalism website, another piece of Theory:

Unfortunately, capitalism as I advocate has never existed. Capitalism means a complete separation of government and economics. It means no public roads, no government schools, no FDA, and no IRS. It means no regulations, no coercive taxation, and no government “entitlement” programs.

Yes, although this may be the solitary opinion of someone who just made a blog and called it Capitalism Magazine, it's still written down, some thoughts must have gone into this.

What would it mean to have no public roads?

Well, since Capitalism is a Profit based Religion, we would have roads built only where there would be people that would pay to use them, why build a road in the outback or where just a few families live that do not contribute to this vital economy, how would we reach those places, but of course, who would even want to go to those forgotten places where people were so illiterate that they could not become active participants in the system, what would they have to offer for the journey, fresh eggs alone? And how would illiterate people educate their children to give them an opportunity to one day participate in the system, make a living, support themselves - or, should they be confined to their family trade which must be in the lowest spirals of the system, also known as Hell for those who dwell there, as the Elves that make possible the lifestyle we desire and have designed this system for -or what is the future that we design for them with such a model, do we even care?

Because this is the biggest Flaw of the Theory of modern capitalism, its designed to not consider the whole and this is not just a minor flaw, it's massive, it has led to the world we have today, it is a Theory of Exclusive-ism, where some are Excluded by its very design and therefore it is Flawed not just in Practice but in Theory too.

And if this system leads us to say things as dumb as 'it's more convenient to hire people than to have slaves', we have to stop and breathe, look around and ask 'who said that?', it cannot be anyone in their right Mind so those words must be the product of some indoctrination, maybe following the thread back to the source can give us insights on how we managed to become blinded by this system to sustain some of its theories, included that going to Mars will lead to discoveries that, ultimately, may finally help the Poor, HOW? 
How do we manage those stories without a hint of a doubt, without even flinching as we share them with others, isn't it high time to reclaim some common sense, see and realize that we are defending a system in principle with plain unsustainable excuses and then look around, is this a World worth defending at all?

If not, inform yourself on alternatives, we are not throwing out the baby with the dirty bath water, the dirt must go that is sure, the dirt is in the fantasies we make up in our Minds in disconnection from the physical reality that is Here, stable, unwavering, waiting for us to face it and come up with Solutions that benefit Life and All the Living beings who live here and share this planet, you included,  and as we come to terms with the fact that we have been led to sustain a system that is not caring for All Life Equally, just because in Theory, that's the way to go, we can stand up and Change.

Equal Money Capitalism, the Freedom of Life is Here. Join us. 

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